Jamie Foxx Saved A Drunk Driver From A Fiery Car Wreck

If you haven’t heard by now, on Monday night 32-year-old Brett Kyle drunkenly hit a ditch and flipped his car into Jamie Foxx’s yard who quickly ran outside and pulled the kid out before the car burst into flames. Which is particularly incredible to me because I spend 99.9% of my time behind the wheel hoping to witness the death of anyone driving like an asshole, so I Nelson Muntz them right in the face because I’m a good person. Although, apparently not as good as Jamie Foxx who didn’t react to a drunk driver careening into his yard with, “Well, that motherfucker’s gonna die,” but instead saved him and invited his dad over the next day for hugs. Can I pretend he whispered, “Teach your cracka ass son how to drive,” into his ear? Because I’m pretending he whispered “Teach your cracka ass son how to drive,” into his ear.

“My arms wrapped around you? Dude, I was trying to kill that guy. For driving drunk. Me-dammit…” – God

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Photo: Getty

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