Jamie Lynn Spears helps 80’s TV stars feel relevant

Former teen star Lisa Welchel, who played Blair on the The Facts of Life, offered her support today for Jamie Lynn Spears’ decision to keep the baby. If you’ve never seen The Facts of Life, it’s official: You weren’t born in the 80’s. Life will never be totally awesome for you. Anyway, ABC News felt compelled to run with Lisa’s comments:

“I’m so proud of her for stepping up and being courageous and taking responsibility for her choices, and I believe she’s being a good role model — a good role model in that situation, to choose to have the baby, and … I am supportive of her in that situation,” Welchel said.

Lisa also defended her fellow Christian book writer Lynne Spears:

Welchel added that she thought the media were being too hard on Spears’ mother, Lynne.

“Because we are doing the best we can as moms,” she said. “We really are. I know that she’s doing the best she can as a mom as well.”

You know what, if they’re going to dig up old teen stars from the 80’s, I want to hear from Michael J. Fox. Mainly because, if asked about Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy, his response will probably be: “Yeah, well, I shake a lot. Now, get the hell off my yard.”

Photo: Getty Images