Jamie Lynn Spears’ family bails on her birthday

April 7th, 2008 // 48 Comments

Jamie Lynn Spears is no longer a pregnant 16-year-old. She’s now a pregnant 17-year-old. Britney’s fertile sibling spent her birthday with boyfriend Casey Aldridge at Ruby Tuesday on Saturday. Meanwhile, Jamie Lynn’s entire family ditched her to go out to eat with the Vadged One, according to Us Magazine:

Jamie Lynn hit up a local Wal-Mart and Ruby Tuesday restaurant just outside Kentwood, while big sis Britney, brother Bryan and his girlfriend, Lynne and Jamie dined with a group at Italian restaurant Peppone in Brentwood.
There was no mention of Jamie Lynn or the fact that it was her birthday at the Spears family dinner, an eyewitness told Usmagazine.com.

Maybe everyone figured they’d let Jamie Lynn and Casey have some alone time. It’s not like she can get more pregnant. Trust me; I’ve done exhaustive research on the topic. And by exhaustive research I mean I’m not allowed near the Lamaze class at the Y anymore.


  1. shee


  2. Rain

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  3. Swinger

    How cute.

  4. Can anyone imagine the life that kid will have???

    Lets pray for that child and her

    It just aint going to be easy

    Also growing up and having the world know that your mother conceived you under these circumstance

    She is still in high school so that grandparents will have to do the nurturing work

  5. Auntie Kryst

    Ruby Tuesday?? You would think they would have the class to eat at Olive Garden, baby needs free breadsticks. Perhaps Casey had a Val-Pak coupon, hard to say.

  6. zuzuspetals

    There were some hideous, hideous fashions in the 80′s- probably some of the ugliest clothes ever made. Jamie Lynn has apparently found a stash of them somewhere. And she pulls them all together with some truly heinous accessories.
    I’m hoping she won’t have to suffer the way that Britney has, and I’m glad to see Britney getting better, but both of these women are fashion disasters.

  7. lizzelee

    What do you mean, shes just wearing a Louis, jeans, shirt and sweatshirt……..?

  8. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    WalMart shopping on her birthday. damn those Spears girls really live the high life.

  9. I bet she stuffed sugar packets, salt and pepper shakers and flatware into that LV satchel. And she has pockets full of dinner mints.

  10. anon

    Poor girl… no wonder why she’s so fucking messed up. Sounds like her family doesn’t care that much about her.

  11. Runnergal

    What in the hell does his shirt mean?

  12. Googlybits

    Casey’s shirt read “Hog’s breath is better than no breath at all.”

    So classy.

  13. nipolian

    Hog’s Breath is a bar in Florida that this douchebag isn’t even old enough to enter.

  14. Does anyone care?

  15. jesse

    Can you imagine if the dude from Quantum Leap ended up in her shoes?

  16. The Castro

    What a beautiful, healthy family. Just like it should be.
    {Offtopic} Me and my partner looking to adopt a boy in the future! ;3 ;) ;D

  17. Binky

    9/11 was an inside job. look up freefall speed

    cliff notes: Charlton Heston had to be silenced. He knew too much.

    the UK has never trained anybody who later turned on them.

  18. Jennifer Hammond

    She doesnt even look pregnant. Is something wrong with her baby? If she is due this summer she should be showing a lot more than that. Weird.

  19. Harry Ballzack

    Get used to it girley – You one of the Spears adults now – You gotta act likeThe Britney to get noticed within the family now – being 17 and pregnant is pretty much common place back wherever it is y’all were spawned from

  20. ok let me get this straight, it’s her birthday and she look slike THIS?!…for fuck sakes, these people have money and still still look like shit always, i feel like i’ve seen her bag, t-shirt and hoody at the supermarket near my house….i dont even want to see the shoes. I bet she’s wearin New Balance sneakers.

  21. Harry

    Ruby Tuesday? Wow. Don’t go maxing out those credit cards now.

  22. Grunion

    Well she definetly came out ahead on this one. At least she won’t have to wash the Brit-stink off her clothes.

  23. Jessie

    Yeah, let’s criticize celebrities for having money and dressing ordinarily.

    Who gives a shit? That’s the frikken problem with America, way too much interest and emphasis on the monetary value of clothes. She could pull together the same crappy outfit with like $1000 worth of clothes if she wanted to, with the mindless way that designers price their ordinary clothes nowadays.

  24. ferlo

    Again, Ruby Tuesday. …

  25. BunnyButt

    The family realizes that, despite all of her problems, Britney is still far more financially lucrative than Jamie Lynn, so of course they’re going to focus their attention on Brit. Keep Brit happy so the $$ keeps coming their way. That’s how these people roll.

  26. Binky

    Hey troll – why not comment under your own name ?

  27. Patrick

    Just in case anyone is wondering, “just outside Kentwood” is a nice way of saying “25 miles away in McComb, Mississippi.”

  28. Randal

    Whoa, whoa, whoa!

    Hold the presses people!

    What do you mean “while big sis Britney, brother Bryan and his girlfriend, Lynne and Jamie dined with a group at Italian restaurant Peppone in Brentwood.”

    Britney was supposed to have gone away for the weekend with Kevin to rekindle the flame. What the heck happened here?

    Why hasn’t anyone reported this? Are things on the rocks again between Britney and Kevin? Some INFO would be nice, FISH!


  29. RENEE

    She seems pretty down to earth; all things considered. And I bet she’s a hell of a lot more intelligent than Britney, and will go on to lead a pretty healthy, normal, successful life; despite being knocked up at only 16. I think she kind of got the shit end of the stick (along w/ Brian) because of all the attention their mom put on Britney from the very beginning. I can’t help but feel kinda sorry for her.

  30. totally gay


    1. Insert loaded gun into mouth.
    2. Pull trigger.

    Thanks for playing!

  31. Erica

    She is wearing a Hollister shirt. No one can wear Hollister while they are preggers. They’re meant for tiny little girls. She doesn’t even look pregnant. What the shit.

  32. Kimberly

    She’s 17 and pregnant, shops at Wal-Mart, and eats at Ruby Tuesday’s. Just goes to show that you can take the girl from the trailer trash, but you can’t take the trailer trash out of the girl. But I applaud her for still being frugal.

  33. Now big brother Bryan is dating some chick named Lynn too? Isn’t the mom and dads name Lynn? Wtf?!!!

  34. Loco_Chick

    Its not right that she’s pregnant. She’s only 17 and well on her way to having the little bitch, I can’t stand her! Although I do think that the right thing for the baby was to keep it, but she shouldn’t have ever created her in the first place!!!!!!! The worst thing is that she is a Nickelodeon Icon. A bunch of kids out in the world watch it and think that she is awesome and want to be just like her. Well kids, unless you want adults thinking u are a major whore, listen to your parents, and don’t have ‘sex’ till your married

  35. Jamie Lynn Spears is the cutest thing to rock Louisianna. Lucky girl–few 17 year olds have the resources to support an unexpected pregnancy. I hope it turns out well for her.



  36. Becca

    You all sound pathetic, you all sound like a bunch of bullies you think just cos ur not saying this to her face that your less of a bully ur two faced the lot of you and yout think that just cos she is famous that it makes you any less of a bully. All you are doing is writing a bunch of nasty words about a young woman who is need of support. Let me all remind you she is a real person and she is not a character on Tv. It’s a shame that people research people like Jamie Lynn and her sister (going out of their way) to bad mouth them, that i say is not unfirtunate for Jamie Lynn but to the people bad mouthing her. She isn’t going to care what you think and for hell she won’t be wasting her time reading these messages. You can’t accept a wealthy famous person going to a restaurant that we’d dare to step a foot in because we can afford it but also you wouldn’t like her going to a expensive restaurant either. Looking back on the comments you’re all looking down on her when you’re really looking up to her, why else would you be on this website. Another reminder to you all Jamie Lynn was not born into rich or fame like others so yes these places are her roots and she has every right to go to these places she doesn’t have to consult the likes of you first. Randal sounds obsessed with celebrities and loco chick sounds ridiculous “Although I do think that the right thing for the baby was to keep it,” Duh, or otherwise the baby is dead, now thats not going to be good for the baby! You know i like Jamie Lynn she’s real and down to earth and i can bet you a good amount of your US american dollars she is not the first teenager in hollywood to get pregnant but she sure is the first enough with the morals, the decency and the courage to stand up to you lot and say “i’ve made a mistake but i’m going to take the responsibility”. GOOD LUCK TO JAMIE LYNN I WISH YOU WELL THROUGH THIS DIFFICULT TIME.

  37. Justin

    Seventeen? Unreal. She looks like she has more miles on her than my classic T-bird. By the time she’s 25, she’s going to be one hard looking ho.

  38. rgrd

    @27: so true

  39. bandman

    40. Becca – April 8, 2008 5:08 PM


  40. Becca

    43. bandman – April 11, 2008 8:26 PM

    Classy words!! Haha u sound like scum of the earth, ur just an ass shame you couldn’t say anything productive =( must be hard for you that being your only argument here. Shame!

  41. Lexie

    I know she’s pregnatnt and everything but her parents should be there for her not bail on her. if they do then she’s going to end up just like brit-fat jobless and fucking crazy!!!!!

  42. Lexie

    …..Never mind. I think she’s already turning into brit. so theres know saving her. so what I just said (see above) FUCK THAT!!!!

  43. She seems all down to earth.
    She always tells off the paps when they get out of line.

    Shes feisty I think she’ll be all right & who cares what she
    wears or how much she spent on it.

    Atleast she does what she wants and is not living to satisfy others.
    She seems alot more real and likeable compared to some of the others in
    the industry.

  44. Oh yeah and I forgot

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  45. alicia

    she was stupid to have SEX and get prenet but the baby is so cute but she eeds to keep doing zoey 101

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