Jamie Lynn Spears’ family bails on her birthday

Jamie Lynn Spears is no longer a pregnant 16-year-old. She’s now a pregnant 17-year-old. Britney’s fertile sibling spent her birthday with boyfriend Casey Aldridge at Ruby Tuesday on Saturday. Meanwhile, Jamie Lynn’s entire family ditched her to go out to eat with the Vadged One, according to Us Magazine:

Jamie Lynn hit up a local Wal-Mart and Ruby Tuesday restaurant just outside Kentwood, while big sis Britney, brother Bryan and his girlfriend, Lynne and Jamie dined with a group at Italian restaurant Peppone in Brentwood.
There was no mention of Jamie Lynn or the fact that it was her birthday at the Spears family dinner, an eyewitness told Usmagazine.com.

Maybe everyone figured they’d let Jamie Lynn and Casey have some alone time. It’s not like she can get more pregnant. Trust me; I’ve done exhaustive research on the topic. And by exhaustive research I mean I’m not allowed near the Lamaze class at the Y anymore.