James Lipton recites Kevin Federline’s PopoZao

January 27th, 2006 // 43 Comments

A couple of weeks ago Conan O’Brien had James Lipton on to recite the lyrics to Kevin Federline’s “PopoZao.” I know a lot of you don’t stay up until 12:35 to catch Conan, but this is one of those gems that just can’t be missed. It’s not until you hear James Lipton reciting the lyrics that you really appreciate the genius that is Kevin Federline. William Shakespeare might as well have written dog shit.

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  1. amma

    …Next to William Shatner, I can’t think of a better candidate then James Lipton to bring new meaning to the KFed’s genius…
    Does KFed, or Britney, have any…ANY idea at all of the joke of it all?
    If so, I hope she forbids him from ever, ever entering a recording studio ever again.
    PS> Where was the air ass slapping?
    Too funny!

  2. lotus07

    OK…after seeing that, I have totally changed my mind…..K-Fed is a frickin genius!!!!

  3. Lynette Carrington

    James Lipton’s version will DEFINTITELY sell more copies. Now all he has to do is knock up Jessica Simpson, crash on her couch and eat all of her pork rinds and wait…..James Lipton would still be 1000 times classier than K-Fed!!

  4. QuiteFrog

    Am I the only one who felt like they had been transported into one of those Cool Cat, beatnik coffee house..minus the bongos…James Lipton is so very cool :)

  5. RobotAttack

    This made my entire day….no, my entire WEEIK!

  6. melina

    that. was. pure. comedy. entertainment.

    i did not see this ep. of conan…this was awesome…


  7. teffi

    Wow. J-Lip does it WAY better than K-Fed. I bet he really loves booty, too.

  8. jka

    Oh man, that made my day. I used to hate James Lipton, but I stopped when Will Farrell was a guest on his show, and Lipton was such a sport about Will’s Lipton impression. And now this! I LOVE Lipton. It’s righteous that Lipton now has about a billion times more street cred than Federdonkey could ever hope for.

  9. brewdick

    Down with K-Fed! Long live J-Lip!

  10. little_miss_perfect

    Single greatest clip EVER!

  11. Just hearing James Lipton say “pooty” has made my week.

  12. Sweet_cheeks

    God, this is sooo old.
    i saw this sh!t on Conan weeks ago. it was funny as hell.

  13. HollyJ

    Funny video! LOL@9! J-Lip!

  14. andrewthezeppo

    where is the clip? I don’t even see a link to it

  15. Precisely

    This clip is from last Friday. It’s not that old.

  16. Dogtown

    Conan comes on at 12:37

  17. Precisely

    I forgot to add that it was funny!

  18. weathermantouk

    Didn’t Steve Allen patent this schtick with his recital of a Donna Summer song on “Solid Gold” like, twenty-five years ago? Oh wait, most of you are too young to get that reference. Never mind.

  19. hafaball

    Bill Maher did it a lot funnier in his stand up comedy when he put some rap lyrics in english, pretty much for white people to understand. I just know people are gonna like the song, because people are craaaaazzzyyyy.

  20. hermanita

    #20, that’s a pretty good article. ^_^

    But still, this was so very funny, and yes it was better then the real song. Thanks for posting it!!

  21. londonlady

    Leaves you wanting more–sign of good entertainmen]t.

  22. convictchick

    i mentioned this agggesss ago. come superficial man, keep up!

    conan is god.

  23. KFed has produced a single worse than Vanilla Ice’s “Ice,ice baby.” I didn’t think that was possible. The video will be on BETs heavy rotation list for sure.

  24. GreenBudsGreenTea

    If PoPoZoa becomes a hit I am moving to Canada

  25. Kitchy

    James Lipton is by far one of the classiest people in the industry. This was freaking hilarious. I won’t even ass a sarcastic remark…ok one…K-Fed is a bottom-feeder and should be fed to rabid penguins.

  26. Kitchy

    oops. hee hee hee…I meant ADD not ass. That was funny in itself.

  27. BrianMolko

    Erm Kitchy that isn’t sarcasm…

  28. Layne

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  29. James Lipton handled himself real well on the Ali G show, and here, he gives a great reading of an infantile song. Let’s have some more from K-Fed!

  30. CheekyChops

    I’m with #26 on that one. I think he has about as much chance of that becoming a hit as Paris Hilton getting an Oscar.

  31. BibaBui

    In Brazi, the world “popozao” is a slang for “big ass”. No joking here.

    Type “popoz

  32. Larry

    “William Shakespeare might as well have written dog shit.”

    You mean, he didn’t?

  33. Larry

    Here’s the good news: You can hate Lipton and still love this.

    It’s funny precisely because Lipton is just as pompous and pretentious as Federline is trashy and untalented.

  34. little_miss_perfect

    “in Mandarin Chinese,

  35. The funny thing is that Mr. Lipton seems to know the lyrics better than K-fed himself.

  36. LickyLicky

    I think if Lipton asks K-fad what his favorite curse word is, he’ll say ‘work’.

  37. BibaBui

    In Brazil the slang Pop

  38. DEVO

    James Lipton, Sycophant to the Stars, inherits the mantle of Steve Allen, TV pioneer and genuinely funny human, who graced the airwaves (courtesy of the first crude communications infrastructure erected for Dione Warwick’s psychic network) on “Solid Gold,” where he recited the lyrics of popular numbers of the day. Have ascot, will travel.

    The human condition will reach its apex only when Stephen Hawking recites the lyrics of “Oops … I did it again” or the seldom-heard but always germane smash hit by Rupert Holmes. (Of course, it would have to be the version Mr. Holmes performed on “Livewire,” the Nickelodeon show that was hosted by Fred Newman, a vaguely albino voice actor.)

    Ozone layer starts to disappear
    A change is gonna cum
    Space man makes it with an alien girl
    A change is gonna cum
    Scientists prove we were never here!
    A change is gonna cum!

  39. WTF

    Devo. What The Fuck

  40. who’s that? the lipton ice tea guy? http://hollywoodsnark.com

  41. ha ha ha ha hah ha ha hah hahahah hah haha

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