Jamie Lynn Spears’ show back for another season

Jamie Lynn Spears’ show Zoey 101 returned for another season despite rumors that Nickelodeon was debating whether to air it. Apparently the ratings extravaganza for the last season finale convinced them to bring it back even though parents were worried about the message Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy sends to kids. The AP reports:

The show has continued to air in repeats since then, with little fanfare from the network, leading to speculation that its fourth season might be shelved.
“The new season is under way. It premiered last night,” Nickelodeon spokeswoman Marianne Romano told The Associated Press.

If Nickelodeon is worried about kids thinking pregnancy is cool, right after Zoey they should air episodes of John & Kate Plus 8. I watched John & Kate once and literally got five vasectomies. I even paid the neighbor kid to come over to my house each morning and punch me in the nuts. But he’s running a bit late today. Wait, there he is. And he remembered the brass knuckles. Nice work, Timmy.