Jamie Lynn Spears hearts pregnancy (Yay!)

March 20th, 2008 // 70 Comments

Hey, kids, guess what? Teenage pregnancy is totally awesome! Just ask Britney’s little sister Jamie Lynn Spears who couldn’t be happier with the ticking time bomb inside her 16-year-old uterus. Ok! Magazine provides the super fab details:

On March 9, Jamie Lynn attended a local baseball game. A few days later she went on a coffee run with a girlfriend, and on March 13, she hit up one of her favorite local shops, Connie’s Jewelry & Gifts, for a few trinkets. “She’s behaving like a pretty normal teen,” the friend says. “She’s not even worried about how much weight she puts on or doing any special exercises. At her age, her body will bounce right back and she knows it.”

As if this article wasn’t bad enough, scope out the tagline: “Brit’s little sis is acting anything like the country’s most famous pregnant 16-year-old!” Wow, America has it’s own famous pregnant teen. We’ve finally done it! My heart is swelling with such patriotic pride I’m going to bang my head off the Liberty Bell until I see stars – and stripes! Awww yeah!

Photos: ABC

  1. dipshit


  2. @2 don’t you have a life you loser troll??

  3. agree

    She looks hot. But I care more about her sister Britney. It seems Britney is seeking true love online now. I saw her profile on millionaire&celeb dating site “W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m” last week.

  4. megan

    well what else is she gunna do sit home and be bored? pfft yeah thats gunna happen

  5. Spazz

    She obviously has a family of role models to follow.

  6. Well…luckily I aint the type of fella who complains about sloppy seconds…

  7. Question!!



  8. Mark, Stretch

    “At her age, her body will bounce right back”


    I hope it’s Britney who told her that.

  9. Nurse

    #8 – in the delivery room. Still game for a closeup look?

  10. Nurse

    #8 – in the delivery room. Still game for a closeup look?

  11. lookma_nohans

    Check out the dude’s clown lips. Lipstick or rash… you decide!

  12. BarelyStearn

    At her age, her body will bounce right back – Obviously whomever said that never saw the girls in my trailer park…

  13. @7 I doubt if you are the kind of fella that complains about sloppy 4th or 5th from mikes goat, you dumb ass troll..

  14. BarelyStearn

    At her age, her body will bounce right back – Obviously whomever said that never saw the girls in my trailer park…

  15. @13 What do you expect after their 3rd or 4th kid before their 18th birthday. They would be better off with a zipper to close their snatch..

  16. 1 MILF Hunter

    She better slow down on the coffee runs. Not really good for pregnant women.

  17. That’s what they all think while they’re ‘eating for two’, forgetting that hormonal changes from pregnancy affect metabolism. She might be one of the lucky ones, though.

  18. Trixie

    having your body bounce back after a baby has nothing to do with age.. it has to do with your genes and judging by her sister, Jamie should be worried.

  19. Rachel

    “she went on a coffee run with a girlfriend” correct me if I’m wrong- but aren’t you supposed to stay away from caffiene if you’re pregnant? Maybe she got green tea… oh wait, that’s caffienated too! She’s perpetuating the Spears’ addiction in her fetus!

  20. Ted from LA

    Try as I may, I find it really hard to joke about teen-age pregnancy. FISH, NEXT! Does anyone know why this girl’s mom postponed her book on parenting?

  21. Dick Cheney

    #21 – so?

  22. mamadough

    would it be in bad taste to just go ahead and give the kid a helmet as a baby shower gift?

  23. ally

    im so happy to be white.
    only in america and the rest of the world actually, can a 16 year old,umarried,pregnant whore not be looked down upon.
    i love being white :)

  24. You can have caffeine when you are pregnant. Just no crack..

  25. Grunion

    “She’s behaving like a pretty normal teen”

    If I was a teen I would be like so offended and stuff

  26. nipolian

    #24 – The spears spawn would probably get more use out of knee pads.

  27. veggi

    ally, your comment at #23 was much more profound..

  28. f

    But she is from The Spears gene pool. She has ugly Spears genes.
    I mean look at her fat sister. Britney looks twice her age, and pregnancy is no excuse, Heidi Klum is 35, had 3 kids back to back and looks better than both Spears sisters could on their best day.

  29. ch474

    Is it wrong to want to motorboat the boobs of pregnat 16-year old?

  30. GWB

    #23 was a quote from Semicolin Powell

  31. Sid

    Very odd decision for her. Clearly she watched her older sister, then decided to skip the “early success” part and go right to the “breeding blimping and psychosis” part.

  32. cdl

    Um… did anyone notice the lipstick smears on the guy in the car?

  33. question mark


  34. Caret Top


  35. Tilda Swinton


  36. Percentage


  37. Amper Sandler


  38. alley

    i will cleanse this earth with the third reich!!

  39. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    lol @ Veggi 29

    looks like somebody earned their wings, Jamie must be spotting.

  40. 0h

    Yes .. let’s all celebrate the illegitimate fetus.

  41. That’s it! I’m outta here. Fuck the United States. Maybe I can crash at Depp’s pad in France or something. This is just fucking stupid.

  42. Kost2Kost

    I dont understand why its such a big deal. This is normal for people from the south.

  43. falala

    Is that her baby daddy? I hope so, her lipstick is smeared all over his face.

  44. Brigitte

    @26: Caffeine can cause miscarriages. That’s a fact. Pregnant ladies should not drink more than 300 mg caffeine per day, which is equivalent to 3-6 coffee cups (depends on the caffeine percentage), 6 cups of tea or 8 cans of coke. Google is your best friend.

  45. gotmilk?

    oh that’s so sad…she thinks she’s famous.

    48, so you’re saying, if i mistakenly become pregnant, i should drink 10 cups a day to solve the “problem”?

  46. Eddie

    Who’s actually the father? It could be anyone with that family.

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