Jamie Lynn Spears must make Britney feel awesome

September 24th, 2007 // 91 Comments

While Britney Spears completely unravels in front of the world, her little sister Jamie Lynn Spears walked around looking fantastic at Teen Vogue’s Young Hollywood event. She’s practically the greatest thing since sliced bread. Wait, that saying makes no sense. I can’t stick my penis in sliced bread. Or can I? (Note to self: Buy more bread. Prepare for sexy time. Also, you’re running low on tanning oil. Must keep massive chest glistening 24/7 unless you want to spend small fortune on Wonderbread.)

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  1. 1234

    she looks like a dude

  2. joeypants

    I rok.

  3. So close.
    I can’t stand the “famous sibling” stuff going on these days

    daily hot babes and retro video games

  4. p911gt10c

    Where’s the standard vag shot while she was getting out of the car???

    oh, and #1, you’re a loser.

  5. NunoH

    First mama! Oh Yeah! And that Spears does look different from her sibling. Just wait 5 years…

  6. no1justminda

    Yeah, looking fantastically similar to a fly infested pile-o-crap. She has no talent and she’s only known because of her sister. Let’s move on to someone worth talking about.

  7. Hecubus

    Will you people never learn ? You’re like a wife going back to an abusive husband. In five years when this little fake piece of trailer trash idiocy is collapsed in a heap of her own flabby juices whimpering like a raped baby on the VMA stage don’t come crying to me. You brought it on yourselves.

  8. leatherdaddy


  9. How long before we get to see her shaved Vajayjay???

  10. wedgeone

    She’s young, genetically predisposed to prefer anal, and not a fat pig like her sister. I’d grab a few pats of butter and have that pointy chin making furrows in my bed, in honor of the farm animal her sister has become.

  11. jane

    Umm, what is so hot about her? She is kinda ugly.

  12. I’ll wait until she’s legal before I start predicting who she’s going to have multiple pregnancies with.

  13. MrSemprini

    Is she legal yet? I got customers in Saudi Arabia that really want to know.

  14. bob

    isn’t she a little young to start dressing like a whore? and why is one side of her head blonde & the other side is black & blonde?

  15. jrzmommy

    C’mon……….you know it’s just a matter of time………..

  16. Annie Rexia

    Big sis needs to tell her to shave before her cooch shot debut. Nobody likes gorilla salad. Reference that High School Musical slut. At least it will be a refreshing change from big sis and the two stretched out mud flaps between HER legs. Giving birth to Mongoloids is HELL on the cooter.

  17. tururú

    she kind of reminds me of carrie underwood…

  18. hotdog

    You can’t stick you penis in her… Yet… She’s 16.

  19. yukadoozer

    Good thing those Spears parents have another child to exploit and feed to the masses…the 1st didn’t have much longevity.

  20. U-Turn

    I wouldn’t tap that with somebody elses schlong.

  21. she’s a little cutey. Dumb as a box of rocks, but a little cutey.

  22. tommy salami

    she looks more like lindsay lohans sister than shitney’s sister

  23. Danklin24

    She looks a dude? This girl is dare a say it, hot! Way hotter than her big sis ever ever. She used to be a mini Britney but now she’s 10 times hotter.

  24. Wam

    Ooch, didn’t know Brit has had a kid with Hayden Pannetiere…

  25. This is boring. I’m going back to OJ

  26. JJ

    Damn this chick is hot

  27. What up FRIST?

  28. There are a million Keven Federlines hunting that girl down right now.

  29. Probably Too Old

    She’s a pretty girl! I covet her nose. Lord I hope she isn’t as aggressively stupid as her sister.

    And I agree with whoever it was up there I’m too lazy to scroll and find, but she does bear a good resemblance to Carrie Underwood.

  30. I don’t like how she looks here, but she’d be pretty hot with a face full of tears and cum.

  31. JollyJumjuck

    #19 – You could…if you were also 16…

  32. Melissa

    Sad, really. She reminds me so much of Britney when she was younger. Looking at these pictures it’s really silly to try to deny that Britney has become FAT! She’s the size of two Jamie Lynns.

  33. #19 & #32 – yes, any guy can. You just have to be skilled enough to convince her that you’ll kill her if she tells. Not that hard to do, trust me

  34. @31 & 34Good Morning Troll. How was your weekend? Did your brother come visit you?

  35. She’s a beautiful young girl. It’s not Britney’s twin sister, so she could definitely be a much different person. Plus, Britney’s family is not trailer trash. They were somewhere in between middle and upper middle class when raising there kids. Britney most likely has bipolar disorder, and therefore cannot control herself. All the hate in the world from you people out there will never change her. As long as she goes without proper medication, she will do crazy things.
    If you want to see the interview with the bodyguard go here:


    This interview is very eye opening. Britney apparently makes up languages, and speaks them in wierd tones with absolute seriousness when addressing staff members, and scares her kids with these voices as well. She is bored all the time, and does all kinds of bizarre things to entertain herself, including undressing in front of people just to embarrass them.

  36. Ted from LA

    Thank you Fraser Crane.

  37. #35 – nice try, troll. Thanks, but I can speak for myself. You can speak when I decide to take my dick out of your mouth.

  38. V

    Her chin makes me feel really uncomfortable.

  39. adeliza

    She’s a cute kid, with out the tree trunk thighs.

    Maybe she is why Brittney is having a melt down.

    Younger sis is cuter and has a better figure.

    Even before the train wreck that became Brittney Spears, I never did “get it”. I never thought Brittney was cute at all. Not ugly by any means, but I was never able to figure out how she was able to acheive the level of celebrity that she did.

    I don’t know if little sis is talented or not, but she’s a damn sight cuter that her piggie sister.

  40. dr phil

    #36 your diagnosis of “bipolar” is correct. But only if you add a “g” after the “bi” and replace the “olar” with “ig”.

  41. 37. Ted from LA – September 24, 2007 1:09 PM

    Thank you Fraser Crane.


  42. Jen5276

    Give her some time, she’ll end up just like Britney.

    Just curious, how the heck does she sit down in the dress? Her whole a** must be touching the chair! EWWW!

  43. IWONKY

    Being her and knowing her sister’s nasty cooch could show up with that snot-nosed K-fed spawn of hers would make me uncomfortable.

  44. 41. dr phil – September 24, 2007 1:16 PM

    #36 your diagnosis of “bipolar” is correct. But only if you add a “g” after the “bi” and replace the “olar” with “ig”.

    Actually my first diagnosis was perfect, I just forgot to put BEAR after bipolar.

  45. hey frist :-)
    well, no big deal to look like this with 16. at least she is not wearing highheels, but the dress ist bitchy enough. do you say bitchy? or whoorish? my english won’t get better here while reading this…

  46. aeuwave

    She is OK… I think Britney in her sexy days looked much better.

    AND you can fuck a piece of bread… just roll it up and make your dick into a pig-in-a-blanket.

  47. Mick

    She’s a pointy-chinned bobblehead and she gives off exactly zero sexiness. Britney’s whole appeal was that she looked like Barbie but seemed to have the sluttiness of a Bratz doll. This chick looks as dry as sawdust, and in bed she’d talk about her big fat sister, which now is an instant hardon eraser.

  48. z

    gross, she’s like 14.

  49. llllllllll

    If you ask me, Jaime Spear’s non existent upper lip makes her look like the crypt keeper

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