So Jamie Casino’s Super Bowl Ad Is About Political Bullying? Okay…

“Did Jesus give you a sledgehammer? Then you’ll never beat cancer. SHRED A DIDDLE-LIDDLE-DOO!

Last year, Savannah, Ga. attorney Jamie Casino’s Super Bowl commercial was a viral sensation thanks to it finally answering the age-old question of what it would look like if Ghost Rider went to law school. (Awesome. It would look fucking awesome.) This year, Jamie promised to deliver “The Most Epic Anti-Bullying Commercial… EVER” which turned out to be about political bullying and something about cancer which is also a bully? It’s, uh, it’s not good. However, it does tell a tale about a young boy who was picked on for drawing angels on the bus only to one day grow up and become a lawyer who wields a mythical sledgehammer from God forged by a dark-winged angel blacksmith who turned out to not be Alice Cooper like I thought. So if that does anything for you, here’s the unfortunately less metal Casino’s Law 2015, and I’m kind of pissed I gave this a whole post. Goddammit.

Photo: YouTube