James Ransone kicks rapist ass

April 5th, 2006 // 118 Comments

james-ransone-stop-rapist.jpgJames Ransone stopped a rapist Monday night when he heard muffled cries for help and quickly rushed out of his apartment to find a man assaulting his neighbor with his penis hanging out. Dressed in pajamas and armed with a metal bar, James scared the guy off, eventually chasing him down and beating him a few times.

“There was something in her voice,” he relates. So he grabbed a broomstick which he later dropped for a metal bar, called 911 and ran downstairs “in my pajama bottoms – no shoes, no socks and no shirt,” Ransone says.

He got to the vestibule in the nick of time. “There was this Hispanic guy in a blue sweatshirt choking my neighbor and pulling his [sex organ] out,” he told Page Six’s Lisa Marsh. “I pictured my mom, my girlfriend and every girl I’ve ever loved and thought, ‘Vengeance is mine.’ ”

“I looked north and south and saw him running,” Ransone recalls. As he ran after the attacker, he passed a friend walking his dog and called for him to join in the chase. “I screamed, ‘Follow me! This girl almost got raped!’ ”

Ransone caught up with the assailant as he entered a building on Allen Street. He broke a glass door to get at the perp and then cracked him on the back with the metal bar.

“I said, ‘You rapist piece of [bleep]‘ and heard a crack when I hit his shoulder blade,” Ransone says. “He mimed taking out a gun and said, ‘Do you want to go to jail?’ – and made a bee-line for the door.

“I cried, ‘I’m not done with you yet’ and kept swinging,” Ransone says. Then the cops arrived and the attacker disappeared into the building. An arrest is expected soon.

It’s stories like this that remind me not all celebrities live in their own fantasy world. For every Britney Spears and Sharon Stone, there’s a James Ransone who chases down criminals and excessively beats them with metal bars.



  1. Pez_D_Spencer

    Go Ziggy! Bet he gives Wee-bay a beat down in the joint, too.

    Osh-kosh: Vault is in L.A., too. Only tried it one, but it seems to me just like Mountain Dew, no?

  2. Pez_D_Spencer

    98 – if he’s charged, it probably won’t be with assault, it would most likely be with battery. He hit the guy, not threatened to hit him. A really vindictive DA could go for ADW/attempted murder, but good luck selling anything more than jaywalking to a jury when the guy stopped a rape.

  3. seaglass

    Who the hell is James Ransone?

  4. ivri

    “Vengeance is mine!” <–hey, that’s what i like to say when i make mashed potatoes of the rapist who jumps my neighbor at night. always.

  5. ivri

    “Vengeance is mine!” <–hey, that’s what i like to say when i make mashed potatoes of the rapist who jumps my neighbor at night. always.

  6. fame is funny

    that is ‘ziggy’ from the second season of one of the best dramas on television, the wire. check it out. also, its highly commendable that an actor does something besides run off at the mouth without actually doing anything, or flashing their vagina at every camera within a two continent radius.

  7. Danni

    Who is James Ransone?? who cares, I am glad he beat the crap out of that piece of shit rapist, pity he didn’t kill the bastard and make the world a happier place

  8. christee

    i have never heard of vault (maybe b/c i’m currently broke, and all our soda purchases are of 2 ltrs for .50, but i digress). viva la dew de mountanas! oh wait, i’m not hispanic…
    btw, selma blair’s -A boobs were augmented by serious special effects prosthetics for the film. and any movie about johnny knoxville being the master of oral sex is mediocre in my book. which is not a very big book. viva los libros! viva los [sex organs]!

  9. Chris'sMom

    Osh-Kosh…We have VAULT in California too. Maybe we are test subjects as well. I personally haven’t tried the stuff as I ahte the way Mountain Dew has that too sweet taste and too thick to be called soda jive to me. More like a syrup the somehow got put into the coldbox a the store. And considering how much caffiene MD already has, VAULT is going to be like doing straight shots of caffiene. In ten years we are going to see on television how VAULT became massively addictive and then parents will want to call it the new gateway drug. Just a thought.

  10. Save a seal, club a rapist!

  11. I wonder if he wore his Batman pajamas or the Spiderman pajamas. Hmmmmm…

  12. Twiggaterp

    I really want him to come back to The Wire now.

    Nice pull on Wee-Bay, Pez!

    I want to be a vigilante now. I think it would be fun. Especially beating up hookers…because, well, everyone else gets to do it.

  13. Bad Ass

    Don’t stop beating the prick until he’s dead, the only good rapist is a dead one.

  14. Pikachelsea

    Whoever he is, he’s my hero!

  15. cranky

    i have no idea who he is, but i like him already.

  16. SweeterSweeterBoyfriendStealer!

    good for him, i was attacked once and NO ONE came to my rescue….what a guy :)

  17. SweeterSweeterBoyfriendStealer!

    #13—amen to THAT…so so true
    #35, you said it all, theres nothing amusing about a woman being violated. james ramone def deserves an award, im sorry, i was attacked a few years ago, and guess fuckin what?? i was in a crowded room, and NO ONE came to help me.AND GUESS WHAT? IM SMALL, i couldnt defend myself if i had a freaking samori sword!!! and when i screamed out the window, call the cops!!!, everyone just ran out of the house ( except the fucktard who was trying to choke me) like a bunch of fuckin pussies. sorry, but im a little worked up, THAT, my friends, is where you realize whos really your friend or just a fucking jerk.<—–ha ha he went to prison!!!( the moron who attacked me, not the people i figured werent my real friends)
    ok, im done, im sorry to rant guys and babes…
    ok– he deserves an award–nuff said :)
    luv all of you!! <3

  18. Amy3000

    Mad Props to this guy!

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