Jamie Lynn Spears is getting pregnant-er

April 1st, 2008 // 84 Comments

The reclusive Jamie Lynn Spears brought her prego-belly into the open yesterday. It appears she’s having a girl judging by the pink baby saucer. Another female Spears? Hello, job security! Also, Jamie Lynn is sporting an engagement ring which means the rumors are true: Casey Aldridge is afraid of shotguns. Guess he doesn’t want any bullet holes – in his vagina! Ha, BURN! But, no, let’s be serious for a minute, marriage isn’t laughing matter. Unless it happens to someone else then, I gotta admit, I pretty much piss my pants every time.


  1. ZoomBoy

    Starting to look more like Brit.. that’s a bad thing.



  3. Shanekwah


  4. veggi

    did she let the fetus drive??

  5. vernom

    nice legs

  6. Anonymous

    Pregnant at 16.

    Married at 18.

    Divorced at 19.

    Rehab at 20.

    Remarried at 21.

  7. Italian Stallion

    Should we start taking bets now on how many times she drops the baby, or should we wait until it actually makes it out of her? Just curious……….

  8. free lily

    she’s starting to get the brittney chin!

  9. Veggi, She hung it out the window as she droove down the street. It’s legs are not long enough to reach the pedalst. She will have to wait until she is 8 months pregnant before it can drive..

  10. Denise



    Funny but probably true.

  11. Sabalon

    PHAT lady? Pregnant Ho And Tramp???

  12. preggo booty

    Nice ass.

  13. beano

    so hot

  14. beano

    so hot

  15. spiritkittykat

    The headline says getting pregnant-er but forgot to add, “And even more white trash-ier.” I like that one photo where she is staring dumbly into the light. Almost as if she’s thinking “Gee, y’all, why can’t y’all let me be, y’all. I just called y’all to tell y’all where I would be, I didn’t think you’d all come runnin’ with them magic pitchur takin’ macheens”

  16. sicasso

    dumb-ass hollywood whore, congratulations on the baby and the g.e.d. and probably the std.

  17. Auntie Kryst

    It’s good to see her out and about, running errands, etc.. All too often most recipients of a GED tend to lay back and take it easy after graduation.

  18. A

    I love that big round ass

  19. veggi

    Ah, yes, she did get her GED, but sadly, she probably says “I got my jed”..

  20. mahlor

    man she lost her body fast. she was just slutting it up on that tv show seems like yesterday

  21. mahlor

    #18: in recent GED recipients defense, it can be overwhelming with all the job offers from top accounting and law firms flooding in the mail every day. they need to take their time and figure out what the smartest career track is to get them to their goal, you know like President of the US, or CEO, or an astronaut…

  22. diamond whore

    Who knew they made diamonds that tiny…?

  23. Randal

    Engaged? Well, a big congratulations is certainly in order! Jamie’s going to be a great mother and a lovely wife. It couldn’t have happened to a better person.


  24. Hecubus

    Right that’s it, fuck this site, the lack of respect for your readers is disgusting and I will not take it any more. Putting up more pictures of Britney and claiming they’re of her pregnant sister. Did you really think we wouldn’t notice ??? This is even worse than the time you claimed Osama Bin Laden had a sex change and put up pics of Kim Kardashian.

  25. Rat

    She is exactly what’s wrong with this country. 16 ignorant single, and pregnant.
    Too bad she was a cutie! Thats all over now. Well back to the airstream!

  26. Clem

    The Spears family makes the cast of ‘Flava of Love’ look like the cream of high society.

  27. just curious

    Hey y’all!!!! Brit is going to be sooo pissed and jealous if lil’ sis has a baby girl…she’s gonna go and bang ‘em out till she has a little spawn of herself too…

  28. wha.wha.wha?

    Pic#3….daaaaaammmnnn, that’s a big diaphram. Too late, tho.

  29. Sabalon

    k…correcting her shirt to be PHAT – Pregnant Ho And Trashy

    Mind you – I think she looks incredible and would love to be responsible if not for all those legal issues of her being 16 and me being >>>16.

  30. Jrz

    she seems to be pregnant in her ass.

  31. murderXmayhemXmadness

    Look at this girls face…she looks like a child. Someone needs to hold her down and give her an abortion.

  32. mcbeef

    32 – I’ll do it if you bring the coat hanger.

  33. 10pound

    I’d hit that snarkledawg

  34. ferlo

    she’s so young. a girl that lacked enough supervision/care/love. and now has to face the reality of growing up too fast and becoming a mom. a baby having a baby. leave her alone.

    personally wish her the best.

  35. Sam

    yeeeeeah, she’s gonna “snap right back” after the baby…sure…

  36. Gerald_Tarrant

    Job security???? Hahahahahaha, no seriously, hahahahaha, that really is funny…….because it’s true.

  37. Jammy

    Cue the banjo music & drum machine

  38. shanipie

    Your tellin me she is hurting that bad for money that she had to go pick up a preowned $20 baby saucer? HAHA loser.

    Yeah those Spears girl’s bodies don’t handle pregnancy very weel do they. They both are dying to get fat and just waiting for the opportunity. I think maybe they are immune to exercise and good nutrition. not that I didn’t gain 30lbs myself when I was with child…But I’m thinner a year later than I was before I got preg. You ever think thats gonna happen with a Spears Cuntry girl…not a chance.

    She’s done, she’d done before she even got started. She’ll never look like a normal 16 yr old again.

    Good…I do not feel bad for her at all, stupid trashy spoiled little whore.

    And I love how Lynn says she wants her daughter to enjoy being a teen and not miss out so she’ll raise the kid. But basically Jamie will be “mommy” but only when she feels like playing with it. Other than that she’s just gonna get spoiled and not have to take any responcibility for her actions…Gee Lynn, I wonder why your daughter got pregnant in the first place? STUPID BITCH!!

  39. Barak Obama's twin Larry

    You’d think the Nick executive could’ve splurged for a bigger rock.

  40. Impressed

    Yet another example how superior blondes are.

  41. justifiable

    #39 It’s almost as fucked an idea as Britney’s “we’ll grow up together concept”. Cuz who should be keeping you company when you’re in psych hold but your babies, right?

    Something tells me these girls never learned the difference between dolls and the real thing. Sucks when you find out you can’t leave ‘em under the bed when you’re bored playing with ‘em.

  42. gotmilk?

    Pregnant & driving with a learner’s permit, nice.

  43. mexidorean

    If I’d knew my pregnant body and face would resemble Britney’s in that way… I’d definitely wait until I was at least 35 to have a kid. Sorry, I just don’t want to be 18 and already used up.

  44. McSnarky

    So the cop says, “It’s just a knocked up southern hick story, people. Nothin’ to see here. So move along, please. Move along. Come on, people! You’re clogging up the server. Go read the Paris Hilton face plant story (the cop snickers). It’s a funny one. You’ll love it! Thanks, folks!”

  45. aeuwave

    omg, flashback…. are you sure that isn’t britney spears??? (only on the body, not the face)

  46. Sex Nuts & Retard Strong

    Hey, I finally see the family resemblence to Brittany.


    Why don’t women have a penis?
    So they can stand closer to the kitchen sink.


    What do you call a woman with two brain cells?

  49. RENEE

    I always wondered who the heck she reminds me of. I just realized it the other day when I was watching the movie Scorched…Jamie Lynn looks like the once famous Rachel Leigh Cook.

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