Jamie Lynn Spears’ show gets rating boost

January 8th, 2008 // 79 Comments

Jamie Lynn Spears’ Nickelodeon show Zoey 101 saw its ratings double when the season finale aired on Friday. Jamie Lynn already taped the fourth season before her pregnancy and Nickelodeon has been debating whether to air the new episodes. Obviously, now they will. In the meantime, Jamie Lynn is working on her GED, according to Us Magazine:

“I haven’t thought anything about what I might study,” she has said. “I’ll have to look more into that. But if I went anywhere, I think it would be fun to go to LSU.”

I don’t see the appeal of watching episodes of Zoey 101 just because Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant. I mean, she wasn’t even pregnant at the time they were filmed so it’s not like the baby is going to fly out of Jamie Lynn’s uterus during a scene at the ice cream shop. Unless Nickelodeon plunked down on some CGI and really went for that Emmy.

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  1. KATHY


  2. hook

    She is also a troublesome girl. I like her sister, she is really stunning.. I am expecting her new music video. BTW, have u guys seen her on a millionaire site ‘Meet Rich,com’? I heard of this around some famous gossip sites.

  3. Guy

    YAY return of the spammers, thank you &3

    However I will not visit your site, sorry.

  4. Ben

    She’s working on her GED? For fucks sake. Im pretty sure you only have to be alive to pass that test. She’s an idiot just like her sister and her demise will be just as hilarious.

  5. HA

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Just to complete the white trash pregnant teen look, she has her GED study guide tucked under her arm. Priceless, really. HAHAHAHAHA.

  6. TigerFan

    She wants to go to LSU but she’s wearing an Ole Miss sweatshirt?! Blasphemous!

  7. JRZ

    Ah thank it wuld be nass to make lernin at LSU…shurr iz easy to spale!

  8. The Moat

    The huge ads for Juno looking all fat and depressed all over the site only make this post funnier….

  9. gotmilk?

    isn’t she just 16, why is she studying for a GED? how about just finishing high school?

  10. Pilatunes

    If I am reborn, I want to be a boy down in Louisiana or somewhere. The girls can’t keep their legs together! What fun it must be.

  11. Mal Reynolds

    “Dang! Once I get my GED I can go to LSU cuz it would be FUN!”
    I’m not sure what LSU entrance requirements are, but I sure hope they are too high to allow this kid in.

  12. commish

    I wonder if she’ll get a Baretta at her babyshower?

  13. nipolian

    Knocked up at 16 with dreams of getting a GED someday……….I don’t think it gets any more trailer park than that.

  14. Spazz

    good one #13 – ha!

  15. LayDeeBug

    Probably still in the 10th grade. She’s stoopit. Zoey 101 caint hold a candle to the other Southern gal, Hannah Montana. Hannah can the play git-tar.

  16. Do you think Lynn or Britney can spell LSU?

  17. Grace

    @12: none of the public Louisiana schools are all that picky – everyone I know from around there tells me if you have any brains you go to school OUT of the state. It’s a decent school, but they’d probably accept someone with a GED and SATs around 1100 or so if they had reasonable circumstances (like a child).

  18. LayDeeBug

    13 – baretta? do you meen the gun Beretta?

  19. Do you think Jamie Lynn or Britney can spell LSU?

  20. Gerald_Tarrant

    With the creative porno names I think Jamie’s next starring role will be…

    Gooey 101

    It’ll be a 101 man bukkake. Show that on Nickelodeon. Yeah.

  21. Realist

    # 18, you think Jamie Lynn could get an 1100 on her SATs? Possibly if that half a brain that Britney seems to be missing floated around Lynn’s uterus for a few years and went to her. But her actions make it seem unlikely she has any more brains than her sister. She definitely doesn’t have any more sense.

  22. Chauncey Gardner


    I think #13 means all four seasons of the Robert Blake TV series “Baretta”, rescued from the $5 movie bin at Wal-Mart when Momma Spears was X-mas shopping.

  23. commish


    They’re both killers.

  24. Tapeworm

    What’ll the silly little whore do next?!?!? Stay tuned!

  25. D. Richards (Surgeon.)

    Jamie-Lynn’s looking out for the well-being of her baby fetus. She’s going back to school to get her GED; let’s face it, she was a drop-out. Always with the partying, Jam-Jam has to make decisions for two now.

    See, Jamie’s an unwed pregnant teenager who, under normal circumstances, would have to spend nine months at the asylum – because she’s a used-up-cunt freak by society’s standards – and this explains her educational ferver.

    I say: good for you, Jamie-Lynn. You show the world that you have the guts. Show ‘em that you can get that GED! You’re nobody’s loser. Are you?


  26. Dee

    If ratings were indeed up, that’s just sad. I was hoping and assuming that most people would ignore the season finale. High ratings won’t give Nickelodeon much incentive to do the right thing and cancel the show. Actually, that should have been done immediately. But Hollywood isn’t much for doing the right thing just because it is the right thing. There has to be something in it for them and that would, of course, be money. I would also have hoped that the sponsors would decline to support this show. My daughter won’t even watch the promos for Zoey 101 anymore, let alone the actual program. She either turns the channel or the TV off altogether when they come on. I wish this girl well, and more importantly, I wish the baby well. But this is a kids’ show. It needs to go!

  27. Anonymous

    Hey hook:

    Hi there, I’m a loser with no life. I’m paid $3.50 per hour to post idiotic drivel, directing you to some lame dating website that takes your money and gives you nothing in return. I have no job, so I sit around all day and post this garbage on as many websites as I can under many different aliases. I don’t have any friends, so I must rely on these moronic posts to make myself feel better about myself. My mother hates me and dropped me on my head as a child. You can find me at I’mAnIdiotTrollWithNoLifeAndShouldBeKilled.com
    I heard Jamie Lynn Spears met her older man, I mean match, at this site.

  28. Franklin

    Nickelodeon should greenlight “Juno: The Series”. The network is getting to that point already.

  29. LayDeeBug

    23 – (embarrassed) I used to watch Baretta. I was young, sue me.

    Also, her holding the book is the same as Lindsay Lohan holding a copy of Machiavelli, or Britney into (sorry, I can’t write it with a straight face) Kabbala and the Torah.

  30. Auntie Kryst

    It’s nice to hear this cluess bayou harlot could care less about what she wants to learn when (if) she goes to college, but rather it will just be “fun”. That’s behaving like a mom to be. If Jamie still can’t decide, I’m sure she can major in “general studies” like most of the Tigers football team (congrats by the way). That leaves plenty of time for partying and baby neglection. Alternatively she could pursue her B.S. in Cosmetology.

  31. FishySupper

    To whoever has been writing The Superficial the past few weeks: You are awesome.

  32. I wonder if she’ll let her mostache grow in now?

  33. She’s going to grow up and be a beacon of light for all to see just like her crack whore sister.

  34. White Trash Whore

    G.E.D. Good Enough Diploma.

  35. Rick

    Too bad for all the LSU horndogs. It’s always a prizeworthy to poke a Nickelodeon or Disney slut, especially if they’re still underage. But she’ll be going there after having her kid, with all her stretch marks and torn-up pussy and deflated boobs. Even the LSU tards must know they’ll have to pretend to enjoy sex with something like that when they’re middle-aged, but when you’re young? No fuckin way.

  36. ya_rly

    !viva america! Teh richest unwed pregnant teen mother-to-be in the world (last i checked, anyways)! And she’s a role model to kids! It doesn’t get any finer coming outta Louisiana, folks! come and join me folks, as i give the cheer! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!…

  37. LayDeeBug

    24 – VERY GOOOOOD!

  38. Ted from LA


  39. Mal Reynolds

    #37 Look at how your post went up. It looks like on the last line you were spelling out sausage: S-A! U-S-A!.G-E! YAY! SAUSAGE!!

  40. clarkehead

    What irony – wearing an Ole Miss shirt while carrying a GED study guide. If you’re interested in college, you should be interested enough in the education that prepares you for it. Stay in school.

  41. bob

    you dont need a ged to go to college. i’ve been enrolled at a college for years now and i still dont have mine. i’m gettin it next month :)

  42. Toquemoney

    Hey Spears, LSU just called. I couldn’t hear what they were saying through all the laughter.

  43. KATHY


    you are a moron. are you from Louisianna too?

  44. Doomhammer

    LSU is where all the drunk, pregnant, whores go. She should take off that Ole Miss sweat shirt and burn it. They would never accept her low class, trailer park, white trash ass in the Grove. Forget it whore, LSU is exactly where you should go!!!

  45. Jade


    Why is this girl being put on a pedestal just because she stated she won’t kill her baby..


    she lied about her “long term” boyfriend?

    I guess people celebrate liars as long as they can do it convincingly. This girl isn’t special at all. If anything, her parents should be condemned and she should be looked down on. Priviledged people cannot be excused for not having common sense.

  46. Just give her a break. Just because she is a part of the Spears’ family doesn’t mean that she’ll follow her older sister’s footsteps. ( that did not prove my point) We should probably encourage her on getting a GED. Some of you can’t even spell right and yet you want to disencourage her. She should get a GED and she should get enrolled in that college once she’s done with high school.

  47. Jade

    47.. “Disencourage” is not a word.

    She should instead try to raise her kid right and quit worrying about fun. Fun is over for her if you expect her to be a decent person and mother.

    Your post is just so laughable that I’m going to chalk it up to sarcasm. That makes sense at least.

  48. Walmart Nation

    Dat thar sure is a purty shiny new book you carryin’ thar Ms. Spears. Dat’ll keep the screen door from swingin’ open weee-doggies.

  49. uncle satan

    31 – show some respect. you don’t have to bad mouth Cosmetology majors in order to make fun of this teenage slut. hell, at least the cosmetology majors get jobs when they graduate.

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