Jamie-Lynn Sigler & Turtle fulfilled their contractual obligations

Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Jerry Ferrara’s lives are just like that show they’re on except this part doesn’t end with me punching my TV and cursing God for afflicting me with the uncanny ability to watch each week. Via Access Hollywood:

“They’re busy with their careers, and she in particular has a couple of movies out in 2010, and others in the works for 2011, so it’s just tough,” the source said.
On screen, the romance between the two fizzled out for similar reasons.
“It’s ironic, because in the recent season finale of ‘Entourage,’ Jamie tells Turtle that she has to go to New Zealand to shoot a movie, and it causes problems, so it’s ironic but that’s what their lives are like,” the source, who is close to the couple, told the mag.

Holy shit! It’s conveniently like that show about four white kids living like rappers who you think are exactly like you and “your boys” from Podunkville, WhoGivesAFuck. No way!

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