Jamie Jungers wins Best Whore

March 10th, 2010 // 38 Comments

Here’s Jamie Jungers leaving The Howard Stern Show this morning where she took first place in a Miss Tiger Woods contest against Jaime Grubbs and Loredana Jolie by apparently describing his penis in the most detail. Why not? Ironically, this is the same Jamie Jungers who claims she doesn’t want to be remembered as Tiger Woods’ mistress, and isn’t a prostitute. That being said, she’ll just go ahead and cash this $75,000 for all that sex she had with him.

But, again, not a hooker.

Photos: Splash News

  1. bakinmycake

    she’s got skillz….

  2. first

    first time!!!

  3. jeff

    unabashed slut…..

  4. JealousMarriedPerson

    I like how the check was from Ashley Madison! Congrats blond bimbo!

  5. grobpilot

    I’ll bet Stern got her to strip and masturbate on the floor

  6. Darth

    Since when did Victoria Beckham dye her hair blonde?

  7. Deacon Jones

    Nice bodyguard in Pic 2.

    Is K-mart running Blue Light specials on bodyguards now or something?

  8. larry fine

    You go my little coalburner.

  9. jlylec

    not hot enough…stupid tiger.

  10. Eric the Actor

    Baba Booey

  11. Mr. Nice Guy

    Good for Her. Very Hot Woman.

  12. Hooray Super Whore.

  13. who dat

    Loredana Jolie is one of the hottest women ever. Thats why tiger paid 15K per session with her. Money talks…especially when a notorious cheapskate like tiger woods shells out. That tells you how hot she is.

  14. Pok

    #13 is Loredana’s pimp, trying to pimp out more for his whore. Hottest woman ever? Please. She’s another $100 skank. Walk down Las Vegas Blvd for 50 more just like her.

  15. What a dumbass

    #13 is totally delusional and probably a whore herself. This woman is nothing more than a hole tiger pumped & came in. And she doesn’t want to be remembered as a whore after she whored herself on Howard Stern? Lady, you are a cum dumpster; nothing else…

  16. sensitive guy

    Ok, so now you’ve got me wondering – what were those details about Tiger’s penis? It has a leather grip? A titanium shaft? It’s a dogleg left? It has a Nike swoosh on it? Fill us in, Senor Fish, please.

  17. Wait, is that the Warldorf or the other place near Grand Central?

  18. She must have gotten tired of people calling her fat.
    Looks like she’s following the Lindsay Lohan weight loss program.
    I bet her mother will be jumping in front of a bus sometime this week.

  19. tito

    Does anyone wonder why she’s taking out a bag of trash from the studio? Maybe that was part of the deal. “Sure we’ll give you the crown if you take out our trash.”
    Or maybe that’s her luggage…..

  20. m.

    Why not? You know she’ll be out in the streets workin or doing porn soon. The high-end escort services won’t hire her because she can’t keep her mouth shut. I also can’t imagine her working in a regular job (who would hire her anyway?!). So only two things left: porn and streets.

  21. sandra

    wow congrats to her! I am sure her parents are proud.

    Anyways she has some very unattractive legs. Where are her calves?

  22. I know who Rough'ed you last summer!

    Im still pining for stern to come back to regular radio…

  23. Shep

    Lots of whores have make believe values. Just another one.

  24. wrecked 'em

    The question was going to be, what’s more embarrassing, being part of Tiger’s Skank-go-round? Or appearing on The Howard Stern Radio Show? ROUGH douchey just upped the ante on patheticness with his, “I’m still pining for stern to come back to regular radio…” Oh, man!

  25. I think the definition of being a prostitute is getting money for being a whore. The hilarious irony here is that Jamie Jungers has consistently denied that she is a prostitute.

  26. wreck em? douche!

    Stern still has over 8million listeners a day douche! Since you cant afford a whole $13 a month and listen to gay terrestrial radio Shut your mouth cumm bucket!

  27. She’s not a prostitute, that’s true. She’s a fucking cunt.

  28. wrecked 'em

    @ 26
    It’s not that I can’t afford $13 a month, DOUCHE. I wouldn’t waste money on a radio show that reached it’s pinnacle almost two decades ago with skits, like tossing baloney on marginally attractive women’s asses. And the fact that you’re willing to give that no talent hack with a limited imagination your… I almost said hard earned money… your welfare check, speaks volumes, DOUCHE CHUTE! Now listen to your satellite radio, and enjoy Lesbian Dial-a-date. Maybe you can press your crotch up against the speaker while Howard motorboats the microphone. Good times. Loser.

  29. I have the crappiest customer service job in the world & am putting myself through college…they won $75K for cheating. who knew!!

  30. Trey

    “Thats why tiger paid 15K per session with her.”

    Nah, it’s because when you’re that rich, you can afford to be stupid with your money.

  31. captain america

    this will definitely FUCK better & with more pleasure………………..

  32. pappy smear

    @ 28 I will come to your house rip of your head and shit down your neck

  33. wrecked 'em

    @ 32
    You’re such a ©Ô©k tease.

  34. Kari

    So this girl looks COMPLETELY different than when she was on the Today Show (remember..the sweet glitter on her cheek…so classy)….I mean how much weight has whore bag lost anyway……like 50 pounds…..she need to eat a sandwich.

  35. xiannian

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  36. harry satchel

    I’m surprised this toothpick can hoist the cardboard check in the first place. She’s nothing but a disease-riddled pussy on a stick.
    Tiger, you are a piece of shit.

  37. Becky

    I’m certain your family is proud of you being named “Best Whore” Doesn’t look good on resumes. God forgive you. Now clean up your act

  38. faded

    Ummm… so how do they check for accuracy?

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