Jamie Foxx tells Miley Cyrus to make a sex tape

April 14th, 2009 // 123 Comments

Jamie Foxx had words for Miley Cyrus on his Sirius show when a caller complained about her wanting to ruin Radiohead’s career because they wouldn’t talk to her at the Grammys. E! Online reports:

“Who is Miley Cyrus?” an incredulous Foxx, who has a teenage daughter of his own, said. “The one with all the gums? She gotta get a gum transplant…S–t.”
“She’s gonna ruin Radiohead’s career? The same Radiohead that gets paid a million dollars just to sample their songs?
“Make a sex tape and grow up,” he continued. “Get like Britney Spears and do some heroin. Do like Lindsay Lohan and start seeing a lesbian and get some crack in your pipe. Catch Chlamydia on a bicycle seat. That’s what I want.”

While I don’t know if it’s necessarily a smart career move to tell a 16-year-old Disney cash cow to make a sex tape, I do know one thing: I am done riding bicycles naked. Done. This is exactly what happens when you try to go green, folks. BAM! Venereal disease. Get the word out.


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  1. Frodo


  2. Hammy Saliva

    Jamie Foxx is such a tool. And soooo unfunny.

  3. mikeock

    You can count me as a person who doesn’t get Miley Cyrus or her career, but somebody should stick a pin in Jamie Foxx’s inflated ego. He got lucky with that Ray Charles biopic, and ever since then, we’ve had to look at his ugly cross-eyed mug at every awards show.

    Dude, you cannot sing. Stop trying to sing. You suck.

    Oh, and Miley – I’d watch that sex tape, because hey – who wouldn’t want to see her little shaved muffin?

  4. Outrageous! whats wrong with this guy? Base on the back shot of pic # 6 Id like to see that tape in 2 years….

  5. Fucking win :O

  6. Mich

    whoaa wtf is wrong with jamie foxx. what he said isn’t even funny.
    somebody’s got to deflate his ego. the only good thing he’s done is Ray. he can’t sing for shit, and he’s a dick. Nuff said.

  7. Rick

    Jamie Foxx has a huge ego (there seem to be LOTS of stories about that), but nothing he said was wrong.

  8. Tori

    Doesn’t he have a daughter close to her age? What an a-hole.

  9. signs of the apocalypse

    1. Superfish commenters defending current-day Mel Gibson.

    2. Superfish commenters defending Miley Cyrus.

    3. Superfish commenters successfully converting the site to a political blog for angry mentally challenged people.

  10. There go all of my bicycle-seat fantasies…

  11. kface

    Jamie Foxx just said what I’ve been thinking ever since I saw that bitch on Hannah Montana. Fuck Miley for dissing Radiohead. She’s sooooooooooooo beneath them.

  12. SecretGossipLover

    This is amazing! This is why I read the superficial. Miley Cyrus is a joke. She is a called “Disney’s cash cow” by the writer and that is the extend of what she is. The only bands I can think of arguably more notorious than Radiohead are Tool and Nine Inch Nails or even Dave Matthews Band. Thumbs up for not talking about Miley at the Grammys. What has she really done that was not done for her?

  13. Charlie Caligula

    Foxx has zero class. And his Charles impression was weak.

  14. Pilatunes

    Miley Cyrus makes me want to puke. Another manufactured starlet with modest, at best, talents.

    My main point however is that Lil Kim should make a sex tape…with me. Did you see her on Dancing with the Stars? If she jumped on me like she did her dance partner, my penis would explode.

  15. gurlina

    It’s the Cyrus’ who could use some ego deflation. Also, they’re really creepy!

  16. obamasmama

    Jamie Fox wid da big lips and nose ? Gid a nose transeggplant !

  17. vocabulary is hard.

    Dear SecretGossipLover:

    I’m no Miley fan either, but seriously, do you know what notorious means? Maybe you should spend some of your time reading the dictionary, because I have a hunch it’s not what you think.

  18. Pastafarian

    People still care what Jamie Foxx says?

  19. JF For Prez

    Right on, JF!

    That stupid whore cow has a face as round as the moon. Her cheeks look like a godamn chipmunk on steroids.

    Throw in a nasally whiney voice, an attitude and a faggot boyfriend, and wow, what a package!

    Gimme a break. What a trailer park queen.

  20. Bob Vila

    To echo many other comments: Jamie Foxx is a douchebag.

  21. Unlucky

    Jamie Foxx got “lucky” with the Ray Charles movie? How stupid does that sound?! Hitting the Pick 6 is getting lucky. The guy standing next to you getting struck by lighting is luck. Working hard for months to get into perfect character and making people get lost in the fantasy for 2 hours that you are someone else has nothing to do with “luck” it’s talent and hardwork!! You idiot!!! I guess all the awards he won was “luck” as well.


  22. I’m torn here, because I’d like to kick both of them right in the pussy.

  23. Anna

    While she’s at it, why doesn’t she pull a Rhiannon and let some guy beat the shit out of her then be sucking on his dick the next day. Kinda left his “sista” out of that whole mix. Reverse racism pisses me off so bad it makes my fucking hands shake.

    • randall

      Anyone who uses the term ?reverse” when talking about racism is an asshole.
      There is only racism itself asshole.
      Foxx can’t act, and is a narcissistic negro, picked by Hollywood jews to be house oscar negro, just like aipac dc jews picked obama to be dc puppet negro prez..
      jewish bankers run it all people. ALL.
      They hate Gibson because jews hate Jesus, and Mel made the Passion.
      Get a clue idiot pc white sheep.

  24. Dee

    What a fucking asshole. If someone said that shit about his daughter he’d be crying on Oprah about all the racists. HATE HIM.

  25. havoc

    Jamie Foxx used to be funny. Currently, not.

    I vote douchenozzle….


  26. Sweet

    Jamie Foxx likes Fishsticks

  27. tom wilson

    Foxx might be one of those comedians who needs a writer. Everything he said here is the kind of stuff that gets a laugh in grade school — easy, mean-spirited, childish crap. I would have thought he could do better than that. And that he didn’t have better material, he would have gone without the laugh.

    His friends must be embarrassed and ashamed. Unless his friends are as immature, mean-spirited and unwitty as Foxx was in delivering this bit.

  28. Ali Knievel

    Douchery all around for all parties involved. Thom Yorke and the guys are douches for being too cool to talk to a sixteen year old girl who probably genuinely wanted to hold a nice conversation. What are they, in high school?

    Miley is an idiot for thinking she could possible ruin their career. Like all the 11 year olds Disney robots aren’t going to one day shun her. Fast forward to those same fans in High School going through their deep phases wearing all black and listening to OK Computer.

    Jamie Foxx is a tool for inserting himself into this mess. I didn’t even know he was a radiohead fan.

    All celebrities are useless.

  29. mark

    Foxx has ZERO class.

  30. Venom

    Jamie Foxx, career suicide.
    Remeber Arsenio and the Jewish comments, well this is his waterloo.
    Miley, a 16 year old white girl who just made Disney gobs and gobs of money is not exactly who you should go attacking.
    He is toast.
    They are going to burn his uppity ass.
    Terrence Howard thought he could mouth off too and they replaced his ass in Iron Man super quick.
    That’s is why Will Smith shuts the f*ck up.

  31. Harry Doyle

    WOW. Say knappy headed hoe and lose your job. But a nigger can say all the despicable things he wants to about a white minor and nothing happens. I met Foxx before anyone knew who he was, he has lost it. What a loser.

  32. Tellin it like it is.

    The excerpt was funnier than the video.
    They sound like ignorant blacks.

  33. I just listen to the tape, its a bunch of people trying to goof on a 16 year old, its totally unapproprite, and not funny!

  34. Iambananas

    Jealous much? Poor Jamie, can’t make a movie, sing a song or wash windows, so he has to make fun of little Miley who made more money last year than he did his entire life. What ever happend to that movie where he plays the violin? Is that on HBO yet?

  35. Iambananas

    Jealous much? Poor Jamie, can’t make a movie, sing a song or wash windows, so he has to make fun of little Miley who made more money last year than he did his entire life. What ever happend to that movie where he plays the violin wih Ironman? Is that on HBO yet?

  36. me

    miley cyrus is a disney product… like a vinyl mickey mouth but more annoying

  37. phoring

    They are just jealouz!! I don’t like Miley, but this was just wrong. As for Radiohead, they are not above. Your career shouldn’t be destroyed just because you talked to someone. Especially a fan.

  38. He's Right

    Jamie Foxx is right….the no talent little whore needs to make a sex tape, with her daddy. Like she hasn’t been tasting daddy’s cock for years now.

  39. dan

    you know, i cant stand miley cyrus but jamie foxx is a fucking idiot and was obviously dropped on his head as a child. and @ rick and jf-your both fucking tools. fuck off before the cops catch ya.

  40. Evan Faine

    Owned by Jamie Foxx.

    Radiohead FTW!

  41. Pat C.

    Maybe Jamie just really likes sex tapes featuring minors; I’ll bet he has a big collection.

  42. testington

    i hate them both, but what he said is just sleazy..what kind of 40 year old talks about a 16 year old girl like that? what a pervy looser

  43. golly gee

    I agree, Miley is wonderful and Jamie is a mean perverted…you know…black guy. I look forward to the positive comments you’ll all right about Heidi and Spencer later today.

  44. dodo bird slapper

    Miley tips more in a year than that buffoon Foxx makes… He’s just anutha brutha tryin to be down wid dissin on a mega-successful girl. Miley could buy the rights to that shit band Radiohead’s music and burn it for fun. He’s not jealous, just stupid.

  45. smarg

    Foxx was an Affirmative-Action pick for the Oscars, like most of them the last 15 years or so.


  46. Jason

    The point is not that Radiohead dissed a 16 year old girl looking to meet them! The point is, who the f does Miley Cyrus think she is that she should get a one-on-one with Radiohead right before they are performing on the Grammy’s????

    And for Miley Cyrus to claim that she is going to “ruin Radiohead’s career” is laughable and further proof that she thinks her 16 year old doodie don’t stink.

    Gums Out.

  47. sam

    Radiohead is one of the greatest bands of all time. Miley Cyrus is a teenie bopper who will be ugly, fat and begging for gigs in less than two years tops. They shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence.

  48. Nero

    Does she like to play ‘hide the sausage’ ?

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