Jamie Foxx tells Miley Cyrus to make a sex tape

April 14th, 2009 // 123 Comments

Jamie Foxx had words for Miley Cyrus on his Sirius show when a caller complained about her wanting to ruin Radiohead’s career because they wouldn’t talk to her at the Grammys. E! Online reports:

“Who is Miley Cyrus?” an incredulous Foxx, who has a teenage daughter of his own, said. “The one with all the gums? She gotta get a gum transplant…S–t.”
“She’s gonna ruin Radiohead’s career? The same Radiohead that gets paid a million dollars just to sample their songs?
“Make a sex tape and grow up,” he continued. “Get like Britney Spears and do some heroin. Do like Lindsay Lohan and start seeing a lesbian and get some crack in your pipe. Catch Chlamydia on a bicycle seat. That’s what I want.”

While I don’t know if it’s necessarily a smart career move to tell a 16-year-old Disney cash cow to make a sex tape, I do know one thing: I am done riding bicycles naked. Done. This is exactly what happens when you try to go green, folks. BAM! Venereal disease. Get the word out.


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  1. applestones

    foxx is wrong: radiohead got $1.8 million for their last sample, not a million.

    and i can walk 10 feet outside my house and find 5 girls with more talent than miley cyrus. surprised that she even knows who radiohead is.

  2. Skwerl

    Foxx is a sorry has been and he knows it because a teen is making more money and getting better attention then he ever got. He’s a huge P.O.S. ( Piece of Sh-t)

  3. Foxx Rules

    LMAO – great stuff by Jamie Foxx. Miley Cyrus totally got pwned. Stupid whore.

  4. fatso

    Great, I was really looking forward to seeing The Soloist…..Wont be going now

  5. matt

    Miley Cyrus is the latest from a long line of talentless but well-packaged Disney-Christian hypocrite sluts. Anybody who defends her here is doing so because of exactly the illegal woody Disney wants you to have. Say baa baa, sheep.

  6. Hilarity

    I don’t care how old Hannah Montana is – she totally deserved what she got. She should have kept her damn mouth shut about Radiohead. Jamie Foxx”s jokes totally hit the mark. Whose career could this little bitch possibly ruin?

    What a joke.

  7. maryjane

    miley sucks

  8. Monkey Hunter

    “Where be de white women?”

    -Every frigging picaninnie alive.

  9. Ali Knievel

    What great is that it’s always these backwards talentless mediocre American hick stars who try to pick fights with Radiohead. Kid Rock tried to pick a fight with them Ten Years ago and we see how well his career turned out. Though I think if Miley has any brains and wants a career past the mouse house she should be sucking up to Thom Yorke instead and try to collaborate with them. A Hannah Montana/Radiohead track would be the most surreal and awesome thing to come out of this bullshit.

  10. ph7

    He’s right about her horse gums.

  11. Starchasm

    Okay, I’m no fan of Miley, but SERIOUSLY? Who the fuck is Jamie Foxx anyway? He made one movie eons ago, and sucked a lot of Wayans dick. Now he’s encouraging a 16 year old to make a sex tape and catch venereal diseases. That’s pure class.

    16 year olds say dumb shit all the time. What’s Foxx’s excuse?

  12. media watcher

    I listened to Jamie on Miley and to Miley on Radiohead. What Jamie and company said about Miley and what Miley said about “ruining” Radiohead were obviously said in jest. Miley is sixteen and while her comment was dumb, it was coming from a sixteen year old. Jamie, on the other hand, should know better.

    One of Jamie’s radio companions referred to Miley as a “white bitch.” This too was said in jest, just as Imus said “nappy-headed hos” in jest. So far, CNN isn’t even running the story about what Jamie’s companion said, but I think we all know that if a white radio host had a white companion on his or her show who referred to a sixteen year old African American female entertainer as a “black bitch,” it would be one of the top news items in the mainstream media today.

    I thought Imus’s comment was funny and harmless, and I think Jamie’s comments and those of his companions were funny and harmless. The only thing that bothers me about this is the way identity politics affects what kind of media coverage these kinds of comments get. There will probably be nothing on the six o’clock news about the comments about Miley made by Jamie and company, but we know that if the colors were reversed, it would be the main story on the six o’clock news and Al Sharpton would be all over the media tonight and for the next few days. This is a fucked up situation.

  13. Valerie

    Damn, dude! This is an example of not THINKING before you speak. Oh but I loved him in In Living Color.

  14. Kelsey

    I’m not a Miley fan either, but I still think it is wrong for someone who is a father of a teenage girl to make statements like this about another teenage girl. Maybe Foxx’s daughter should make a sex tape, become a lesbian, or get addicted to drugs. Not so nice now is it, Jamie? Seriously, you should watch what you say because it might come back to haunt you in a few years when your daughter has done one or more of those things. I didn’t even know Jamie Foxx had a daughter until I read this so it would be smarter career wise for her to make a sex tape than it would for Miley (who you may not like, but you know who she is) to do one.

  15. Kelsey

    I could easily say it’s another nappy headed negro sticking his foot in his mouth yet again. WHY IS IT ALWAYS ABOUT RACE? Like someone else said on Jamie’s show they referred to Miley as a white bitch, but if a white person on the radio (IMUS) made such a remark about a black person, they’d be fired. Wait a second they were, weren’t they? It’s a double standard and it’s wrong. We have a black president now, so I think it’s time the blacks stopped crying about how repressed they are, bringing up their distant ancestors being slaves ect. GET OVER IT. I don’t hear the Jews always bringing up the Holocaust when someone says something racist about them. Nor is it always on the news every time someone disses another race besides a black person. What I do think was wrong was Jamie Foxx saying such things about a teenager who is close to his own daughter’s age. He wants her to make a sex tape, is he turning into R Kelly or Michael Jackson? PERV! Jamie is an old pervert. What Miley said was wrong too, I love Radiohead, but she’s sixteen and so I forgive her. Plus, she is sadly probably right, she probably could ruin Radiohead’s career if she really wanted to considering teens worldwide follow her every move and they are our future. Miley should appologize, but I think she said what she said more out of hurt feelings than anything else. Jamie was just being vicious and mean. Jamie Fox has made 1 hit movie and that was years ago, he hasn’t done much since. So, he has no room to talk considering Miley banks way more than he does in a year. I think he’s just jealous that a teen is making a lot more money than he does and is way more of a star than he is. I didn’t say that I think Miley deserves all the fame she gets, but regardless she gets it. It doesn’t matter what I think of her, she is still a child and you shouldn’t be making such horrible comments about a child whether they are in the business or not. I’d like to see Jamie tell his own daughter to go make a sex tape and get venereal diseases because we know that wouldn’t happen. Jamie should be more worried about his own career instead of worrying about Radiohead’s (they seem to be doing fine for themselves)….

  16. Max

    If Jamie Foxx is so talented, why hasn’t he made any other hit movies? What is he just sitting around wasting all his talent or was he only talented for just one movie or did he just get lucky getting a role about someone that he could easily play? Yeah, he got lucky and I will believe that until he makes about 5 more hit movies. I’m not saying he isn’t talented, but there are a lot more talented actors out there that don’t have an ego the size of the Empire State building. I could understand his ego a little more if he’d been making a lot of big hit movies lately, but he hasn’t. He has no reason to have such a big ego, he has made ONE hit movie. Which he evidently is really proud of considering he is still trying to milk all the fame out of it years later.

  17. meme

    What a douchebag. She’s only 16, still a kid. He should know better. I bet he’d be furious if someone said that about his daughter.

  18. Lloyd Johnson

    Obviously you children went to see the hanna montana movie this weekend and are feeling empowered. She’s stuck up little cunt and I agree with Jamie. She’s a flash in the pan cash cow that will be miley who? in a few years. Now you morons are trying to compare these two, not by their respective bodies of work, but based on their recent income? Lol I guess since this is the criteria you people use to judge others Joe Francis is your Messiah.

  19. KFC

    Typical street ape on crack rock.
    It has obviously ran out of borrowed material.
    Milly Vannilly much?

  20. InternetToughGuy

    #25…you know what makes my fucking hands shake? When people say “reverse racism”…there is no such thing. Racism is racism. “Reverse racism” implies that only white people can be racist in the first place, which is totally fucking ignorant.

  21. KFC

    It would take a crow on crack rock to defend this has been street ape.
    I bet he voted for dumb ass also.
    No Darwin awards attached to this post.

  22. bleh

    By their current paychecks?
    I think we can all agree that the lil “white bitch” has made more money than Jamie Foxx will ever make. I don’t think either will have a career in the future, or a career that I give a shit about, but my bets are that teenie bopper will be rolling in the dinero far longer than Jamie Foxx lives.

    She’s a kid, he’s an adult….Kind of odd that he’d pick on her, but hey, Perez Hilton makes fun of her daily and he’s an adult (well, kind of….more like a metally challenged frog) and she seems to continue to do fine.

  23. Lloyd Johnson

    Kids, lets not forget this began by Gumalot insulting a legitimate band that was making AMAZING music since before she (and most of you) were born. The shallow ignorance of today’s youth is made painfully apparent by these mindless comments. Jamie Foxx was simply reminding us what most of the “super cool” teen idols end up doing with their lives. Of course if you are only 15 years old you have no clue to what Jamie or I am saying.

  24. abbs

    apparently radiohead is a pretty shy band, and they really don’t let anyone back to talk to them. Which would…you know…make sense if they were doing it for the music and not to hob-nob with celebrities like Miley Cyrus.

    But I understand why Miley made that comment. She was just being facetious. People say a lot of stuff on here that they don’t really mean. Why are people taking a 16 year old so seriously?

    I feel bad for Miley Cyrus. Her dad and Disney have obviously pushed her into this, and lets be honest, shes really not hot enough or talented enough to make it in the real entertainment business. God why does this story line feel so old and tired? Oh yeah…enter The Hohan.

  25. Shar

    Might as well tell her to get a possee, carry a gun, have a few kids with no daddy, get beaten on a regular basis and then she will fit in his world.
    What has he done since Ray that was decent…. nothing,
    As far as I can see, most entertainers are overpaid, drug induced,
    pitiful complainers. Grow up, be thankful and show us some talent.

  26. Wow Jamie

    I officially love jamie foxx now, “the one with all the gums?”…priceless

  27. Kimberly

    I usually don’t like Jamie Foxx, but anyone who badmouths Miley Cyrus is a friend in my book!

  28. media watcher

    Here’s a link to the only mainstream media news item I’ve seen on this story to date. It mentions that someone on Foxx’s show is heard calling Miley “the b-word,” but fails to mention that they don’t just say the “b-word” but refer to the 16 year old girl as a “white bitch.”


  29. Aja

    He’s a creep.

  30. Jenn

    I wonder if this will cause some terrible backlash for Jaime Foxx. I can imagine what would happen if the tables were reversed and someone made fun of a group of black girls. Wait a minute! Don Imus lost his job and was made into a social pariah for making a wisecrack about girls on a college basketball team. It took years before he was able to return to work.

    Jaime Foxx should have to apologize for his crass words. Considering he is a middle-aged man with a teenaged daughter, perhaps he should try to lead a positive example. What a jackass!

  31. JOSH

    She didnt even diss radiohead, the interviewer said “so i suppose youre gonna destroy radiohead now” and she jokingly said yes and then laughed and said she thinks theyre great.

  32. loved`

    wtf … rappest!

  33. Kat

    I agree with #30!!!

  34. Danklin24

    Jamioe Foxx needs to just stfu. Actually just keep your mouth shut all the time because your teeth and smile bug the shit out of me. He wants a 16 year old to make a sex tape?? So he can jerk off to it i assume. All these black guys like underage chicks, hello R Kelly.

  35. MYKroe

    Wow, that’s it. I never had any plans of buying Jamie Foxx’s CDs, but now I definitely will not subscribe to his SIrius show before they go bankrupt. Definitely.

  36. sara

    For all of you who think of Miley as a child – she is dating a 20 year old. She is no longer a child. Moving forward…


    in other words, she opened the floodgates of criticism.

  37. isaac

    it has nothing to do with how much money jamie foxx makes or how much miley makes, if Radiohead doesn’t want to meet a certain individual how can you blame them? Radiohead has been around for many years, miley is a fad. her fans are growing and changing and will probably end up listening to Radiohead. Miley thinks the world revolves around her obviously.

    I can’t wait to subscribe to sirius radio. freedom of speech, if you don’t like it change the channel.

  38. quake

    she doesn’t need a gum transplant she needs a lip-lowering

  39. Huh?

    What has Jamie Foxx said that many of you haven’t said on a comment thread regarding LiLo, the Spears girls, and every other untalented teen whore out there?

    Miley Cyrus is a no talent ugly loser. I hate that she has billions because of the legions of stupid morons who let their moron children watch that garbage show and buy the made-in-China shit with her ugly moon-face mug all over it. I am sure that it is only a matter of time before she is spreading her butt cheeks for a tool like Wilmer Valderama (that started Lindsay’s slide into coke whoredom) and snorting the cocainya to stay skinny.

    Jamie Foxx was correct when he said she needs a fucking gum transplant.

  40. Vavoom

    seriously… the same guy that did Ray? wow. what an idiot. i may not like this Miley Cyrus, but she’s a child. geez.

  41. ADAM


  42. Booyahh

    You cant say anything about Miley Cyrus if you dont know her!
    so dont judge from what you have heard or what you think,!
    your ment to be adults, ha! my 3 year old cousin is more mature!!!

  43. Drano

    Miley’s should learn to shut her damn piehole. Ugly young whores should be hid and not heard.

  44. kjk

    it gotta be a Neeger….yes Jamie Foxx is a NeeGer

  45. wtf

    come on… that was funny.

  46. DJ

    He’s an asshole. If she were my daughter, I would beat the crap out of him for saying that about a 16 y/o kid.

  47. fitzwilly

    Hey, Jaime Foxx! Guess what time it is!

    Time to throw yourself another burffday party!

    Because 8 burffday parties just ain’t enough.

    Oh, yeah!! It’s your burffday! It’s your burffday!

    You’re the BURFFDAY BOY. And I do mean BOY.

  48. I'm Obama and I approve...

    Geez…let a schwoogie into the White House, and all the rest start to get uppity.

    They think they can get away with that crap? In the good ol’ days, Foxx woulda gotten a beat-down for just LOOKING at a white girl.

    Nothing a few guys with firehoses can’t fix, though.


  49. Who is Jamie Foxx? Some clown if this little diatribe is anything to go by.

  50. Miley

    Ill be worth 1 billion by the time im 18. How about you guys?

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