Jamie Lynn Spears’ father spent Christmas away from family

Jamie Spears, father of Britney and Jamie Lynn, did not spend Christmas this year with his pregnant teenage daughter and ex-wife Lynne. He’s pissed that Lynne is profiting from Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy by selling photo rights to OK! Magazine for $1 million. Us Magazine reports:

“He doesn’t get a dime from his daughters,” the source says. “He busts his ass to take care of himself. That’s why he’s so furious with Lynne.”
Usmagazine.com reported last week, per a source close to the family, that Jamie “refused to take any money and ‘profit off of his children.'”

There’s not much profit of any kind to be made off Britney these days. She probably won’t even give you some of her Frappucino. I heard the last person who asked for a sip was found dead in a dumpster. The cops are pretty sure they can trace the pink wig hairs to Britney, but not until they modify their riot shields to deflect “cooch acid.” That’s a technical term used in the field. Seriously, I heard it on C.S.I. once.

Photo: Splash News