Jamie Lynn Spears done got her GED

February 26th, 2008 // 68 Comments

Jamie Lynn Spears passed her GED exam and is looking to go to college in the fall. I had no idea you needed a diploma to go to beauty school. Good to know. People reports:

“She’s already got her diploma,” according to the friend. “She wants to take her ACT. She’s not wasting any time. People don’t know her. When she gets something in her head, she’ll make it happen. Everybody is so supportive of her.”

My prediction: Jamie Lynn gets knocked up with baby #2 halfway through her first semester. She’ll say Casey is the father, but he lost a testicle during a freak fishing accident at the water hole. Lynne Spears will then broker a deal where 10 of Jamie Lynn’s classmates compete in a reality show to prove they’re not the father. It’ll be titled “Aw Shit with Jamie Lynn Spears.”

Photos: INFdaily.com

  1. Victoria


  2. MoJo risin


  3. Kayla

    The Heineken shirt is a nice touch for an unwed, underage mama-to-be…What a role model.

  4. Victoria

    Sorry, that should have been accompanied by a banjo and 2 fiddles.

  5. jeener

    She is less cuter than her sister britney! Someone saw her profile with hot & sexy photos on ‘MeetRich.com’, a dating site for celebrities and millionaires. It seems the profile looks sincere and attractive. Is it real!?

  6. noneyobeezwax

    well, at least she’ll be qualified to sling hash at the local waffle house. and on a side note, why do rich people insist on dressing like hobos?

  7. Gerald_Tarrant

    Dang y’all, let’s have a crawfish burl and make some more chirrens.

  8. Skeps

    Season Two of “Aw Shit with Jamie Lynn Spears” Trying to track down who started the anal warts, and following its progression through everyone who touches that skanky ho

  9. Mojo risin

    aww, not first. But ditto the yehaww. Dadgummit! G
    Gee golly gosh, the upper crust sure have come out in Arkansas. We might as well just throw her in a white dress and toss her into a debutante ball. Although a few jizz stains and cigarette burns might be necessary to keep it authentic. You know, just to keep it classy.

  10. Argyle


    Yeah, that’s the first thing I noticed too. She’s already getting ready for her Mother of the Year award.

  11. Onyx

    My friends told me they are on millionairefriends.com where Charlie Sheen found his new love there.

  12. havoc



  13. Ted from LA

    I don’t know about college for this one. She’ll keep getting her semesters mixed up with her trimesters.

  14. Moley

    I would actually watch that show.

  15. Auntie Kryst

    To all LSU frat boys, start your first to get Jamile Lynn drunk and laid betting pools now.

  16. So, they are doing another season of Zoey. Wonder if they are going to have a sad, educational Silver Spoons type pregnancy episode, or if they will gloss over, pretend she’s not pregnant like on Will and Grace and Seinfeld, show a lot of chest up shots??

  17. gotmilk?

    can someone please explain why she doesn’t just graduate high school? why the GED? and where the fuck is the baby bump? nice sperry topsiders though.

  18. sicasso

    I suspect Jamie Lynn Spears will land the coveted role of Flo in the big-screen remake of Alice. I hear Michael Bay has some amazing effects lined up for that one. Sarah Michelle Gellar Prinze Jr. as Alice. Natasha Lyonne as Vera. And Harvey Keitel playing Mel? Pure casting brilliance.

  19. Heather

    That guy. His shoes. Why, Jesus? Why?!

  20. The Laughing God

    Stars don’t go to regular school. Most of the time they are tutored and take a GED,what with filming and all. What is going to happen to this little new Spears? Further, why haven’t the Brit kids appeared in my breakfast cereal commercials?

    Somebody start whoring out those kids, or my kids won’t have the wonder that is the Spears family to observe in the media, news groups will actually have to report… news, instead of pictures of Spears’ family privates. Our basic economic structure will fall into collapse, rivers will swell with sheol waters, birds of all types will form into murders and kill other forms of sentient life, poo will taste good, but still be bad for you! And people will eat it anyway!!!

  21. fax

    Can anyone tell me what is a GED exam please? I’m not from the US.

  22. D. Richards (Hands.)

    That’s Jamie’s man. She’s looking up to him; he’s leading Jamie by the hand. She feels so secure.

    I want to see Jamie Lynn fail miserably. I need it.

  23. ring ring ring banana phone

    # 8. LOL. Fuck that’s funny.

    This family is so fucking depresssing. It’s funny and all but, the fact that they represent a large percentage of the population (in terms of intelligent and responsible contributions to society) its fucking sad a shit.

    I know she’s a grown girl and she made her bed and then fucked in it but, I can’t help that everytime I see this southern skank and her fucking trainwreck sister I immediately think about Lynn Spears and how much I despise that woman and the way she selfishly whored and pathetically lived vicariously through her famestitute daughters. Jaimie Spears (Daddy) works and lives a normal life and is divorced from the selfish spycho stage mommy Lynn and seems to be the only one who gives a fuck about his crazy daughter but, Lynn Spears that woman is a fucking BITCH. I don’t have to know her to know it I would bet Oprah’s money on it.

    Anyway I actually feel sorry for Brit’s Dad if you see pics of him he looks fucking devastated by all this. His Mom was mentally ill and killed herself when he was a kid (she shot herself at the grave of her infant son who had recently died) and two of Jaimie’s brothers are also mentally ill; one is homeless and one is or was in jail. I feel like Jaimie’s family history combined with Lynn’s manipulative fame seeking has a lot to do with Britney being well… Britney. Also she became a rich spoiled brat, has the IQ of a lemon and worked in the most manipulative and sick industry on the planet. So given all that I think Brit is actually not as badly off as she could be. Don’t get me wrong it’s fucking revolting the state she’s been able to reach but, the fact is she ain’t fucking close to having hit rock bottom. Which is tuly pathetic.

    So in summary, I hate Lynn Spears and all spoilt rich unapologetic brats (in other words all of HOLLYWOOD).

  24. Mike

    @22, google can tell you in detail, but basically it’s a paper that says you can now start working at McDonalds or join the Army.

  25. Auntie Kryst

    @22 GED = General Equivalency Diploma. It’s awarded to persons that did not earn a high school (or secondary school as some countries call it) diploma. Either a high school degree or a GED is a prerequisite to attend university. In Jamie Lynn’s case Carnival College. She’s going to major in weight guessing.

  26. spiritkittykat

    Shit, y’all! I done got my GED, now I’s can get my highner edumacation learnin’ in! I even got my Heineken shirt to prove dit!


  27. The White Urkle

    How can you people talk about her shoes and t-shirt when she is wearing hoop earings the size of a grape fruit? Maybe the doctor prescribed them to remind Jamie Lynn how stretched her vagina is going to be after having the baby. Poor, poor Casey.

  28. nini

    ugly boots
    ugly t.shirt

  29. zuzuspetals

    mmm…what would complete this outfit? Oh, I know- the big hoop earrings!

  30. D. Richards (Learned.)

    #22. The exam for the GED consists of finger-paints — you have to scribble-paint a dog, or a cat: your choice — and cutting construction paper with dull scissors.

    For extra credit, you can make fart sounds with your underarms.

  31. ring ring ring banana phone

    LOL #22. That’s the best definition of anything, EVER.

  32. ring ring ring banana phone

    fucking shit I meant #25. Mike.

  33. jrz

    Hay, ya’ll. Ah got mah jay-ay-day tuhday. So ya’ll gots ta start callin’ may Jamie Lynn Spears, GED, okay? Its a sigh of respek.

  34. fax

    NO…seriously? wasn’t she studding for this a few months ago or something… LMAO! God Bless.

    @25. Thanks!

  35. It is very hard for that poor girl to live up to the redneck trailer trash standard her sister has set.

  36. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    i don’t think ACT stands for what she thinks it stands for.

  37. I Wonder Who She Had to Give Her Snatch to to get Her GED

    “When she gets something in her head, she’ll make it happen.”

    Does that include getting something in her uterus, at fourteen?

  38. Grunion

    Jamie Lynn had a baby and it looked just like I did

    We got married on a Tueaday, I’ve been working ever since

    Every week down at the ford plant, but now it’s shuttin down

    Goddamn Bush is in the white house and nodody gives a damn.

    -Drive By Truckers meet your newest member

  39. Asston Kutcher's vagina

    Spew those earrings are so 80′s. What is it that causes white trash welfare recipient hilbilly rednecks to be permanently stuck in the 80′s? It’s the freakiest thing. And don’t tell me she’s rich and famous now, that pregnant teenager will ALWAYS be hillbilly trash to me.

  40. jrz

    “When she gets something in her head, she’ll make it happen.”

    Somebody needs to get “abortion” in her head.

  41. Anal Fistula

    “When she gets something in her head, she’ll make it happen.”

    and when she gets some semen in her vag she makes it happen as well…

    I never thought she’d get the GED before the baby…damn, I just lost $20 in the local betting pool…

  42. Giomon_Rocks

    Nice Heineken shirt Jamie Lynn. Starting motherhood off the responsible way–with a nice frosty beer.

  43. JANE

    How many months has she been pregnant? I’m waiting for pics that show her stomach

  44. alex oz

    wow i love that reneck shirt !!!
    her hips are gettin bigger look like a frekinnn hippo …
    GOD BLESS HER !? hahahhhaha
    jeeeeeeeeeez those boots are awesome extra cow shit there !!!

  45. Heineken shirt is too perfect, first thing i picked up besides her WT BF’s mismanaged boots.

  46. Nicole Nash

    Poor poor Jaime Lynn. Its just not enough to have one nut-job in the family. I guess the apple does’nt rott far from the tree. Where are her parents when shes out having unprotected sex with a 18 year old? Oh, thats right, they had to help poor Britney. Seems to me like the whole damn family should be thrown in the hospital for mental evaluation. Or mabey if they just kept they’re mouths closed and they’re legs shut………….

  47. i heart the farm

    Nothing says ‘class’ like loafers, trucker jeans and a Heineken tee-shirt!

  48. eeohhaherica.

    Awe, she’s wearing sperrys. wear mine everyday. because i’m THAT cool. hope she doesn’t end up like britney. slightly chubby and batshit insane.

  49. Guest

    She doesn’t look bad considering shes preggers…and he’s actually kinda cute (if he wore different shoes) Just wear some diamond earings (or anything sparkly, in her case)

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