Jamie Lynn Spears likes to stiff waitresses

January 10th, 2008 // 80 Comments

Jamie Lynn Spears must be saving up for a crib, or her very own trailer, because she felt the need to stiff a waitress while dining out. Page Six reports:

The pregnant “Zoey 101″ star irked waitresses at La Carreta, a Mexican restaurant 40 miles outside her hometown of Kentwood, La., when she failed to leave a tip after she and a friend ate there recently. “Jamie is not well-liked here,” says waitress Brittanie Heaney, who makes just $2.37 an hour.

It looks like Jamie Lynn Spears is going for the redneck trifecta: knocked up at 16, studying for a GED and tips for shit. Someone get Jamie Lynn her picture box so she can watch her stories. She’s done earned it.


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  2. Hecubus

    Damn it I knew this whole teen pregnancy thing would turn her into a ‘celebrity’. It’s bad enough we have to hear about the dining habits of dumb sluts who used to sing and dance for money, now we have to hear the same shit about their neighbour’s gardener’s dog’s ex owner’s sister. I could let the ‘celebritising’ of that other small time children’s entertainer pass because she was naked and sexy in that ‘wow I could get my cock cut off and flushed down a toilet for this’ kind of way but this girl is just a nobody piece of trailer trash.

  3. The Office Whore

    tip #45

    “don’t fry bacon naked”

  4. Mick

    Fucking Cheap Ass Skank. I hate trash like her. Who doesn’t tip??

  5. mike

    seems saw her before on a celebrity and millioniare dating site like millionairefriends.com or something. But don’t know if it is her.

  6. b

    and who says that the service wasn’t shit…
    all i can say is ahahaha you people live in such a backwards ass country that you actually pay people under 3 bucks an hour ahahahahahah
    fucking idiots

  7. fred

    minimum wage is $5.85. Maybe the waitress should worry about getting her boss to pay her properly instead of calling tabloids that some 16 year old kid didn’t tip her for the quesadilla.

  8. D. Richards (Pedo.)

    Waitresses are low functioning. Jamie-Lynn knows this and that most waitresses sleep around and become pregnant when they’re only teenagers.

    This is not christian behavior, and it just irks Jamie’s nerves. Jamie is better than that, way better. Who are those sinners to expect to be payed for services? They should get a real job like Jam-Jam.

    Waiting on tables.. Grow-up! You really want to get by?! Then get a job at Disney.. You fucking pariah. No hand-outs!

    Who do normal people think they are?

  9. #9 because i want people to go there and vote :] duh.

  10. Auntie Kryst

    WTF #1, why did you type all that damn nonsense?

    Back to the topic. Why the fuck is this a surprise that Jamie didn’t leave a tip? She sure as shit doesn’t take tips, e.g. don’t get pregnant.

  11. Dr. Obi G. Whyen

    No no no…somebody left a tip in Jamie Lynn, that’s the story.

  12. I would so like to stiff my hard cock into her pussy and come on the baby’s head.

  13. lexxy

    12, lmao…. terrible

  14. boinsie

    fred – Californian minimum wage is $8.00 an hour as of Jan. 1st, 2008. http://www.dir.ca.gov/dlse/FAQ_MinimumWage.htm

    Same difference, except that she’s getting stiffed more than $5 an hour. >_>

  15. Yes, let’s go ahead and assume waitress Brittanie is a stellar server. They’re both worthless if you ask me. And I did.

  16. angel

    fred – all servers make less than minimum wage….that is why we tip them. with tips, they usually make way over minimum, but then have to report their tips to the fed govt to pay taxes on those tips (i’m not sure about the exact percentage of tips). The waitress isn’t making so little because of where she was or against federal law….that’s everywhere. Ask anyone who has ever worked as a server.

  17. lexxy

    btw, all you people saying they pay so little an hour… duh. i used to be a waitress and a lot of people seem to be under the wrong impression that the world revolves around only them & it’s their choice to leave a tip or not. uh no, it was calculated in our wages that you get say 2 sumthin an house + tips. it’s not really your option to tip or not. also, don’t you dare trash waitressing if you’ve never done it. it’s a hard job behind the scenes.

  18. Gerald_Tarrant

    Minimum wage doesn’t apply to waitstaff because tips are built in to their pay. I know a lot of people here in New Orleans that get paid hourly sub $5 per hour. But they make $500-$700 per week depending on conventions and special events in town.

    I start out at a base 20%, poor service get 15%, total crap service gets 10%. I’ve gone up to 50% for great service. And no, it wasn’t at Taco Bell on a .99 soft taco (it was a chalupa).

    For the record, Essence (magazine) Festival and Bayou Classic (Southern/Grambling football game) are the worst for the poor waitstaff. No tips ever.

  19. since when is it mandatory to tip?!? fuck all you losers…….I’m with her and Mr Pink——tipping is an option. oh, and before you start with all your minimum wage bullshit……….crying about how tips make -up part of thier income….DON’T!!!!!!!! do us a favor and kill yourself…….you COCK SUCKER

  20. lexxy

    19, try serving for a DAY and you will change your mind abt that.

  21. Stelahh

    This situation points to the sad state of our culture of celebrity. While tipping is ethically mandatory…it’s truly bizarre that this international site is broadcasting the minutae of a 16 year old girl’s lunch habits. What’s worse is that I read it.

  22. The Office Whore

    19- I hate you

  23. deke

    maybe the service was bad?

  24. havoc

    If this waitress is working in a Mexican restaurant outside of Cuntwood, Louisana and making $2.37 an hour, she’s got bigger problems than Britney Spear’s sister stiffing her for a tip……..


  25. Here’s my tip…………

    Take the 5th horse in the 5th race at Aqueduct.

    #19, suck my cock, faggot.

  26. Darwin knew

    “For the record, Essence (magazine) Festival and Bayou Classic (Southern/Grambling football game) are the worst for the poor waitstaff. No tips ever.”

    hmmm…what could possibly be similar in these two groups…hmmm…for some reason I’m drawing a black…err, blank…wait…

  27. KC

    $2.37 is below the minimum wage in Mexico!

  28. Lothario

    #9 – Voting is like giving a hand job to a eunuch; nothing is going to come of it.

  29. LadyJane

    Here’s a tip:
    Never pet a flaming dog.

  30. HA!!! i see I hit a nerve with all you fat lazy slobs. I DO NOT TIP!! fuck you and your sad story. don’t like it get another fucking job!! it’s a scam—those fucking servers make lots of CASH daily and I bet fail to report most if not all of it………….so you better give me excellent service or I will complain–get my meal for free and maybe get your sorry ass fired!!!! now….get me my iced tea. class dismissed………….you douchebag!

  31. df

    Hope that girl has a miscariage.

  32. why come i gots to leev sum mun-e for sum skank bitch ho’ fo gittn my chicken. i’s a pimp and a play3r…..so dat bitch bett3r haves my cash. thought you fools knew dat! money being made around here. peace out

  33. Taran Tino

    Mr. Pink:
    Uh-uh. I don’t tip.

    Nice Guy Eddie:
    Whaddaya mean you don’t tip?

    I don’t believe in it.

    You don’t believe in tipping?

    Mr. Blue:
    Do you have any idea what these
    ladies make? They make shit.

    Don’t give me that. She don’t
    make enough money, she can quit.

    I don’t even know a Jew who’d have
    the balls to say that. So let’s
    get this straight. You never ever

    I don’t tip because society says I
    gotta. I tip when somebody
    deserves a tip. When somebody
    really puts forth an effort, they
    deserve a little something extra.
    But this tipping automatically,
    that shit’s for the birds. As far
    as I’m concerned, they’re just
    doin their job.

    Mr. Blue:
    Our girl was nice.

    Our girl was okay. She didn’t do
    anything special.

    What’s something special, take ya
    in the kitchen and suck your dick?

    They all laugh.

    I’d go over twelve percent for

    Look, I ordered coffee. Now we’ve
    been here a long fuckin time, and
    she’s only filled my cup three
    times. When I order coffee, I
    want it filled six times.

    Mr. Blonde:
    What if she’s too busy?

    The words “too busy” shouldn’t be
    in a waitress’s vocabulary.

    Excuse me, Mr. Pink, but the last
    thing you need is another cup of

    They all laugh.

    These ladies aren’t starvin to
    death. They make minimum wage.
    When I worked for minimum wage, I
    wasn’t lucky enough to have a job
    that society deemed tipworthy.

    Ahh, now we’re getting down to it.
    It’s not just that he’s a cheap

    Mr. Orange:
    -It is that too-

    -It is that too. But it’s also
    he couldn’t get a waiter job. You
    talk like a pissed off dishwasher:
    “Fuck those cunts and their
    fucking tips.”

    So you don’t care that they’re
    counting on your tip to live?

    Mr. Pink rubs two of his fingers together.

    Do you know what this is? It’s
    the world’s smallest violin,
    playing just for the waitresses.

    You don’t have any idea what
    you’re talking about. These
    people bust their ass. This
    is a hard job.

    So’s working at McDonald’s, but
    you don’t feel the need to tip
    them. They’re servin ya food, you
    should tip em. But no, society
    says tip these guys over here, but
    not those guys over there. That’s

    Mr. Orange:
    They work harder than the kids at

    Oh yeah, I don’t see them cleaning

    Mr. Brown:
    These people are taxed on the tips
    they make. When you stiff ‘em,
    you cost them money.

    Waitressing is the number one
    occupation for female non-college
    graduates in this country. It’s
    the one jab basically any woman
    can get, and make a living on.
    The reason is because of tips.

    Fuck all that.

    They all laugh.

    Hey, I’m very sorry that the
    government taxes their tips.
    That’s fucked up. But that ain’t
    my fault. it would appear that
    waitresses are just one of the
    many groups the government fucks
    in the ass on a regular basis.
    You show me a paper says the
    government shouldn’t do that, I’ll
    sign it. Put it to a vote, I’ll
    vote for it. But what I won’t do
    is play ball. And this non-
    college bullshit you’re telling
    me, I got two words for that:
    “Learn to fuckin type.” Cause if
    you’re expecting me to help out
    with the rent, you’re in for a big
    fuckin surprise.

  34. Laura

    I love how famous people make a shitload of money but can’t find enough money to leave a $5 tip. As a waitress in Oregon (8.00 min. wage) we BUST OUR ASSES To Insure Proper Service (TIPS). Little old ladies who live off of their social security check still have the decency to tip. UP YOURS, Jamie Lynn!!!

  35. I know stuff

    30- stick it up your man on man porn watchin ass.

  36. Sauron

    Since when are dumb teenagers posted here?

  37. BunnyButt

    Oh, come on. Quit giving her a hard time. Don’t you understand that Jamie Lynn needs to save her money now for her baby? This is simply another good example of her being a responsible adult.

  38. MMB

    Uhhh…IDIOTS!!! min. wage does not apply to many waitstaffs!!!! Look it up! Christ you people are stupid!

  39. Jim

    I’m sorry, but I’m on the “when did tipping become mandatory” boat. The service may very well have sucked. The type of person who goes crying to a newspaper about tipping is most likely not a candidate for “employee of the year.”

    Also, I love the responses full of indignation that someone may think tipping isn’t required… “we work harder..” “try it for a day…”

    I did try it, for months, until I had an epiphany: get a better job.

    There’s a tip for ya.

  40. lili

    this is fucking stupid. why would she leave a tip? the waitress is PAID to work.

  41. Anonymous

    Hey mike:

    Hi there, I’m a loser with no life. I’m paid $3.50 per hour to post idiotic drivel, directing you to some lame dating website that takes your money and gives you nothing in return. I have no job, so I sit around all day and post this garbage on as many websites as I can under many different aliases. I don’t have any friends, so I must rely on these moronic posts to make myself feel better about myself. My mother hates me and dropped me on my head as a child. You can find me at I’mAnIdiotTrollWithNoLifeAndShouldBeKilled.com
    I heard Jamie Lynn Spears met her older man, I mean match, at this site.

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  42. Amy

    I don’t know if I’m more shocked that she didn’t tip or that the waitress makes $2.37 an hour?!!

  43. I would’ve at least offered the waitress the rest of my food, you know, since she’s so hard up and shit.

  44. Tip

    If I get horrible service, I will not only refrain from tipping, but call it to the attention of the manager. The fact the a people in the service industry (waiters/tresses, hotel housekeepers, etc.) feel entitled to an extra amount of money for doing their job is absolutely insane. If someone anticipates my needs or does something extra, then I have no problem giving a bonus. And, yes, if you work in this type of job and don’t like my opinion, then get a better education and get a better job. I didn’t make you work there.


    #8 is right. Only a fine upstandin’ Christian girl like Jamie Lynn would be picked to be the mother of the new baby jesus. I should know. My little girl shelley sue and her boyfriend told me herself that god came to her and pregnated her with the second comin’ of Mary, the sweet baby jesus mama. My little girl’s boyfriend, billy rae, saw the whole thing! He said it was true! Only fine, upstanding, christian gals get to be pregnated by god. They shouldn’t have to tip no heathen waitress either. A dirty, nonchristian waitress that probably is livin’ in sin!

  46. lexxy

    44, IT”S NOT EXTRA MONEY when it comes to servers. that’s my point exactly. people think it’s EXTRA money, but it’s really money that is EXPECTED by the employer and that’s why they make so little an hour.

    and who exactly are you to judge people like that for just doing their job. the world doesn’t revolve around YOU. idk how many times i was bitched out by retarded customers for gettin their food to them late when it had NOTHING to do with me.

    and how exactly do you think your order goes from your mouth to the nice lil receipt you get at the end of your meal? these people aren’t just gettin ur food and bringing it to your table. we would have 10 tables to watch at once, take their orders, get the drinks so the customers don’t bitch while they are waiting, plug in the orders, then get your food, watch if u need sumthin, bring u the receipt, go process the card or cash out change for you, and bring it to you. all of this revolving over and over amongst all the tables. and where i worked was a diner so you bet i was also makin the soups and salads & cleaning the tables……. yeah, real piece of cake job. which couldn’t result in any kinda problem. and doesn’t deserve your “extra” money

  47. lexxy

    also, yeah there were some older waitresses with no education, but most of them not only work but also GO TO SCHOOL FULL TIME. they are workin there to pay for the education ya’ll keep tellin them to get.

  48. Autumn

    I’m a SERVER and I make a nice $2.13 an hour but usually average $500-700 a week. People dont know what its like to serve. Its the toughest job to deal with people and 100% rely on others to pay your bills. I work my ass off, usually working 12 hours a day on the weekends without even a 2 minute break to sit down and eat. People are so rude and selfish to not tip. 20% for good service people, come on! They dont realize that 1)most are working in a restaurant to pay for school 2) we have to share our tips with the bussers, bartenders, and hosts. To #44…screw you. I hope you come into my restaurant soon

  49. Bubbles, dammit!

    48 Autumn, is that your real name? It’s a very nice name, just wanted to tell you.

  50. travis

    Have any of you idiots realized the waitress is probably high school or college aged. 40 miles outside of Kentwood is probably Hammond, a college town, or Mandeville, an upper class suburb of New Orleans. I’ve been to that La Carretta’s in Mandeville and JLS probably got pretty good service.

    To the cheapskates who don’t tip, I hope you never go back to restaurant where you stiffed the staff. You’ll probably get service worthy of your previous tip.

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