Jamie Foxx has too much money

foxx-too-rich.jpgYou know what’s a good sign that you might have too much time and money on your hands? Other then buying a pet giraffe to walk you from room to room in your mansion, it’s going to a bar and tipping $1000 in single bills just for the fun of it. Jamie Foxx was reportedly drinking champagne at Teddy’s in L.A. with some friends and, when the bill came, Jamie said, “Let me get the tip.” He then reached into his bag, pulled out some cash, and slowly counted out 1,000 $1 bills and dumped it all on the table. Apparently this isn’t the first time either, as Page Six also reports that two weeks ago in Las Vegas, a small riot broke out when he tossed a huge roll of $1 bills from a nightclub balcony.

If I was as rich as Jamie Foxx (and God willing I will be) I wouldn’t waste my time playing tricks on people with $1 bills. Instead I’d hire an army of trained monkeys and unleash them on the White House. It wouldn’t really accomplish anything, but seeing the President covered in monkey poo would be pretty damn funny.