Jamie Lynn Spears’ pregnancy ‘confirmed’

October 12th, 2008 // 93 Comments

A close family member of Jamie Lynn Spears has confirmed to The National Enquirer that the pregnancy rumors are true. The denials “are simply buying the Spears family time until they decide what to do.” (Read: Secret Mexican abortion.) The family member also revealed how the news is affecting the family:

On Lynne’s reaction:
“Jamie Lynn’s mom is furious about the pregnancy. And she’s livid the news leaked out, especially during her book tour. Lynne and Jamie Lynn have been arguing nonstop by phone.”

On Jamie Lynn’s choice:
“Jamie Lynn is being pressured by people very close to her to abort. But no decision has been made yet. Casey is furious. Jamie Lynn hadn’t told him about the pregnancy. He learned about it in the media and then confronted her and she told him it was true.”

On the inevitable Spears’ family maneuver:
“If Jamie Lynn has this baby, you can be sure they will try to sell the official confirmation of the pregnancy to a magazine, as well as the baby photos.”

I really wasn’t sure myself if the rumors were true until I saw these pictures of Jamie Lynn wearing a “Yoga Makes Me Flexible” T-shirt to Wal-Mart yesterday. At that point, an ultrasound seems kind of redundant, doesn’t it?

Photos: INFdaily.com

  1. grant

    2nd! hehe

  2. F@gs


  3. Grant


  4. aha

    Dumb girl. Kids these days gotta have everything, NOW.

  5. wheezer

    I still don’t believe it….

  6. “Yoga make me flexible” remove your legs behind your ears for a while Jamie Lynn your young snap dragon is being worn out…

  7. missywissy

    keep the baby.

  8. spliff

    Dumb box.

  9. Hey Hey! Whose that lovely minx inside the store with Jamie?

    Fucktard Casey could master his own destiny with a condom, or if he had more brain cells than a bacterium.

    I flipped through Lynnes book. It’s a joke.

  10. kevTHA


    might as well keep the baby, she can certainly afford it.

    i do feel bad though….damn….

    iz tuff…iz SO tuff bein a spears.

  11. I’m going to throw out a strange Conspiracy Theory:

    Maybe this is FAKE and they’re doing it to sell the mother’s BOOK. Britney isn’t making money or headlines like before (though she’s still raking in in, but spends like crazy too)…They need headlines to sell that book.

    Just a theory. Hollywood sets up crap like this constantly–fake relationships, fake marriages, fake everything!

    PS. I love Britney and Jamie Lynn. Can’t help it.

  12. supersex

    i didn’t think one could go lower than white trash but i guess if your name is spears it’s just expected.

  13. Jane

    Did anyone else notice that Jamie Lynn has pepper spray in her hand in the 4th pic? LOL I know that’s what it is because I have the same one. It’s a specialty pepper spray from the state police that can take down an 800 pound bear….literally.

  14. Jane

    Did anyone else notice that Jamie Lynn has pepper spray in her hand in the 4th pic? LOL I know that’s what it is because I have the same one. It’s a specialty pepper spray from the state police that can take down an 800 pound bear….literally.

  15. Geeky

    lol Lynn didn’t have the chance to cash in. Aww

  16. Racer X


    /Ha ha!!

  17. wanks

    look at the girl playing house! she gots a pretty hot bod though!

  18. beth

    DON’T ABORT!!!!!! Do you know how many people would kill to have a baby….give it away put it up for adoption. And for crying out loud keep your legs closed jamie…..

  19. Pedolicious Jamie

    Kids these days…. I think it’s safe to say she’s a MILF at this point. You little girls out there, don’t go thinking it’s ok to start popping out babies, now…

  20. I’m assuming it’s the same guy’s baby? Her hands are sure going to be full!

  21. Jom

    Oops she did it again!

  22. Jason

    Ya know, I want to be famous for my uterus, more famouser than Angelina Jolie, I want the most bestest vag on the planet.

    Hugs and Kisses,

    Jamie Lynn Speared

  23. kate

    #18 Oh yeah I could the news on her putting the baby up for adoption and then the impending consequences…”10,000 aplications for spears baby” ….when you’re that famous, adoption to a stranger is not an option.

  24. Freddo

    You weren’t sure until you saw the t-shirt…am I missing something there?

    At this point I have to jump on the bandwagon of people asking ‘has the superficial got a new writer who’s not really that good?’

    Comments useta be funny, not facetious…

  25. sally

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  26. Arroyo

    Is her daddy the father?

  27. meh

    Another of the countless examples of why Southerners are degenerate trash and unworthy of their Bible Belt title. Why is it that the “Bible Belt” happens to have the highest rates of all things un-Christian- having children and sex out of wedlock, domestic abuse, divorce and racism?

  28. KRB

    And to think, she is supposed to be the smart Spears girl.

    Mistakes happen, but for her to get pregnant again so soon at her age just proves she is incredibly stupid, and so is her Mom for not teaching her about how NOT to get pregnant.

  29. OK, THIS one is Casey’s. The first one belongs to an as-yet-unnamed Nickelodeon executive.

  30. Kathleen

    Why would Casey be mad? He should have worn a freaking condom. If he is upset, he is just a stupid as Jamie Lynn is for thinking you can’t get pregnant while breast feeding.

    …Although these two aren’t known for their intelligence, I suppose.

  31. spears got speared

    Casey is furious? Uhh.. right. That’s like being angry at the guy who sold you the winning lottery ticket…

  32. Frankie D

    I don’t understand! Haven’t these hillbilllies ever heard of birth control?

  33. She just thinks:
    (this is naive america, remember that!!)

  34. Prof

    Birth control to these morons is pullings out at the last minute while letting out a loud guffaw! I hope for the little nipple biters sake this story isn’t true, and no I’m not talking about the horny man-child known as Casey!

  35. asd

    por favor

  36. cordell walker

    AT WALMART AGAIN! (checkout out those unbelievable deals at ‘rollback’ prices). and getting there in a WHITE mercedes.
    Jesus… this is pretty weak.

  37. Natalia

    Ahhhhhh stupid stupid stupid…
    On the other hand, I hate seeing pictures of her up on magazines saying “friends begging her to abort”.
    That’s just horrible…

  38. Gary B

    PLEASE tell me this is not true.

  39. Christie

    IF this is true, I really doubt she’d have an abortion. I think she has some morals, and allowing her baby to be killed is something I don’t think she’d do. She shouldn’t listen to what her family thinks she should do, and she needs to get new friends with that advice. I think its stupid for Casey to be furious, does he not know how babies are made? :P

  40. Bosco

    Geez someone broke into this site and painted everything a gay blue green. Looks like the walls of a 1950s style gas station restroom.

  41. Styxchix

    Cheap is as cheap does. Is anyone genuinely surprised that she is pregnant again so soon? I’m not. She’ll be a mother of eight before her 30th birthday.

  42. mankey

    She’s doing what Americans do well — spending on credit and adding to the $20 trillion of debt. Keep it up, girl.

  43. Slut

    Damn is she fertile! Is she trying to compete with Angelina for most used uterus?

  44. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    I’m going to start charging rent…..

  45. leo

    upss!she did it again!

  46. Judith

    That is what happens when you raise your kid in Kentucky.
    Poor little unborn; so small and yet so fucked by beeing a member of Americas dumbass family Nr.1!

  47. Barracuda

    Doesn’t anyone remember when Britney got pregnant again almost immediately after she gave birth to whats-his-name? And she said she ‘didn’t know you could get pregnant while breastfeeding?’ Any eerie similarities here? Jamie Lynn must want to be just like her big sis.

  48. Has any one explained to Jamie Lynn how you get pregnant?

  49. veggi

    She’s gotta switch to the way male superficial commenters have sex: taking it up the ass.

  50. Jamie Lynn needs to pin a boner-killing picture to her headboard – like, say, the one of that male gorilla in a bikini just below this story.

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