Jamie Lynn Spears brings her pre-pregnant jailbait-ness to network TV-ness

March 6th, 2008 // 88 Comments

Jamie Lynn Spears has a guest spot on the upcoming ABC sitcom Miss Guided. A spy for E! News has a quick plot synopsis that will make you want to put a sledge hammer through your television. SPOILER ALERT! For those of you who actually heard of the show before the past 24 hour media barrage:

Becky (the guidance counselor, played by Judy Greer) helps Mandy get into state college, but the substitute Spanish teacher (played by Ashton Kutcher) convinces her not to go because she’ll be “brainwashed by a bunch of dead white men.”
She rewards herself for her decision by hooking up with a second guy, James. By the end of the episode, however, Mandy is back on the college track–and back in the car, making out with Michael.

The spy also reports that the Jamie Lynn sucks as an actress, but it sounds like she’s pretty much playing herself – but not pregnant. And she makes out with boys her own age, not fertile Nickelodeon executives. Also she’s in high school and not getting a GED. Okay, so maybe these are big leaps for Jamie Lynn Spears. Huge, giant enormous leaps that frighten and confuse the Jamie Lynn. She probably called Britney for support but all she heard was “munch, munch” and someone in the background yelling “Ha! She thinks it’s candy! Hey, is that a vagina?”

Photos: ABC

  1. rita


  2. rita


  3. maria

    second…i’ve always wanted to do this…

  4. JoBOO


  5. JoBOO


  6. kathy

    1-4. JACKASSES.

    ANYWHO!….once this baby is out, the health department needs to close her legs.

  7. joanne

    she’s very pretty. if she keepsaway from drugs and booze, and pregnantness, she may end up version of britney that worked. #1, and 2 you’re both losers

  8. joanne

    she’s very pretty. if she keepsaway from drugs and booze, and pregnantness, she may end up version of britney that worked. #1, and 2 you’re both losers

  9. awyeh

    She’s lookin’ fine, can I do her?

  10. Randal

    On this topic, on this celebrity, on this day, I have nothing nice to say.

  11. Tapeworm

    Donkey punch.

  12. Barrel

    Looks like they made out in the car because the boy has lipstick smears. Haha Smears! Spears, Smears!

  13. Why do people think because your sibling is a “star” you get to be one?

    Oh, #1-5 you are all losers.

  14. Ted Mosby

    Those boobies are becoming Mommy boobies.

  15. Nikky Raney

    What about that zoey 101 shit

  16. Nikky Raney


  17. Veroonica

    8. Joanne. Too late. She’s heavy into all three.

    Glad to see she’s working. Probably had to blow Ashton for the part. Probably was a nice change from the mummy lips sliding up and down his cock.

  18. Jamie Lynn almost gave us a nip slip and a beaver shot all in the same picture. She is going to grow up to be just like her sister. Way to go Jamie Lynn. Maybe you and Britney will have double wides right next to each other.

  19. DD

    Nice image # 17.
    I’d LOVE to have Jamie sucking on my hard cock and shooting off in her mouth.

  20. Auntie Kryst

    Hopefully this cameo appearance turns into reoccuring role for the other Spears fuckup. I can’t wait to see the episode where “Mandy” in convinced to toss her newborn into a dumpster before she takes her prom picture.

  21. rongway


  22. dude

    I called my old lady
    For a friendly word
    She picked up the phone, dropped it on the floor
    FAP FAP was all i heard..

  23. rongway


  24. RatRat


  25. Hey Dip Shit Fish dude, You were Punked by Ashton Kutcher. Paris Hilton and her new guru were a prank by Kutcher for his new show Pop Fiction.

    As long as it take you to post shit, you would have thought you would figured it out before you posted the story..

  26. Bilbo


  27. will

    21-kill yourself.

  28. spasmolytic46

    I’d love to drink her fresh squeezed milk… I bet it comes with paxil and whiskey in trace amounts too.

  29. Randal is speechless??

  30. boboan

    cute couple.I’m curious.She wrote blog on a celeb dating site recently named “Searching Millionaire dot com”. It attacted many fans. Is she feeling lonely?

  31. Jimbo is an asshole

    But by asshole, I mean he fucks his mom

  32. That dude looks like somebody just gave him a strawberry shortcake.


  33. whackjob

    I’d still hit it. Dumber than dirt southern girls who like to fuck when they’re (16) turn me on.

  34. @32 Oh you so funny. Come on dip shit fish dude, you can can do better than that. Stop being a big ol pussy and use your real name.

  35. Danklin24

    36th! Yes i’m that fuckin cool.

  36. @36 yeah, you da man!!!

  37. vertmont

    I wish she’d go away, no mother with impressionable age kids wants a little slut like this being shoved in their kids faces as cool or something to wannabe.

  38. monkeyfightclub

    that’s some serious sweater meat

  39. JB

    “Brainwashed by a bunch of dead white men”?

    Who wrote that shiz? Because it was a bunch of white men that set up the foundations of this country so that whoever wrote that piece of garbage could write it and not have his balls chopped off. And so Jamie Lynn Spears could have the freedom to run around with her bits hanging out.

    Why do white people (liberals, Ashton Kutchner, etc) sign up for projects with stupid lines like this?

  40. granada


    It’s called a push-up bra.

  41. spasmolytic46

    JB ~ The reason it was written by a bunch white men only is because blacks and women were property, they weren’t entitled to opinions you didn’t give them at the end of cane. Do you think that most schools don’t teach false history? Are you familiar with the expression that history is written by the winners? I didn’t start to learn the real history of this country until I went to college. Of course you probably don’t believe in an education that isn’t faith based…

  42. @42 There is a good place to learn history. From a group of bleeding heart liberal that just wants everything to be fair. Us rich white people don’t pay enough taxes and should support all of the lazy asshole of this planet so they can continue to sit on their ass and reproduce faster than a jack rabbit.

    I will agree that history has been tainted by the winners, but you are not getting the straight scoop from those moron in academia..

  43. hum

    At what Hollywood/Child Porn Convention does this shit get approval. This country bitches about child protection laws and this turd makes it on television. How not to raise your children, my friends! I’m still figuring out how the parents could be less involved? I mean, it’s nice their “learnin’ her ass sex fur berf contro” but, I ask………….does that really show demonstrate caring?

  44. Pilatunes

    Has the true identity of the father been revealed yet?

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  47. seriously?

    It looks like she borrowed the outift Britney wore for her Matt Lauer interview… Horrible (both times)!! I think that was the beginning of the end for Britney… And Jamie Lynn seems to bef ollowing in her footsteps – at least Britney waited until she was in her 20s and married to get pregnant! Jamie Lynn is only 16 – she needs some parental guidance!

  48. Grandma

    Over the hill.

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