Jamie Lynn Spears’ boyfriend is a f*cking idiot

September 22nd, 2008 // 52 Comments

Casey Aldridge is a boy genius. Apparently, the father of Jamie Lynn Spears’ daughter Maddie took a camera card to Wal-Mart that contained pictures of her breast-feeding. In one of the pictures, Jamie Lynn’s underage breast is exposed which has sparked a federal manhunt, according to TMZ:

The pics were taken on Casey’s digital camera. We’re told he took the camera card to his local Wal-Mart in Louisiana for copies. Law enforcement believes someone at the Wal-Mart may have made extra copies, then tried selling them.
Because Jamie Lynn is a minor, selling the pics — or buying them — could constitute a violation of federal laws prohibiting child pornography. Peddling pictures of a minor’s breast — even if not taken for sexual purposes — could land the seller and the buyer in federal prison if they are marketed across state lines for the purpose of being lurid. Also, anyone purchasing the pics could be prosecuted for the crime of receiving stolen property.

Britney’s lawyers are also preparing to sue the shit out of Wal-Mart – but will no doubt settle for a lifetime supply of Cheetos. Anyway, here’s some advice for Casey Aldridge:

1. Stop reproducing.

2. Don’t take pictures of your paparazzi-hunted celebrity girlfriend to the one-hour photo. Remember when you tried to shoot a guy for taking photos of Jamie Lynn? Yeah, Jethro, he was doing that for money. So you basically just handed over a giant bag of cash to a dude who makes minimum wage. I’ll let you pop a squat on your huntin’ ATV and mull that one over.

3. Never get photos of your lady’s boobs developed at Wal-Mart.. Go to Target.


  1. Me


  2. someguy


  3. She does look good here…kinda want to make me be a member the S.W.A.T. team

    sex with a teenager the elite organization…

  4. Sam

    what a fucking retard.

  5. Erica

    Yes, this is the magnificent generation that is going to overcome global racism, according to the last comment thread.

    Now just watch – there are no knee-jerk parts to this story, like an interracial couple or people burned up like crispy critters, so all of today’s commenters (sitting on their stacks of People Magazine to reach the keyboard) will go, like, ZOMG! Wat a jerk!

  6. No one want’s to see that anyway


  7. mamadough

    jimbo, you suck fuck. i thought you were above jackin it to a baby sucking on a tit.

  8. Fucking White Trash retard.

    He essentially WON the Trailor trash Lotto. He should be happy and ride that Gravy Train rather than shitball it up and probably end up flipping burgers at McD’s for the rest of his life.

    Now I pose you this question:

    One Bullet…who do you shoot? K-Fed or Douche McBiggins a.k.a Casey A?

  9. I would buy those pics to make sure they dont fall in the wrong hands and then destroy them…very simple!



    K-Fed OR Douche Mc Biggins a.k.a Jamie’s baby daddy.

  11. sam

    Good for her for breastfeeding! Shame on whoever stole the pictures.

  12. jaysdesk

    why is every picture of her in front of a wall mart. Is that the only place she goes? OR – do you use the same pics everytime there is a story?

  13. Matthew

    casey is a moron and my best bet he will meet the kinfolk in folsom!

  14. ST

    Can we say smartest move hes ever made!
    He knew 100% what he was doing…
    Gee you don’t think he knew they would get out, and they could SUE… Um please… this is how the new “celebs” make their money… Sex tapes/Photos/Private moments exploited and used to make money…

  15. there’s no place else to shop in the south except wal-mart.

    the more rd tries to sound straight, the gayer he sounds.

  16. Pedo bear

    Wow, he’s my hero. But seriously this was a bone headed thing to do. Release them anonymously online you fool.

  17. I can’t wait until she is 18 so I can say how hot she is.

  18. Barack Hussein Obama

    Yowza…that’s one more vote for ME!

    P.S. When I’m president I promise that everyone will have a color photoprinter…it’s your RIGHT!

  19. Bree

    That’s so funny that she’s breastfeeding a baby in the first place when her boob would land anyone in jail. Child pornography… this should be an exeption. Shes a mother for goodness sake! xD

  20. Sam

    @#10 I would line them up and shoot them both.

  21. Shawn

    Bree @ 19, you beat me to it.

  22. will

    iiiiiiif pictures of you breast feeding also constitutes child pornography…you might be a redneck.

  23. joey

    Meh. But I’d pay for a shot of her spread browneye – her sister’s too. Both of them have child-busted bodies, but their plumpness is still boner-producing when you distill these useless girls down to their one remaining talent: getting down on all fours and sticking their big round white asses up in the air. Guys, you know it’s the truth because you just got a half-chub.

  24. fools

    The vast majority of child porn prosecutions involve children under the age of 13 (before puberty). And it has to be sexually explicit stuff. This is 100% hype.

  25. someguy

    Hey, Fish…

    Whose delicate sensitivities are you going to offend by getting rid of the “*” and calling that assclown what he actually is, a FUCKING IDIOT?

  26. stickykeys

    Pictures of woman breastfeeding = child pornography?!
    Only in America.

  27. britney's weave

    “pop a squat” — HAHAHAHA, haven’t heard that one in awhile.

    thanks, fish

  28. Ed

    Wow what a boring story. The paps were desperately hoping for Britney II, but come on, is there a more boring “celebrity” than Jamie Lynn? She’s not talented or insane, she’s just ordinary. In fact, just to wake me up on a Monday at work, I’d rather see nude pictures of Lurch’s daughter standing there next to Jamie.

  29. Only in this country could someone like Jamie Lynn Spears even be considered a “child”. I think once you bang a 45 year old television producer, then skew the facts and lie to the world about the true father being some church going shitforbrains named Casey, all the while pandering everything from books to clothing to tv shows towards the young impressionable morons in this country. A person who masterfully orchestrates all this is no child. She is Lynne Spears (mother of Britney and Jamie) and she is truly the puppet master……………. And i heard she killed a kid not too long ago.

    - Mike James

  30. Denny Crane

    ”I’m Denny Crane! No bigger ass. Asset! You want me at your table.”

    (in honor of “Mike James”)

  31. grobpilot

    Okay, this dumbshit has a digital camera, but no personal computer on which to download and print out those pics? He has access to how much money and he can’t spend five or six hundred bucks for a computer?

  32. The Listener

    I think Jamie Lynn just wants to find any copies of the photos of her breastfeeding before some perv releases them to the public.

    And being that she’s not legally an adult she can use federal laws regarding child porn to help her get any photos back.

    I guess no one uses Polaroid cameras anymore.

  33. gotmilk?

    well, if she’s old enough to have a kid, then it shouldn’t be considered child porn.

  34. The boyfriend is a total idiot. Why would you even do that? Just download them at home and take the ones to be printed on a disk. He’s a moron.

  35. Italian Stallion

    I wish I had four hands, so I could give dem titties four thumbs down………

  36. spinal

    A “federal manhunt”, really Fish?

    So nice to know the feds have nothing more pressing on their agenda than hunting down photos of underage titties.

  37. Sarah Palin

    Bunch of dumb, inbred, white trash hickabillies!

    Now, let us PREY!

  38. @24:
    how and why do you know that?

    thanks for the tip

  39. Barack Hussein Obama

    What if they were given to me free of charge?


  40. me

    I am not above anything. I want that underaged boobie so I can spank the monkey to it.

  41. noway

    this child pornography bullshit is getting out of control, once you get out of puberty you’r not a child anymore, I don’t condone the fact that her pictures were put on sale but shit, saying that a nipslip of a 15 year old can get you jail time is total BS.

  42. HorribleJudgment

    So…what’s my comment here? This Casey guy is a fucking idiot. He’s dumb. He’s stupid. It is my opinion that he may even be mentally retarded. He’s a fucking mental retard. Stop going to fucking Wal Mart, country boy. Too many words for you? Slower? Stoooopppp goooiiinnnggg tooooo Waaalllll Maaarrrr—eh, fuck off.

  43. zuzuspetals

    It’s probably fortunate for Lynne Spears that this happened because she was likely planning to sell those photos herself.
    She needs the money to buy “another one of them Hummer cars.”
    I’m just guessing.

  44. Clayton

    don’t they have their own computer to get copies off of? Jesus Christ!!! Can’t they buy some photo software?

  45. wtafuc

    Old enough to breed,
    Old enough to have the world see your whore ass big titays

  46. quake

    she’ll be posing nude for diaper money in a few years anyway.

  47. This story raises many questions and solves equally as many issues. First, we now know the answer to the big question on everybody’s mind: breast or bottle. Second, IMO once a chick gets knocked up, carries a baby to term and blasts it out of her cooch she’s no longer a girl. She’s a woman so whatever her calendar years, it’s over. She’s past her prime already. Third, if the child porn thing isn’t a joke then the pigs must immediately arrest this Casey dude for statutory rape. That’s the law. Jail. Now.

    PS: Fourth Jamie Lynn must spray milk in Da Man’s face it is feeding time!

  48. The kid is an idiot… Isn’t there a judge somewhere willing to quarantine him and Jamie Lynn’s mother?? (FOR LIFE!)

    Still at least Jamie Lynn is actually taking care of her baby!


  49. I’ll say this again:
    These morons are expected to fix the future of america?

  50. roger

    First of all it’s jamie’s tit and not Britney’s so why would Britney’s attys want to sue the shit out of wal-mart. Let Jamie’s attys do it!!!!

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