Jamie Lynn Spears sends baby gift to Bristol Palin

September 3rd, 2008 // 86 Comments

Nobody knows more than Jamie Lynn Spears about being a teenager in the public spotlight while you’re carrying the child of your retarded redneck lover. In an act of support, Jamie Lynn sent a baby gift to Bristol Palin the pregnant 17-year-old daughter of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. CelebTV.com reports:

A source close to the Beverly Hills baby store Petit Tresor tells CelebTV.com exclusively that a gift from Plain Mary was sent to Bristol Palin on behalf of Jamie Lynn Spears.
An insider says it was actually Lynne Spears, Jamie Lynn’s mom, who called about the gift, and requested the gift come from her daughter.
“It was ordered by phone, and they asked what could be done for under $100. They spent $60 on pink burpcloths,” said the source.

Meanwhile, John McCain’s campaign manager just realized they’ve been endorsed by the Spears’ family. He was last seen shoving a live grenade in his mouth.

Photos: INFdaily.com

  1. julia bella

    they have to support each other with all the media attention…

  2. someguy

    Yeah, Palin clan, how’s that abstinance only sex ed working? Fucking ignorant people. And she is the best choice for VP.

    Oh, and first. Maybe.

  3. Jackson'shole

    Nice roots. Why can’t she just be a fucking brunette?

  4. vg902

    like those legs ..love to lick all the way..

    even better ,want to be meat between britney and jamie and i will top with some creol sauce on it ( you know what i mean) ..ummm hungry

  5. ph7


    Can’t wait for our country to be run by unwed teenage rednecks who praise Jesus and burn books.

  6. Ignorant Inbred Hillfolk for Palin!

  7. bill

    JTC needs a set of pink burpcloths.

  8. rough daddy

    are those milk cannons going to deflate later on? she looks fresh! and carrying a fresh pair of panties on….
    how do you send gift to people you dont even know…

  9. veggi

    Clearly we need more abortions, not fewer.

  10. rough daddy

    im with you #4

  11. veggi

    man, rough daddy just keeps on with the retardisms. Don’t you realize you make no sense. And sound completely retarded? Sure you do.

  12. Rick

    I’ve got a pink burper for Gov Palin. And don’t tell me I have no shot – I’m quite sure her baby tard is the hockey tard’s son.

  13. elmer the fudd

    Is anybody hitting that?????

  14. rough daddy

    who ask for your opinion freak? now get lost!

  15. Yea - blah blah

    Gee from one underage unmarried mom to another, how many pregnant unwed woman do we need in the spotlight to show to other young girls that this is ok??


  16. Dumbass whiskey tango trailer trash bitches.

  17. Moby Penis

    SHIT! The check-out stand gossip magazine Armageddon is upon us! The two most impeccably trashy space-time events of our generation have come in contact and are threatening to produce a GALACTIC SHITSTORM OF TRAILER TRASH GOSSIP! And they’ve left us with a new euphamism for…lots of things: pink burpcloth. AWWW YEAH…

  18. julia bella

    I guess I am not the only one who notticed that rough daddy is a jerk! You’re gonna tell me that get lost is not a fifth grader insult??? right!

  19. rough daddy

    and forget abortions why couldnt your mama swallow now youre just occupping space and time,,,what a waste!

  20. rough daddy

    hey bella shut your trap,,,and people please hid your door knobs!

  21. veggi

    rough daddy. two words. spell check.


    well, three words I guess.

  22. julia bella

    who in here think rough daddy would make a lovely couple with Amy Winehouse??? I DO I DO!!!!

  23. rough daddy

    way to be productive bella!!! Id like to know which employer paying to have you seat on your tuckas all day and yap!!!

  24. pathetic trash

    Ugh it’s fucking pathetic that some of you want to have the political version of Lynn spears as the next VP. I mean are you fucking kidding me and rich spoiled silver spoon fed MCCain compared Barrack to Britney and Paris, when Mccain is the old man version of Paris Hilton and his running mate might as well be Lynn Spears, seems like McCain is far more of a pampered useless celebrity than McCain.

    And for the idiot bitches who actually thought Hillary cared about women and will now vote for McDick just because his running mate has a vagina you;re delusional. Barrack is married to “the love of his life” you won’t se him getting his pole smoked by some ugly fatty, he has two daughters and was raised by his mother who dies of cancer and his grandmother who gave everything to give him an ivy league education he has way more respect for women than Hillary. As a woman I can tell you women do not in most cases respect other women and really how incestuous does politics have to be before you get a clue. Hillary was calling the shots when Bill was pres what the fuck new does she have to contribute, Bush senior, Bush junior, Mr. Clinton and Mrs. Clinton, fuck don’t you want some fresh blood in there someone who doesn’t have extensive family connections.

    Look teens get pregnant the world suck blah freaking blah, but when some right wing nut who REFUSES to entertain the idea of condoms and birth control lets one of her kids get pregnant and then forces her daughter into a miserable marriage you gotta ask yourself does this bitch care about her children and grand children or is it just about upholding her pathetically hypocritical image. Maybe if Palin wasn’t overpopulating the earth with white trash she could have kept track of her daughter and you know made sure she didn’t have a fucking baby before prom. If you think for one second that child will be raised in happy loving family with two parents who actually want to be together you’re nuts.

  25. Stroker

    Nice feet.

  26. rough daddy

    veggi?? i got a minute to kill, why not tell me everything you know moron!

  27. “What can we get for under a hundred bucks?”


  28. rough daddy

    fly on shit, you 2 belongs together!

  29. pathetic trash

    *than Barrack
    *died of cancer

  30. slutlurver

    America’s teenage sluts unite!

  31. SATAN

    I’d eat that taco more eagerly than a stoned Ethiopian on steroids!

  32. julia bella

    Do i smell jalousy rough muff???? you wish you could get your work done and enjoy laughing at people here!!!
    so that means you’re home and have nothing better to do….even more sad than I thought…ok, I’ll stop bullying you then. I feel sorry for you. Now, shut off your computer, open the dictionnary and read a little!!!

  33. The Office Whore


  34. #32…you open that “dicionnary” right on up yourself, it’s good readin’!!

  35. Richard McBeef

    Rough daddy,

    1. Insert loaded gun into your mouth.
    2. Pull trigger.

    Thanks for playing.

    Julia, assuming you are not the same person as rough daddy (quite a stretch i know), please follow the above instructions as well.


  36. How does that Pillsbury saying go, “Nothin’ says lovin’ like shit from another underage oven”? The present! A coonskin cap with booties of course.

  37. The Office Whore

    New post FRIST!!!

  38. julia bella

    you should be reading more then….it is written D-I-C-T-I-O-N-N-A-R-Y

    you smart cookie you! why don’t YOU run for president???

  39. rough daddy

    #36 beef eater follow same instructions! the world would be better

  40. Richard McBeef

    @24 – Please fuck off. No one reads it or gives a shit.

  41. #39 not in America it’s not, dumbass..

  42. Richard McBeef

    Rough Daddy.

    Are you mentally deficient? Most of your posts seem to be written by a 12 year old or someone that is MR. Seriously. Which is it?

    Since you seem to be capable of replying to your own posts in the form of Julia, maybe you are just slightly MR.

  43. rough daddy

    you know how i figure out youre a wilderbeest? you have to work,,,probably a few to makes ends meet! no man wants to take care of you,,,youre hideous!

  44. julia bella


    Not to clever of me I know but it’s not everyday I get to fight a 12 year old!!!

    you’re right, I am a dumbass (dictionary)

  45. rough daddy

    yeah #43 hey beef eater,,,base on what you just type! you seems like the only man who brightens a room when he goes out!

  46. shar

    Give us a freekin break. Let’s show some intelligence here. I think this is the worst headlines I have ever seen.

  47. julia bella

    I think rough daddy is a 12 year old…..richard mcbeef, you rock! he just came back to “hit” me with a post from yesterday….

  48. rough daddy

    hahah “you rock” =trying to get help from a mongoloid

  49. julia bella

    what help? you should try to get help from whatever you could find….even if it’s you neighboor’s blind dog….just go for it!

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