Jamie Lynn Spears sends baby gift to Bristol Palin

September 3rd, 2008 // 86 Comments

Nobody knows more than Jamie Lynn Spears about being a teenager in the public spotlight while you’re carrying the child of your retarded redneck lover. In an act of support, Jamie Lynn sent a baby gift to Bristol Palin the pregnant 17-year-old daughter of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. CelebTV.com reports:

A source close to the Beverly Hills baby store Petit Tresor tells CelebTV.com exclusively that a gift from Plain Mary was sent to Bristol Palin on behalf of Jamie Lynn Spears.
An insider says it was actually Lynne Spears, Jamie Lynn’s mom, who called about the gift, and requested the gift come from her daughter.
“It was ordered by phone, and they asked what could be done for under $100. They spent $60 on pink burpcloths,” said the source.

Meanwhile, John McCain’s campaign manager just realized they’ve been endorsed by the Spears’ family. He was last seen shoving a live grenade in his mouth.

Photos: INFdaily.com

  1. blabla...

    I love the last sentence. It’s just a piece of art. :-)

  2. rough daddy

    hey julia? aint it a shame you have to ride my coat tails to get attentions? wow where have ive seen this before?

  3. blah

    leave the poor girl alone already. you can see all she wants is to be left alone and try to give her daughter as normal a life as possible. I think her and Brian (her brother) really got the shit end of the stick in the spears family. I think she’s really pretty and really seems to have it together fairly decently considering her young age and all thats gone on. She seems much more responsible than her older sister (which,granted, isn’t hard to do).

  4. Barak Obama
  5. Who cares.

    This is a boring story. It’ll probably end up being untrue. Plus, it was just a stupid phone call.
    Even if it is true, what’s the significance?

  6. bonespur

    Looks like she’s saying, “This is fucking bullshit. Nobody told me I’d have to schlep this little bastard all over hell’s half acre…I can’t even go out and party anymore! How’s a girl supposed to get some good dick? That moron sperm donor can’t fuck worth a shit.”

  7. Someone posted a very silly comment on TMZ regarding Palin’s daughter. They had the nerve to say in a nutshell that Palin’s 17 year old daughter was such a poor little girl. This a bunch of bolonga, because she made the choice to have teenaged sex. If you don’t take any methods to prevent it then there’s a big chance of pregnancy happening, and even if you do there’s still that chance. Not that this is any of the public’s business, but when I was 17 I didn’t even think about having sex. As a matter of fact I didn’t even date until the age of 22 by choice. She had a choice to be a clean teen, but she didn’t choose that route did she?

  8. Rag Mag

    It must be really nice to be a pregnant, child celebrity, they’re set for life. Bristol will make more money off her red-neck child’s baby pictures than her mother will if she becomes the VP.

    This must be a lot easier than what all the young tramps that I went to High School had to do.

  9. LL

    I used to think that getting knocked up out of wedlock at a young age was not such a big deal and people who shit a brick over it are idiots, but I’m beginning to think that maybe we should bring back the concept of shame over unwed pregnancy, at least for celebrities and the immediate family of celebrities. Because hearing them congratulate each other publicly for getting impregnated by some douchebag with functioning testes is becoming more than I can take. First, we’re expected to look up to bitches who pay Dr. 90210 to give them huge asses, tits and lips, now we’re supposed to gaze in wonder and delight upon their unfortunate offspring.

    Could anyone who gets close enough to this Spears dummy and/or that other pregnant bitch throw a stone at them? Actually, throw lots of stones at them. Large, heavy stones would be preferable.


  10. The Truth

    Ewww… Flip flops.

    Unless if being worn at the beach, flip flops always make girls look like shuffling skanks.

  11. exactly

    Yay #60.

  12. rough daddy

    Hey SueMe, why don’t you and I catch up on all that time you lost. Daddy will teach you lessons you never dream of little girl. Send me a few pics first I don’t like fatties and skinnies. You gotta be pretty primo for the Daddy. OH, make sure you bring spankin’ paddle and butt plugs.

  13. extracheeseplease

    worst VP choice, terrible parent. This woman has a child with DOWN’S SYNDROME! I know women who have disabled children and they want to be 100% involved in the health and mental development of their child, they’ve turned down great jobs and even put school on hold to become completely involved in making their child a contributing memher of society. What pisses me off the most is the hypocrisy of this shit. Sarah Palin’s kid’s messed up decisions shouldn’t be a central issue, neither should religion,neither should a spouse’s masters thesis from an ivy league college. WHY do republicans insist on wanting a “regular ol’ joe or Joanne” in a high ranking office? WHY?! when most republicans really don’t care about the poor sap that barely can afford to fill up his truck, buy groceries, save for a house and STILL put money away for their kids college fund. Republicans, at least every single one that has been in office for the last 3 decades has cared only about filling the already bulging pockets of fat cats in washington and wall street. Ask Sarah Palin where the money for her newborn child’s education and special care is going to come from…MY POCKETS, my barely existent paychekc. Republicans want to cut government programs for people like her son, like her unwed teenage daughter. Should her daughter decide to ever finish her education she will benefit from special grants, goverment money for college…if it all goes the way her mother and mccain want it to go there will be NO MONEY for anything. No awesme programs that help people, none of the things that have helped america become awesome will remain once McCain comes in and drives OUR country further into the ground. This is our country, our time and our patience…I’m running out of the last one. Excuse me, I have to go and “kill” my unwanted baby because that’s what all liberals do right, we kill our babies and worship lucifer.

  14. VtFarmboy

    Lynn Spears list of things to do today…… A) call baby store order gift for palin girl. B) call pap and gosip colum tell them daughter sent gift to palin girl. C) watch paper to see if the name spears is mentioned……..

    Hasnt everyone figured these spears freaks out. Its all bout the fame yall…… not about weather you really care about your children or anyone else

  15. Rough daddy who are you? I don’t think my big sexy caucasian man would appreciate you trying to hook up with me. Have you changed your screen name a thousand times, or only one hundred times? Oh and btw only little girls send pictures over the net. SORRY!

  16. gigi

    did they pick sarah palin just because she is an attractive woman or what? Bo-ring.

    By the way abortions reduce the crime rate in the next generation & parents do a better job when they are OLDER and have more resourcefulness


  18. gigi

    still enjoying life? Is that supposed to be a ‘pro-life’ slogan?

    I’m not saying this girl or the palin girl are going to be bad mothers.

    However young, unplanned pregnancies are not really something to be celebrated. The amount of damage that can be done to infants’ development by an unenthusiastic mother is not something that a trite ‘pro life’ slogan can just cancel out.

  19. hollywood_hillbilly_felates_malibu_sheep

    Jamie Lynn Spears is more qualified to be president than Barack.

  20. spectreman

    2. Hey Somefag, Bristol’s school did not teach abstinence only, and Sarah Palin belongs to a group that pushes birth control while being against abortion. The failure here is with the liberal moral teaching that sex has no consequences and the fact that teenagers are pretty fucking stupid overall. Like you.

  21. Yes, I chuckle at these vagrant Republicans and the hypocrisy of them all. Hah, yes, me and my ponytail and my hemp cargo shorts and flip-flops know much more about who should run our government than average Americans (who by the way cling to their guns, and “god”, and aren’t smart like me). Pardon me while I turn down my I-pod and turn off my I-phone….we need socialized healthcare, like countries in Europe…who we should try to be just like. Yes, anyone from a small town or isn’t from a large city on the East or West coast really doesn’t know anything about anything. Bush is a war criminal, everyone knows that. Because that’s what it all comes back to…Bush is Satan (even though I’m too well educated to believe in “god”) and he must be destroyed…and anyone associated with Bush must be destroyed.

  22. A Moderate Practicing Religion in Moderation

    My God does more than write memoirs.

    Styrofoam temple. Made him look like the real redneck, running some megachurch or Moonie get-together.

  23. In re #73

    Funniest thing I’ve read on this site in the past month

  24. snotrocket

    Damn…her feet got BIG.

  25. Dean Wormer

    I want to fuck Jamie-Lynn, the next President of the United States, Sarah Palin (McCain isn’t going to make it for all four years), Bristol Palin, Hayden Panetierre, Anne Hathaway, Nyomi Zen, Courtney James, Jenny Hendrix, Aimee Teegarden, Amanda Bynes, Amber Heard, Rosanna Rose, Julia Kova and that new Bond chick, the Russkie. I want to fuck them all.

  26. Hey SueMe (ape)

    i take it you are not white. Forget it. I don’t practice bestiality like your big sexy honky monkey fucker.

  27. Caucasion Lover

    SueMe you sure must deep down be daddy’s little jigaboo to call your man a caucasion. You are clearly racist but of course attracted to your wierdo. And what nappy headed ho wouldn’t be? Sure white guys don’t have as long a schlong as the African buggabugga, but they are better looking and make more money and don’t beat the shit out of their women and leave as soon as they are knocked up like your family does.

  28. belicoso

    I bet you all the publicity that Bristol Palin is getting is KILLING Larry Birkhead. He probably gets all annoyed watching the news and starts shouting “that child is sitting on a gold mine! she could get $10 million for the photos from her ultra sound alone!” When you make a business by exploiting your child it must hurt to see someone who the press is exponentially more interested in.

  29. ummm...yeah

    No, white men just get mad, kill the whole family, cheat constantly, fuck up everything they touch,whine,and wish they were God, lol morons.

  30. Ronald Reagan summarizes the entire Republican Convention, including comments regarding Bristol and Levi as only the Great Communicator can. Check it out at, http://beema.wordpress.com/2008/09/05/beema-news/.

  31. #78 good for you, and I’ll get you a cracker, and #79 as I have said once before “I ain’t gotta lie to kick it.” Sorry I don’t know what it’s like to be in that sort of situation with a black man, because I’ve only been with one man who happens to be caucasion. I don’t believe in being with more than one person even in a entire life time. Some people!

  32. Oh and btw #79 Im not at all racist, and I happen to make more money than my caucasian man so if you’re implying that Im a gold digger than get that ish out of here, and you were right only about one thing. YES! I will always and forever be happy to be nappy, but NO! I never have been, and never will be a whore.

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