Jamie Lynn Spears’ show back for another season

January 29th, 2008 // 43 Comments

Jamie Lynn Spears’ show Zoey 101 returned for another season despite rumors that Nickelodeon was debating whether to air it. Apparently the ratings extravaganza for the last season finale convinced them to bring it back even though parents were worried about the message Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy sends to kids. The AP reports:

The show has continued to air in repeats since then, with little fanfare from the network, leading to speculation that its fourth season might be shelved.
“The new season is under way. It premiered last night,” Nickelodeon spokeswoman Marianne Romano told The Associated Press.

If Nickelodeon is worried about kids thinking pregnancy is cool, right after Zoey they should air episodes of John & Kate Plus 8. I watched John & Kate once and literally got five vasectomies. I even paid the neighbor kid to come over to my house each morning and punch me in the nuts. But he’s running a bit late today. Wait, there he is. And he remembered the brass knuckles. Nice work, Timmy.


  1. Gerald_Tarrant

    I just hope they write the teen pregnancy into the show. After Juno, there is no stopping teens who get knocked up.

  2. Hugh Jorgan

    I think I speak for everyone when I say THANK GOD.

  3. D. Richards (Sadist.)

    Okay! First episode back: Jamie is lying on a dirty table with her legs raised; a brown stained sheet covers the bare wood. The room is decorated with wrenches and hammers, and all sorts of tools. A shelf holds what appears to be nails. There is a greasy window.

    Jamie’s sobbing quietly, and she looks slightly drunk. From out of the corner of the camera’s view, a hand appears with a straightened coat hanger. (Jamie gulps.) The camera then follows the hand straight to Jamie-Lynn’s crotch, where it zooms and fades to black.

    Next shot is of a bloody floor stamped with huge boot prints. Creditsbegin to roll.

  4. Son-of D. Richards

    Credits begin*

  5. kitty_kat

    @1- Sad but true. I can see how some really stupid teens might think that teenage pregnancy is glamorous after watching a movie like Juno.

  6. Conscience Found

    Better a 16 year old uterus than a 45 year old one.

    Jaime Lynne is at her peak for popping out babies. The eggs are fresh and new with less chance of defects!

  7. meh

    #6- Your comment sounds like an ad for her eggs…which is pretty disgusting…and since you’re most likely over the age of 18, you should go to prison. I’m sure you’ll like those eggs too.

    I wonder how many people really care that her show is staying on the air? To be honest, until she got pregnant, I had no idea she had a job.

  8. If they want to make it educational, they should do a show where Jamie Lynn learns how to continue doing anal comfortably during the last trimester.

  9. I bet the whole season addresses the issue of teen pregnancy…. particularly the act of cauing teen pregnancy. I wonder if they’ll use one of those old school blue dots to cover the fun parts..?

  10. sla

    Believe it or not, young girls can separate the merits of a show from the “role-model”-ness of the actors. My girls (ages 11 and 13) love the show but think Jamie Lynn was stupid to get pregnant. They do not see her as someone to emulate. My older daughter says JL has “screwed up her life.”

    Most teenagers have a “it won’t happen to me” attitude about a lot of things. Seeing a cute, famous successful girl get herself knocked up does teach them something.

    The show is a little on the cheesy side, but I don’t think it’s that bad — they did a nice job on the decor in the dorm rooms. I watch it with my girls.

    (Disclaimer: I also watched Tila’s “shot at love” with them and we are watching Brett Michael’s “Rock of Love 2″, so it should be clear that I have absolutely no taste when it comes to TV and am possible also a horrible mother. But at least when my kids hear the term “skanky ho” they know what it means.)

  11. #10 sla – at least you taught them that getting pregnant is stupid when guys their age will be perfectly happy with oral and anal. Nicely done.

  12. shanipie

    I hate this girl and her family so fucking much!!!

    Here is why:

    You’d think that peope thinking the father of Jamie Lynn’s kid was an older executive would make Spears look like a dirty little whore. But The reason her family is so KEEN on pinning the older executive as the father is because they know that if the loser 18yr odl ex boyfriend is realy the dad that means no money. The old guy doesnt wanna be named and therefore will pay out the nose without even having a paternity test. That is the first reason I hate the Spears, they are low down, immoral disgusting trash. Teaching their slut daughter to lie and (lie down) for money.

    The second reason I hate the Spears’ is because instead of letting Jamie Lynn learn that she can’t just spread it for anyone, her mother is gonna raise the baby and let Jamie Lynn go on her marry way. What better way to teach your little hooker daughter responsibility for her actions than to make her ass stay at hone with the baby and give up on her career and friends. Sound to harsh??? WTF pussies, she got fucking pregnant!!! Does that not mean anything anymore? She can just do whatever the fuck she pleases? Letting ur kid have this much freedom and chances only leads to another Britney Spears. She will never earn the consequences of her actions if she is handing easy outs all the time.

    Reason Three…Ummmm oh yeah letting Lynn Spears raise another GIRL sounds great. Lets see, one is a crazy sex crazied nut job who lost custody of her kids and one is a stupid little unwed pregnant teen.
    The sad part is, Britney still probably doesn’t know why she has lost custody of her kids. She doesn’t know how to be a mother so obviously she wouldn’t understand why she is doing a shit job.

    Reason Four…Jamie Lynn is being rewarded. She is being supported and given a second chance by Nickalodeon. So Now all the little girls are gonna think, oh its ok to fucking way older men and get knocked up because someone like my parents will raise my kid. That way I can have the fun of having a baby around but when I am sick of it I don’t have to deal with it.

    I’m sure there are more reasons but my head is killing me and my baby just woke up.

  13. Jamie Lynn

    “Now kids, if you’ve made the choice to be sexually active like me, always remember to be safe. You can have fun but you don’t have to get pregnant. Boys, it’s your responsibility too! Always remember: a poke in the pink, a stab in the stink, then – POW! – right in the kisser.”

  14. Oh, thank God, I was so scared!

    Wait, I don’t even have cable, somebody tivo it for me?

  15. misery bunny

    that’s because we’re working with a DYNASTY here, folks. Spears poon = diamond mine. Bus fare? the Spears women frontally fist themselves. Sponsors aren’t about to let those cash cows go free range. This country needs more mouseketeers. All the better if JJ and SPF interbreed.

  16. after the ratings tank...

    “What’s That Red Stuff in the Toilet?” A very special Zoey 101.

  17. i can’t stop thinking about how RETARDED jamie lynn’s name is. jamie after dad, lynn after mom?? i know this is old news, about 16 years old to be exact, but my god…there was no hope for her from the beginning.

  18. miggs

    She needs to pay a visit to Dr. Hoover. Then just start over.

  19. moobs

    she’s ugly, and she should have put some makeup on that neck too.

    /and a bag over the face

  20. Rat

    She is such a good role model for kids!

  21. mamadough

    i have a deep satisfaction knowing that that little creature inside her will one day crown :) that in itself is good enough for me

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  23. EuroNeckPain

    That’s an old picture, I recognize the ugly blouse. This kind of pattern is usually worn by sixtysomething fat ladies at parties for the elderly in hotel resorts in Spain.

  24. comeon

    She is just 16 years old. Leave her alone. Her sister Britney seems to be dating online now. I saw her profile on millionaire dating site W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.com last week. Good luck to her search.

  25. BlohansDeviatedSeptum

    This kid is gonna have it made in ten years. “hey guys Aunt Britney’s babysitting tonight. She said if I’m agood boy she will work the stripper pole for us and give us free pills. Last time she was here she got high and blew the dog. i can’t wait.”

  26. Cap'n Pickles

    “Zoe” obviously flunked health class.

  27. LL

    At the risk of bringing the wrath of all of Louisiana down on me, this is what they do there (well, throughout the South). They get knocked up before they’re out of high school. It’s practically a law. If you haven’t squeezed out a kid by the time you’re 18, at the latest, they make you leave the state.

    It’s true.

    Also, to second someone upthread, I didn’t know this chick had a job of any kind until this pregnancy shit came out. I literally thought her job description was “Britney Spears’ sister.”

  28. sandh

    #17 — I agree. It is lame and egocentric to name a kid after yourself, and confusing. (I know someone who is named after his dad. One of his friends called and asked his dad if he had any weed. Oops.)

    #25 — Britney on a pole in ten years — that’s a mental image I didn’t need.

  29. sla

    don’t know if this is true, but if it is maybe one person in the family has some sense…

    Brian Spears, the often silent brother of Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears and son of quintessential stage mother and author extraordinaire, Lynn Spears, has decided to change his name so that he no longer has to be associated with members of his family. The quiet member of the Spears family has decided to change his name to Lear after Norman Lear, creator of one of the most popular sitcoms of all time, “All In The Family.” He also said it is close enough to “Spears” that he will recognize it if heard.

    “I was thinking about how dysfunctional my family was and talking to a buddy about it,” said Brian Lear, formerly Spears, recently. “My buddy said, well, “it’s all in the family,” and it got me to start thinking about that show.”

    Lear, formerly Spears,said, “All in the Family has always been a favorite show of mine and I can’t distant myself from my family enough, so I decided to legally change my name to Brian Lear after Norman Lear. I figured I would pay tribute to him and disown my relatives at the same time.”

    Brian Lear, formerly Spears, said that the last straw for him was the announcement of the pregnancy of his 16 year old sister, Jamie Lynn. Although the family hails from Louisiana, Brian Lear said that his the news of his sister’s pregnancy and the fact that she had a live-in boyfriend at the age of 16 hit him “like a ton of bricks.”

    “What was my mom thinking?” Brian asked. “I mean, how is she supposed to make a living now, with Jamie sure to get kicked off of TV and Britney hardly speaking to her? My mom has never worked a day in her life – she should have been more careful with her latest meal ticket…I mean, Jamie Lynn.”


  30. Alexandra


    Aww, come on. Don’t spoil the good wholesome fun of teen pregnancy!

  31. posh 918

    It must stink to always live in the shadow of your (once gorgeous) super famous older sister……Kinda feel bad for the girl. Seems like she was acting out for attention

  32. Stephjonlove

    lol you make me laugh

  33. I Forgot It

    I hear they are changing the name of the show to “Stinking Little Spears Whore 101″ And the new sponsor is Trojan Condoms. See if she wasn’t raised by the Spears, she would have known to actually make her lover wear one…..but in the trailer park where she lives, tho more kids you has, the closer to the big mail box and the cigarette machine your trailer can be……the spears are doing so well that the Cig machine is on their front porch!

  34. carolyn hester

    Dear Jamie Lyinn Spears I love your show I miss you very much Im praying for you and your show God is with you he answer prayers and I know he answerd yours Im 15 years old My name is Autumn Im your number one fan.I hope nick dont cut you off can I come to your show , I will miss you deeply Nick please dont cut her off. she work hard to be the number one show on nick. I am a good actress, i love the cast on zoey show. May God bless you and your show.

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