Jamie Lynn Spears talks to her unborn baby: ‘How’d y’all get in there?’

October 23rd, 2008 // 44 Comments

Jamie Lynn Spears went shopping with her mom Lynne yesterday, and it looks like she’s talking to her unborn baby in some of these pics. They say infants can hear their mothers’ voices in the womb, so I wonder what they talked about.

JAMIE LYNN: Bay-bee, why you in my belly?
BABY: Remember when daddy said boys become sterile after getting a girl pregnant? About that…


  1. Tim

    What a bunch of boobs.

    Also, they have big tits.

  2. kelly

    talking to her stomach…OR looking at her shoes or pants or something…

  3. HoldenCaulfield


  4. Hollard

    Wow. What a dumb slut. Pregnant again? I wont lie, id knock this pussy up myself, but then its coat hanger time… know what I mean?

    What a dumb redneck.

    Shes making black people look good… and thats saying something.

  5. ph7

    She and Britney have the same magical Spears’ shelf life:

    smoking hot bodies from age 17-22, then all downhill after that.

    Jamie got the big dose of stupid earlier than Britney did, however.

  6. mamadough

    a baby is a magical thing that comes along when a 40-something pedophile tv exec sticks his we-woo in a young dumb girl’s smooth huo-ha and shoots his fun juice in her magic place. strawberry hugs!

  7. Id love to see those creamy tits…

  8. LooseLipsSinkShips

    I hope the next baby doesn’t take after the dad so much.

    We should all feel a little sorry for little Maddie Brianne…having to go through life looking like a Neanderthal ain’t going to be easy….

  9. Shep

    All that money and they can’t afford to get her some birth control. You know your hick when. I detect some future Republicans here :)

  10. Randal

    Once again, a congratulations is in order Jamie Lynn. It’s great that you’re bringing life into the world a second time. You’ll enjoy your early twenties growing together as a family.

    All the best!


  11. CLAIRE



  12. BigJim

    She has stupid she hasn’t even used yet.

  13. Spitiin image of a younger version of her sister..

  14. I wouldn’t want to see her vagina even if I were coming out of it! Oh, wait… that’s because I’m gay. RDLTC!

  15. I always suspected RD!!

    Well, assumed, more like..

  16. I wish my clones would post more often…

  17. Baby sister, ya just remember what yer big sister told ya! Now it’s called the 9 month birth control plan! You just have to get pregnant and then you can have all the sex you want without takin’ the pill and usin’ all those nasty rubbers and stuff that doesn’t make it feel as good!


  18. tp

    I’m so sick of seeing her push that stupid pink and brown stroller around the Wal-Mart parking lot

  19. martino

    There’s a Nueva Ring ad above her picture. Nice product placement.

  20. supersex

    fucking stupid ass redneck

  21. Stop trolling me, clone! I’m having a hard day as it is. My real daddy has been knocking on my bedroom door all day and I’m not in the mood yet to unlock it until those Justin Gaston pictures get me horny. Daddy bangs me harder than he does my mom when she’s not home. But he says I give better blowjobs than her.

  22. your best friends girlfriend

    They just bought that stroller, right?? Cause there isn’t a baby inside.. I mean, she isn’t THAT stupid, right?? Like rough daddy stupid..

  23. Dingle Mcnut

    Her bazooms are becoming almost christina aguilera-esque. Me likee!

  24. NOBODY’S Rough Daddy stupid..

    except mike

  25. Barney Stintson

    Can’t wait till she poses for Penthouse.

  26. britney's weave

    that’s dumb, she’s not pregnant.


    her breasts look great, though. i gotta get pregnant.

  27. SATAN

    i wanna titty fuck this stupid little slut til we’re both halucinating from exhaustion

  28. betty

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  29. Paragon

    We need pics of her post birth mams this time. If they go up 2-4 cup sizes from *this* after she pops (and they always do) she’s going to look amazing.

    Oh, almost forgot. Stupid white-trash cow. Terrible parents. Uh, Brit’s new song sucks. Save the whales.

  30. John

    What ever happened to her wedding plans? She’s still nothing but an un-wed mother. No ring, no date, and no dress. I think it’s time for her to either get a job or find a real man that can support her!

  31. IT’S FUN BEING A MUM(at 17), folks?

  32. Carson

    When will her man learn about in the bum no harm done???

  33. Bickus Dickus

    I’d still hit that shit

    Her tits came in nicely after baby #1, plus she’s still young enough where her pussy won’t get all stretched out and shit, it’ll just snap back like elastic.

  34. Parker

    If she’d gone with me instead she’d never have gotten pregnant cause I’d only fuck her ass. After a few years of daily buttfucking she’d forget she even had vag.

  35. michelle

    she actually looks really good. i’m glad she’s taking responsibility for her child… so many babies of such young moms become the responsibility of the grandma (and imagine Momma Spears raising another….)

  36. shyla

    Hollard u racist bitch ass fuck if u had the opportunity to fuck a black girl you would but sorry all dicks aren’t one size fit all.

  37. shyla

    As for Jamie Lynn she apparently doesn’t know the term “please do the world a favor and swallow”

  38. Carson

    Balls Deep!!!

  39. Alicat

    Teenage mother x 2!


  40. ilikeit

    That girl has some big tits and looks like a nice ass. I would fuck her if I could. She needs to have more kids to keep the titties that big. She could also use a pump so she keeps producing milk. Implants,so they stay that big would be a last option.

  41. ilikeit

    I’d like to see her in PLayboy when she’s 18. Especially if she keeps the massive titties. That would be one issue I’d buy listen up Hef. She should make a playboy video also so we can see those melons bouncing up and down. Having Brit pose with her would be cool.

  42. SATAN

    i would titty fuck her til my head started throbbing and my brains started dripping out my ears

  43. OMG…, you are so sweet..I, one of your fans, found the blogs you posted several days ago on the website AgelessOnly.COM. You also disclosed your relationship with your soulmate. Sounds wonderful.

  44. Larry Lawson

    Damn, people.This poor girl is only 17 and you are all villifying her for a mistake that thousands of teen girls make each year. Surely you can remember back when you were 17. Can you imagine being that age and having a bunch of a**holes shoving cameras in your face and asking you dumba** questions every time you went somewhere? I feel sorry for her. She has a mom that only cares about her children because of the money she can make off of them. Let the kid live her life. Treat her like you would like your children to be treated. Wish her well instead of hoping the worst for her.

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