Jamie Lynn Spears helps 80′s TV stars feel relevant

December 21st, 2007 // 83 Comments

Former teen star Lisa Welchel, who played Blair on the The Facts of Life, offered her support today for Jamie Lynn Spears’ decision to keep the baby. If you’ve never seen The Facts of Life, it’s official: You weren’t born in the 80′s. Life will never be totally awesome for you. Anyway, ABC News felt compelled to run with Lisa’s comments:

“I’m so proud of her for stepping up and being courageous and taking responsibility for her choices, and I believe she’s being a good role model — a good role model in that situation, to choose to have the baby, and … I am supportive of her in that situation,” Welchel said.

Lisa also defended her fellow Christian book writer Lynne Spears:

Welchel added that she thought the media were being too hard on Spears’ mother, Lynne.

“Because we are doing the best we can as moms,” she said. “We really are. I know that she’s doing the best she can as a mom as well.”

You know what, if they’re going to dig up old teen stars from the 80′s, I want to hear from Michael J. Fox. Mainly because, if asked about Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy, his response will probably be: “Yeah, well, I shake a lot. Now, get the hell off my yard.”

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  1. first!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ari

    Awww that’s harsh, but funny, i love mj fox!

  3. oh yeah i was first! today is my lucky day!!!

  4. Oh, that was bad. Making fun of a guy with Parkinson’s..

    You have sunk to a new low!!!!

    Eh, who am I to judge, I used to make fun krazyhotkelly, and she had Down’s Syndrome, so I’m no better..

  5. Balls

    HARSH on the MJF comment, man!

  6. aja

    Blair was a stupid ho. Abortions are fine, bitch. don’t judge. look at that lisa welchel trying to be relevant, who asked your opinion, you old cunt?

  7. gotmilk?

    why do celebrities, or nobodies from 80s shows, feel the need to comment on other peoples’ lives when they don’t even know them and probably haven’t even met them?

    uhh, “fellow Christian Book writing Lynn Spears”… i am really fucking confused by that.

  8. Conscience Found

    who woulnt hit this

  9. Peep

    It’s spreading around that someone with connections to Britney lawyer’s office just leaked a pdf and it’s rumored to be an official invitation from singer Al Walser, the Goodwill Ambassador from Liechtenstein, to Britney and Jamie Lynne via Brit’s attorney.
    This source tells me that she suspects Britney may be going to visit their consulate this coming week. I know that some time ago the Jackson family was looking for a home in Liechtenstein, one of the richest countries in the world. Is Britney or Jamie Lynne trying to pull a Michael and disappear to this barely known country?? It would be the right time to get away wouldn’t it? I don’t know if they can hide anywhere here in the States with the press all around.

    I found a video of him on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoLHtOL_WGA
    He’s at the Interscope/Geffen Party with the The Liechtenstein Girls doing interviews.

  10. Gerald_Tarrant

    I was more about Natalie and Tootie. That led to a lot of wanking off. Seriously, add Mrs. Garret to the mix and oh yeah, I just nutted thinking about it.

    My money is now on Scott Baio being the dad, not K-Fed. Why else would they need such high powered stars to support this? Also, who else would be friends with Scott Baio than some old 1 trick pony like Lisa Welchel.

  11. Abortion should be mandatory.

  12. Abortion should be mandatory.

  13. p0nk

    who is Lisa Welchel? i used to spank it to Barbara Billingsley from Leave It To Beaver, damn that woman had a rack!

  14. Gerald_Tarrant

    Where is the pic of the old wasted cunt rag?

    And Frist, Kelli is still alive and unwell over on Perez’s site. Ztill az annyoing az zhe ever waz.

  15. HankTheDwarf





  16. Racer X


    /Christmas time is here again
    //O-U-T spells out!

  17. Gary Coleman responding to Lisa’s comments was quoted as saying,
    “What you talkin bout Blair?” http://TrySuzanne.com

  18. veggi

    Wearing a shirt like that will raise the 80′s from the dead for sure..

    I wonder what Rainbow Bright has to say about this..

  19. Loving Mom

    I would like to address Mr. Superficial. That was a really mean comment about Michael J. Fox! At least criticize someone that is ‘deserving’ of it, not someone that has done a lot for his disease and other causes. Don’t be a statistic to your website’s namesake!

    On the other hand, Lisa Whelchel is a devout Christian. That’s where that comment came from regarding the book.

    All this boils down to is that people in general need to be more careful about having sex. From every ‘accident’, happy or not, the result at the end of it is a baby that will need to be loved and cared for every minute of every day……PERIOD!!!!, not to mention some funky disease you wish you didn’t catch. Abortion is an individual decision. If you do choose to go ahead with one, it’s a decision that you will live with and think about for the rest of your life! So don’t do something like having unprotected sex if you aren’t prepared for the consequences! Be smart about your choices!

    Your loving mother xoxo

  20. Is she going to try to top her sister’s crotch shots with a picture of a baby “crowning” as she gets out of a car? Ewweee…I did NOT just go there!? I’m in a nasty mean mood today. Bygones!

  21. zz

    Jamie Lynn….who bears the Spears’ name….a role model?! FUCK that. The day she becomes a role model is the day Britney is STD free. That whole family is fucking crazy….

    BTW- I think this pregnancy thing is a scam. It’s only to get everyone’s attention off of Britney for awhile, thinking maybe it will help her poor pathetic life. Yep, Jamie Lynn isn’t at all pregnant. It will come out sooner or later that she had a miscarriage or whatever.

  22. Gerald_Tarrant

    I hope both of these bitches get eaten by Care Bears and Poncharello isn’t there to blind them with his tooth shine.

    Fuck the Christian right. I’d rather roll down a hill of broken glass into a pool of rubbing alcohol than go to whatever church Lisa Welchel goes to. I’m just saying…

  23. mkell

    Oh shit, cowgirl, how I wish you hadn’t gone there!

    But yeah, I always liked M.J. Fox, but I still laughed, Fish.

  24. D. Richards (Atheist.)

    Christians can do no wrong. As long as a christian says they ‘sinned’ everything will be just mighty. Christians can kill, abduct, fuck children; they’re still righteous, just as long as they mention their mortality and sin. Jesus would be disgusted to have you people underneathe his name.

    Hey! Fuck you, christians. Ha-Ha! You’ll die, rot, but there won’t be heaven. You’ll see, morons. Think about all your wasted prayers. All that wasted time listening to some pedophile-preacher interpreting a two-thousand year old novel. Hilarious. Put your hands together! Terrorists.

  25. Auntie Kryst

    Who the fuck is Blair to be praising anyone? I’m still pissed at her for getting Tootie and what’s her name (that fat one that started off fat to begin with) almost hooked on the mary jane. Thanks to that episode my parents realized my bong wasn’t a jelly bean dispenser. Thanks assholes!

  26. iowa

    Yeah, maybe Jamie Lynn can read Blair’s Christian books about how to creatively punish your children — with hot pepper sauce, random beatings (whether they’ve done anything or not- keeps them on the hop), contradictory and bizarre commands to embarrass themselves in public, and just a wide variety of mouth-watering treats.

    Blair Bitch Project. Uck.

  27. ThatWasLow

    I’m so overdosed on the spears that I refuse to comment on that. Unless of course someone comes up with a video of the Spears mom and two daughters having Lesbian sex. Preferably during the timeslice of Britney’s 1st pregnancy. Why do you know how old that would make Jamie Lynn?????

    Now that I’ve proved how digusting i can be just days before Christmas I want to say that your disrespecting Michael J. Fox was even lower. You should have your fingers cut off Mr. Fish dude.

  28. Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation

    # 22 — There’s a Christmas Carol for you out there……..
    Tourettes Syndrome – Silent night, holy shiat you farking cork sucker damnit!!

  29. Judge Dread

    Pregnant Jamie Lynn = no need for a condom now

    I’d hit her hard and often and happily leave behind my DNA now that I can’t get her pregnant. Can’t wait to see those big pregnant boobies.

    Big tits on a small chick rule!

  30. Ript1&0

    Now THAT shit was funny, Fish!!!!! Awesome. I actually laughed out loud imagining that. Like Michael J Fox twitching around in his boxers and little slippers, newspaper in hand.

    Now, just cut to a close up as he tells you off and then fade in some Huey Lewis and the News. We got a winner!

  31. rockdust

    WTF?! A good role model for keeping the baby? A good role model would be to have used a fuckin’ condom & NOT gotten knocked up in the first place!

  32. tonyp

    Wow, some of you people scare me. This site is about having fun and sharing a few laughs. It’s not about burning Christians at the stake. You know it’s America, even people who believe in God have a right to an opinion. Who’s the judgemental freaks now?

  33. Mal Reynolds

    #17, Gary Coleman responding to Lisa’s comments was quoted as saying,
    “What you talkin bout Blair?”
    Dana Plato responding to Lisa’s comments was quoted as saying, “Urrrgh! BRains! I needs brains!!”

  34. Pancakes and Waste

    what a fuckin’ waste

  35. i think jamie doesnt know at all the existence of condom. neither do the asshole bf.

  36. Z

    the joke concerning MJF is not funny. not because of his condition…its just not f*cking funny. and this website STILL DONT USE THE F*CKING iFRAME CODING!!!!

  37. caljenna

    Harsh or not, that MJ Fox comment was funny as hell. I almost choked on my taquito.

  38. chauncey gardner

    I think it’s awesome Jamie Lynn Spears (who has the perfect porn name) is pregnant.

    Now we can all imagine her sucking cock and getting her underage breasts licked, and it’s okay to think about it, because everyone in the world with a newspaper, TV, or the Internet knows that shit went down.

  39. how uneducated and low class do you have to be to ridicule someone with parkinsons. I honestly enjoyed reading your attempts at humour on this page until that. Thanks for ruining even the most brainless of activities for me; gossip blogs.

  40. Weight Watchers

    My mom told me that that show was really called “The Fat’s of Life,” because all the stars were such little piggies. She also told me that all of the characters were terrible actors, never got any other parts, and are all probably dead now from diabetes 2 or some other fat related illnesses.

  41. lopelus

    Please don’t tell me this white trash parade is what the media storm’s going to be like for the next year and god knows how long after that…Even on the AM radio they’re praising Jamie for having “contagious morals” to keep her baby. Please, there is nothing contagious about a rich, contract endorsed pop star from pushing out a kid for her henchmen to raise while she’s off living it up. If she were an average 16 year old, I might have some respect for her prospective capability to handle responsibility, but either way I’d be tempted to push her down the stairs.

  42. Mal Reynolds

    I really am surprised at the people that are pissed over the Michael Fox joke. Get a sense of humour!

  43. Leah

    I read this site all the time and think it is hilarious, but making fun of someone with Parkinsons is not even close to being funny, and you have completely crossed the line. It is terribly mean-spirited and horrible. I’m all for poking fun at people who ask for it by acting like fools, but being helplessly inflicted with a truly terrible disease over which you have no control is NOT asking for it. I’m pleading with you to take it down or issue an apology, because it is terribly offensive. You will alientate a lot of your regular readers if you continue posting things of this nature.

  44. Mal Reynolds

    Hey, Leah. I was busy looking for a Jonbenet Ramsey joke, but had to come back to ask you seriously what makes MJF’s condition sacrosanct. It isn’t like he reads this site. And what would you do if you found out that MJF makes jokes at his own expense over his condition. Funny is funny. And no, nothing is sacred.

  45. D. Richards (Hung.)

    #43? Shut-the fuck up and go away you stupid cumstain. Michael J. Fox deserves Parkinson’s. You ever seen the Back-to the Future movies? How about Doc Hollywood? Yeah.

  46. D. Richards (cunt)

    Hell I got nothing better to do than make fun of other people what with not having any friends or dates. I am an unattractive premature shapeless gal looking for any kind of acceptance at http://www.nastycunts.com. It is a cheap site for losers with no dignity or money who just wanna desperately hook up with absolutely anyone that would have them on the cheap.
    I am asking no begging you guys and gals here to help me with any spare change you can muster so I can come up with the $5 a month.
    Please God (well you know what I mean)
    Death and hatred. xoxoxo

  47. p0nk

    46 cheap or free? if it’s free, i’m there.

  48. me

    Oh, we’re hating the Christians again? Muslims and Jews are fine again? I seriously lose track of all that religious hate.

    And just a sidenoet: even if you use a condom, there’s still a chance of at about 4% to get pregnant, or catch one of those funny little diseases… Well, chances raise when your bear the name Spears, however…

  49. Son-of D. Richards

    #46?! Yes! You’re completely right except for one minor detail. D. Richards is celebate. I know it’s going to be hard for you to believe this but, it’s true.

    Ya’ see. Dick can’t stand the sight of the human race. People disgust ol’ D. At one point in our hero’s life he thought about it; finding that special person. But as the years went by he became embittered. He holds people to a higher standard, a standard that even he has a hard time achieving. He was continuously let-down.

    Dick let it all go; all those problems fell to his feet and he stepped out of them. He doesn’t think about women anymore. Nothing turns him on. Though D. Richards still orgasms but not out of lust. Masturbation is just something he does every couple of weeks. He hates his body for producing sperm. He hates the fact that his body needs to orgasm. He loves himself more than he could ever love another person. He likes himself. He likes where he’s at. Dick Richards is stronger for it.

  50. chauncey gardner


    That is the most badass post I’ve ever read on this site.

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