Jamie Lynn Spears’ pics = HARD-HITTING NEWS!

April 11th, 2008 // 78 Comments

Holy freaking crap, it’s the reclusive “because her parents want to hide their shame in the backwoods of Louisiana but the paps still find her anyway” Jamie Lynn Spears! Sometimes I doubt my journalistic integrity, but when I post pics like this, I know I’m at the top of my game. Take notes, CNN, MSNBC, and, yeah, okay, FOX News when you’re done tonguing some W anus. I just journalized you all in the face! WHA-POW!

NOTE: What does it say about me as a person that I think Jamie Lynn’s pregnant body is way hotter than Britney’s non-pregnant gelatinous form? Besides that I’m probably going to jail.

Photos: INFdaily.com

  1. pj

    When is she due?

  2. danni

    The girl looks really cute!
    I realize that is wrong on all kinds of levels….
    She really looks like she is taking care of herself though!

  3. shanipie

    These pics are sooo surreal. I mean this is just sad.

  4. dirt chicken

    WHORE !

  5. Sam

    Mmmmmm…I wanna lick her feet…

  6. Auntie Kryst

    *Pomp & Circumstance plays in the background*

    Ladies and Gentleman I am pleased to introduce to you, your Kentwood, LA G.E.D. class of 2008.

  7. nipolian

    Tallmingle.com????? What the fuck that mean? web-site for tall people only???? cora…you crazy!!!

  8. Clam

    Why is her ass pointy?


    If it is wrong to find her hot then I don’t want to be right…..unfortunately that is where the law comes in.

  10. ph7

    Looks like every other teenage hillbilly mom – cute because they are so young and swollen,, but soon to be fat and bitter.

  11. ph7

    Look at the porch in pic #3 – I know the Spears are southern back woods trash, but don’t you think with a little family money, they would move to neighborhood where people’s houses aren’t peeling and overgrown?

  12. Snides

    When are they going to prosecute her Zoey producer for impregnating the slack-jawed, yokel?

  13. Wow, she’s really let herself go…… what a fucking cow.

  14. They White Urkle

    Wow, she looks very cute. I would rather do her here than Brit. And I really want to do some nasty things with Britney. Now I just need to Google Map the nearest Mormom Commune.

  15. jeremiah

    Is it so wrong that I want to tap that ass. BTW, how old is this girl?

  16. SLASH

    #14 right after the paternity test..

  17. Oh, now I recognize her….. I saw her running out of the Yearning for Zion Ranch a couple of days ago….. Damn crazy West Texans!

  18. Auntie Kryst

    @13 I was thinking the same thing. Young Casey can make a couple extra bucks for the baby by mowing the neighbors yard. The porch needs to be painted too. Is this Kentwood or Dogpatch??

  19. Binky

    Come on Fish guy – it’s not that hard to get pix of this gal.
    You just have to wait for recess.
    (The bell usually rings first – then head to the back of the school)

  20. someguy

    Her boobies dun gotten bigger.

  21. nipolian

    Can’t be Dogpatch…….No way would Pappy Yokum let anyone but himself have a piece of this sweet young ass.

  22. Veroonica

    check out jr. miss skandadonia’s thighs. Cottage cheese formin’ Jamie Lynn. I’m sure Casey’s gonna love him some post preg thunder thigh. I can see an absentee, dead beat dad in babies future.

  23. just sayin

    Britney wants to eats mah baby.



  25. Magoo

    #13 and #20 maby you forgot abouta lil thing called hurricane katrina yea it kinda devistated the gulf coast and didnt really care if you were poor or rich maby ya forgot or something but i think that might have a bit to do with the disarry

  26. zaboomafoo

    nice rack

  27. blackout

    Beer gut.

  28. Grunion

    I think she may be pregnant

  29. SLASH

    I think she is faking her pregnancy.

    Ok maybe not, but I am pissed because I forgot to bring a lunch to work today and I’m starving :(

  30. Auntie Kryst

    @27 Are you being serious?? I need to know because I can go a lot of different directions with a comment like that.

  31. RENEE

    Her ass looks more preggers than her belly; its totally popped out. But really, she does look cute. I bet she’s gonna have an adorable little baby girl. For some reason I like this girl; I don’t know why. I could be wrong, she might be a total bitch, but she seems so down to earth considering all the fame and fortune.

  32. Grunion

    #27 “but i think that might have a bit to do with the disarry”

    yeah that and the inbreeding

  33. @31 There is always Burger King!!

  34. nipolian

    #27 – Hey there Stormy Weathers, actually Kentwood was a shithole long before Katrina.

  35. SLASH

    Yeah, Jimbo, but I can’t leave til 1:00, so I don’t get lunch breaks on Fridays. Too bad the pizza place won’t deliver one slice!!

  36. Jimbo

    You could nibble on my penis

  37. nipolian

    Kentwood is a dairy community that hasn’t had a dairy in over 30 years. Dumbfuck hillbillys.

  38. JESSE

    Damn right she looks hotter than Britney. But Britney at her age looked hotter than her.

  39. negative creep


  40. Ted Mosby

    I guess she took Britney’s “Hit Me Baby One More Time” to heart.

  41. Vas Deferens

    I’d hit that underage ass.

  42. @38 That might be possible if you had one troll..

  43. JImbo

    Single black male here looking for some nice young white hookup

  44. Jimbo

    Any gay takers here 2day? OOOhhhh my bottom’s tickly for sum prickly

  45. #9. You’re clearly new here. Ah, I remember the good ol’ days back when this place wasn’t infested by trolls and spammers and comments were under 30 a post…

  46. Mal Gusto

    She is getting Britney’s jowls.

  47. Rat

    Its like a Spears CULT.
    Go Zoe! Nice role model for trailer trash!

  48. ch474

    You gotta bang that backwoods monkey 4 times a day, but only twice on Sundays. It’s not like she can get any MORE pregnant? Right?

    That is just so wrong.

  49. ya mama

    yummmmm. cadbury egggsssss.

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