Jamie Lynn Spears’ father spent Christmas away from family

December 27th, 2007 // 91 Comments

Jamie Spears, father of Britney and Jamie Lynn, did not spend Christmas this year with his pregnant teenage daughter and ex-wife Lynne. He’s pissed that Lynne is profiting from Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy by selling photo rights to OK! Magazine for $1 million. Us Magazine reports:

“He doesn’t get a dime from his daughters,” the source says. “He busts his ass to take care of himself. That’s why he’s so furious with Lynne.”
Usmagazine.com reported last week, per a source close to the family, that Jamie “refused to take any money and ‘profit off of his children.’”

There’s not much profit of any kind to be made off Britney these days. She probably won’t even give you some of her Frappucino. I heard the last person who asked for a sip was found dead in a dumpster. The cops are pretty sure they can trace the pink wig hairs to Britney, but not until they modify their riot shields to deflect “cooch acid.” That’s a technical term used in the field. Seriously, I heard it on C.S.I. once.

Photo: Splash News

  1. stinky pants


  2. wangler

    I got her sister pregnant once but she was pretty then and it was actually only a poster I had on the wall and so then it was all messy and gross and i had to take it down and so i put up one of stephanie seymour instead back when she was totally hot and i want’ed to do her SO bad.

  3. edamame

    When did she get a boob job?! The pregnancy didn’t make THAT rack.
    Way to go, Lynne….you get my vote for shittiest mom of the year!

  4. my comment

    16 and knocked up.

    She keeps it classy.

  5. My Word

    My word!

  6. sad people

    with titties like those, you knew she was giving it up. these people really are white trash and don’t seem to be ashamed of it.

  7. fuddy duddy

    god she’s ugly but those titties are fantastic.

  8. lils

    Jamie Lynn, stay away from Starbucks. Really, girl, don’t follow your sister’s steps. You screwed it up bad but there is still hope for you!

  9. Gabriel

    Ahhh so that’s what happened to my missing sperm. Hey good buddies, you’ll be missed.

  10. Whatthef

    Don’t forget that YOUR daughters and YOUR little sisters are screwing someone in the back of YOUR CAR assholes!

  11. RichPort

    And that, folks, is what happens to 16 year olds that dress like whores. You call it a crucifix… I call it a target for my pearl necklace. What’s that? Oh fuck you, I know she’s 16, but she’s no stranger to the danger, so you can bang ‘er without anger. She gave up her “you fucking pedophile” platform the minute she put on a shirt so tight I could count the number of spermatazoa swimming down her throat.

  12. They’re the All-American family.

  13. Auntie Kryst

    What the fuck does Jamie Spears do to “bust his ass off”? Is it tuning up the General Lee to keep them Duke Boys a step ahead of Boss Hogg? Way to go Pa, naming your daughter after yourself you goddamn hillbilly.

  14. joeypants

    Thanks #11… I would WRECK that.

  15. She is so cute and she is fantastic.


  16. morga

    wow, the hypocrisy in that necklace is staggering…..

  17. patrick

    Jamie u r hot!!!

  18. WhatIsItWithStarbucks

    What is it with the spears family and Starbucks? Starbucks must be paying these girls to always have their cups in their hands.

  19. Racer X

    Specs appeal.

    /fo reals

  20. fugly

    She’s one fugly girl.. ukh looks 40

  21. we at strarbucks can definetly oblidge that we do not endorce neither britney or jamie-lynn spears we simply brew some damn good frappacinno and if you dont belive me then your gay!!!!!! so there

  22. we at strarbucks can definetly oblidge that we do not endorce neither britney or jamie-lynn spears we simply brew some damn good frappacinno and if you dont belive me then your gay!!!!!! so there



  24. Jethuth Chritht!

  25. Biff Henderson

    I wish people called me by my name instead of “executive at Nickelodeon and MTV” when referencing me as the father of Jamie’s child. I deserve recognition.

  26. RichPort

    I hear the father is actually SpongeBob Sploogepants.

  27. Tween Grrl

    #18 I know why Jamie likes to go to Starbucks. It’s because grown-ups buy and drink coffee at Starbucks, and Jamie wants to be a grown-up too. Grown-ups have intercourse also, and Jamie wants to be grown-up too. Jamie is my favorite. I texted her to win at the upcoming Kids proChoice Awards.

  28. Martin Bormann

    Goodamn, that bitch is ugly.

    She needs a fucking chin reduction otherwise she’s going to end up looking like Mac Tonight.

    On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind a few more fräuleins like her down in Argentina.

  29. Vince Lombardi

    Perhaps Mr. Spears stayed away from the whole “Christmas gathering” scene so that Lynne couldn’t jab him in the eyes with her fork to extract DNA and prove who the real baby’s daddy is….. hillbillies. Bah, humbug.

  30. Kelley Small

    Yes, when did she get THAT rack is right! With a jumbo Starbucks to boot, guzzling coffee while pregnant. It must be a White Trash Nation.

  31. Mal Reynolds

    70. Jamie Lynn Spears’ coathanger – December 22, 2007 2:23 PM

    Michael J Fox can never draw anything epic on an Etch-a-Sketch. Because of Parknison’s
    Michael J. Fox is now placed on bottles of Yoo Hoo instead of “Shake Well”. Because of Parkinsons.
    Michael J. Fox almost lost his job at the tattoo parlor. Because of Parkinson’s.
    Michael J. Fox’s wife gets earthshattering fingerbangs. Because of Parkinson’s.
    Michael J Fox wrote an autobiography called What’s Shaking. Because of Parkinsons.
    Michael J. Fox can’t play wii…because of Parkinsons
    Michael J. Fox’s cellphone is always on vibrate. Because of Parkinsons.
    Michael J. Fox’s Polaroids develop more quickly. Because of Parkinsons.
    Michael J. Fox always overfeeds his goldfish. Because of Parkinson’s.
    Micheal J. Fox once shook his baby to death, and then back to life. Because of Parkinsons.
    Michael J. Fox has to pee in the bathtub. Because of Parkinson’s.

  32. LovethoseSpearsz

    LOLZ she looks so pissed. Its cuz her coffee is spilled, Maybe Britney pushed Jamie Lynn out of the way when someone was shaking a bag of Cheetos in the crowd. Outta my way bizitch!

    The best rumor I’ve heard so far is that Lil Romeo is the father. Wouldn’t that be grand?!?

  33. Auntie Kryst

    @28 LOL, great reference to Mac Tonight. I forgot about that campaign. PS, sorry about the whole 1000 Year Reich thing. We’ll get ‘em next time.

  34. Oxy Whore


    #31 WTF? That is only funny if you’re on Oxys. Get a job.

  35. wawawa

    Aren’t grown men supposed to take care of themselves?

    And not profit from their under-age pregnant daughters?

    Not that her mom should be allowed to, either, but the dad should shut up.

  36. When death sleeps it dreams of you

    I freakin swear this site is sponsered by starbux! wtf, 80% of pix are subliminal messages for this corprate bs!

    Starbucks beverage preferance (required):

    venti caramal frappachinno bitches

    now send me some f***ing coupons.

  37. is she even supposed to be drinking coffee if she is pregnant?

  38. anon

    wawawa he’s not so how about giving most of your disgust to the one who is.

    And shouldn’t a grown woman take care of herself?
    or any woman for that matter.

    Best thing he can do is stay away from these “women” they’re all messed up.
    mothers day will be interesting. They’ll all be sending cards to themselves.

  39. aeuwave

    time to put down the starbucks with the bun in the oven, jamie.

  40. Twinkie

    Not to burst any bubbles here, but it’s the caffeine in coffee that’s bad for pregnant women, and Starbucks sells decaf.

  41. D. Richards (Whore.)

    Chuck Norris’s anus is made of titanium and has never been penetrated. Well except for that one time when Chuck was a young man in Southeastern Asia, alone; lonely and home sick, he allowed a rich older Asian gentleman to fuck his ass in exchange for a place to stay. But Chuck Norris is nobody’s faggot.

    Five years later Norris returned the favor by sodomizing the Asian man so hard that he ruptured the oldman’s internal organs with the force of his orgasm. Chuck then let the man’s guts cool on his still-hard prick while onlookers prayed to his penis.

  42. she’s freaking 16. she probably thinks that caffeine is some sort of vitamin like riboflavin or you know, one of those other ones.

  43. Petite

    I LOVE THIS SITE because people can say what ever the fuck they want to!

    I was just chastized at Celebitchy for being “bossy” and “rude”. What a bunch of panty wastes! I’ve deleted them from my daily list, and now Superfish is #2!

  44. Petite

    She sure as hell isn’t 6 months pregnant, if that photo is from this week!

  45. James

    Nice boobies!

  46. petite, what’s #1? i’m painfully bored….

  47. ItsLiz

    The photo is from 10/8/07 … when she was out with her sister and was screaming obscenities at people to stick up for her …

  48. IFuckingHateYou

    All she needs is a bag over her head, then I would be able to tell that she’s:

    A. – Ugly as sin.

    B. – Only 16 years old.

    C. – Related to Britney.

    I could just bang away at that body & hang onto the titties so I don’t get thrown off.

  49. ForAChanceToBeGodParentToJamieLynsChild

    @43-Yea petite whats better than here for saying all those things you can’t say walking down the street. What is better?

  50. Back to the topic...

    Because their dad has a job and doesn’t live off his kids, he is considered to be “busting his ass”? It’s called reality!

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