Jamie Lynn Spears brings her pre-pregnant jailbait-ness to network TV-ness

Jamie Lynn Spears has a guest spot on the upcoming ABC sitcom Miss Guided. A spy for E! News has a quick plot synopsis that will make you want to put a sledge hammer through your television. SPOILER ALERT! For those of you who actually heard of the show before the past 24 hour media barrage:

Becky (the guidance counselor, played by Judy Greer) helps Mandy get into state college, but the substitute Spanish teacher (played by Ashton Kutcher) convinces her not to go because she’ll be “brainwashed by a bunch of dead white men.”
She rewards herself for her decision by hooking up with a second guy, James. By the end of the episode, however, Mandy is back on the college track–and back in the car, making out with Michael.

The spy also reports that the Jamie Lynn sucks as an actress, but it sounds like she’s pretty much playing herself – but not pregnant. And she makes out with boys her own age, not fertile Nickelodeon executives. Also she’s in high school and not getting a GED. Okay, so maybe these are big leaps for Jamie Lynn Spears. Huge, giant enormous leaps that frighten and confuse the Jamie Lynn. She probably called Britney for support but all she heard was “munch, munch” and someone in the background yelling “Ha! She thinks it’s candy! Hey, is that a vagina?”

Photos: ABC