Jamie Lynn Spears hearts pregnancy (Yay!)

Hey, kids, guess what? Teenage pregnancy is totally awesome! Just ask Britney’s little sister Jamie Lynn Spears who couldn’t be happier with the ticking time bomb inside her 16-year-old uterus. Ok! Magazine provides the super fab details:

On March 9, Jamie Lynn attended a local baseball game. A few days later she went on a coffee run with a girlfriend, and on March 13, she hit up one of her favorite local shops, Connie’s Jewelry & Gifts, for a few trinkets. “She’s behaving like a pretty normal teen,” the friend says. “She’s not even worried about how much weight she puts on or doing any special exercises. At her age, her body will bounce right back and she knows it.”

As if this article wasn’t bad enough, scope out the tagline: “Brit’s little sis is acting anything like the country’s most famous pregnant 16-year-old!” Wow, America has it’s own famous pregnant teen. We’ve finally done it! My heart is swelling with such patriotic pride I’m going to bang my head off the Liberty Bell until I see stars – and stripes! Awww yeah!

Photos: ABC