James Gandolfini loves his fans – with fists

January 30th, 2008 // 46 Comments

James Gandolfini decided to rough up a fan he encountered at JFK airport yesterday. The guy claimed to be a huge fan of Tony Soprano and kept pushing for an autograph, according to the Daily Mail:

The affection was clearly not mutual, with an irritated Gandolfini grabbing the man by his collar and punching him, claiming he came to close to his girlfriend Deborah Lin.
The fan said: “I’m just trying to find out how to be a Soprano.” Gandolfini responded: “Well, that’s how you do it.”

Tony Soprano quickly had a change of heart (i.e. didn’t want to get sued) and posed for a photo with his victim/superfan. Wait a minute. Jordan Bratman?

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

  1. Jeff

    Looks like Tony needs to lay off the cannolis.

  2. ouch

    wow fat guys shouldn’t wear those hats

  3. Ll

    Top ten… new record for me. Go Tony

  4. BaldAsBritney

    I think I know where Jimmy Hoffa is.

    Tony ate his ass.

  5. Necie B

    That’s that Gypsy cab driver that’s always hounding celebs outside the airport. He deserved it.

  6. nipolian

    Way to go James………If that retard came near my girlfriend I would fuck him up too.

  7. AJLAJ

    You can se the video on TMZ. I am an anticelebrity through ansd through but it was kindsa funny cause I’m also antidouchebag.


    Oh Gandolf did somebody wake up on the wrong side of the hobbit they fudge packed last night. Cranky, cranky.

  8. Ali H

    Since when did Ali G become an autograph hound?

  9. PunkA

    Galdofini is one fat dude. I think he swallowed Tony Soprano, and that is why they had to end the show.

  10. The Office whore

    you KNOW that guys says “that’s wack” on a daily basis..

  11. JLH

    He said he’s still a size 2, and you know what? I believe him.

  12. nipolian

    This little fucks name is Jason Ertischek and he has a history of provoking celebs to get attention. Fuck him – he got what he deserved. After this incident he claims he was in the ER for 5 hours. What a total fuckhead.

  13. What’s the deal with the boring standard-issue slanteye? A girlfriend like that should be in a white box with little metal handles. Makes no sense for Tony…uh, James. He fucks her and 10 minutes later he’s horny again.

  14. i’d punch his lights out too.

  15. AJLAJ

    #10. LOL

    … and he constantly refers to his” bitch “all the time but, everyone knows it’s just his fat cow Mom who smokes through her trach hole and sits on her ass watching soaps and yelling prices at Bob Braker (who is now Drew Carey but, she has notcied that yet).

  16. deaconjones

    Isnt that the same dumb fuck who Hogan put in a headlock a couple weeks ago during an American Gladiators promotion?

  17. Auntie Kryst

    Not for nuthin’ but that little merda was bustin’ T’s balls. He gots what was coming to him.

  18. Tony S.

    Whatever happened to Gary Cooper, the strong, silent type? That was an American. He wasn’t in touch with his feelings. He just did what he had to do. See, what they didn’t know is that once they got Gary Cooper in touch with his feelings, they couldn’t get him to shut up. It’s dysfunction this, dysfunction that. And by the way: I’m fucking FAT! I’m a fat fucking slob. It’s the truth, I don’t hide from it. So shove your “weight issues” up your ass, you fucking whiny pieces of shit!

  19. stardust

    loves his fans with his fist lol

  20. p0nk

    so who’s the blonde? the kid’s mom?

  21. D. Richards (Grip.)

    James Gandolfini is who, again?

    Oh! Tony Soprano, from Sopranos fame. Never watched that show; Don’t care too; and never will. All those actors from that show are lame.

    Everytime you see them being interviewed they’re acting like they’re actually wiseguy pricks. And the Sopranos actor that plays in The E Street Band: fucking gay, no doubt. The whole band – Springsteen included – but, that guy, a total flamer.


    It turns out Tony’s a Big Pussy…


  23. theShizaan

    I’d punch the dude just for wearing that gay hat.

  24. Doomhammer

    Get a load of that geeky Mafia wannabe worthless peice of shit. That wigger kid looks like he needs his head caved in to boot.

  25. D. Richards (Senator.)

    Yeah, #12. I’ve seen this homosexual before. And no I don’t mean in one of JFK’s men’s rooms; I’ve seen him somewhere else.

  26. AJLAJ

    #11. You are Fucking brilliant. LOL, LOL, LOL.

  27. same guy

    isn’t this the same guy in this photo with paris? maybe he’s not that big of a fan really…


  28. nambi

    Woke up this morning
    Got myself a pot roast

  29. sameshitdifferentyear

    Shouldn’t this fucking loser be stalking the writers and casting directors?

    They are the ones who truly created The Sopranos.

    What this zero and so many others are doing, is the equivalent of walking past a ventriloquist and going up to their wooden dummy, and asking the piece of wood how it comes up with such funny jokes.

    Tony complains about getting only $20 million a season.
    Writers have to go on strike to get an extra 4 cents.

    Fucking retarded planet.

  30. gotmilk?

    who would want an autograph or a picture with this dude after getting punched? oh, a retard you say? well that makes more sense.

    why does Gandolfini dress like a morbidly obese Mr. Magoo?

  31. LL

    #11 was good; I laughed, I cried…

    RE the dude in the picture (the one that doesn’t look like a planet); he looks like the picture under the definition of “douchebag” on Wikipedia. Seriously, I wanna punch him right now. In the crotch. With a big sledgehammer.

    RE autographs: I’ve never understood why having someone’s name on a piece of paper is exciting to anyone, unless it’s a signature on a large check made out to CASH. That’s the only way I’d get all verklempt over Gandolfini’s autograph. I’d like some of that sweet HBO money. Otherwise, I like my face unpunched, thank you.

  32. havoc

    “I just want to know how to be a Soprano”

    Get a fucking life…….


  33. stompy

    Here is the video.

    It looks like James just pushed his face and told him to fuck off.
    I did not see a punch. I, however, would have snapped that annyoing little rat-faced c*ck*uck*r’s neck. Paparazzi are THE SCUM of the Earth.

  34. Mr Justice

    I would fine Gandolfini $1500 for failing to apply a necessary and deserved beating. Only a world class actor could pretend to tolerate that db.

  35. life is a shithole

    Agreed #29.

    Unfortunately some of the writers are also actors and are paid way to much. But the world is an unfair shithole.

  36. AJLAJ

    The one thing I hate more than celebrities are the idiots who worship them.

  37. Dani Tosado

    Jason deserves to get yoked up. he’s such an ass and is always provoking tha celebs. Madd desperate. Will do anything for money. You’ll probably see him wandering the city as everyone always does.

  38. Peanut

    I just saw the same guy in a picture with Paris Hilton and another one with Rumur Willis and he is harassing them both!

  39. FRT

    Fucking wierdo is just lucky he didn’t run into Paulie Walnuts!

    Paulie would have capped the loser!

  40. Could be one of those guys that provokes them on purpose for this very response.

    Flabberfini made him an offer he couldn’t refuse “One pikcha, and I don’ cut of ya balls and put ‘em in my mamas pasta”.

    JLH @11 – He should put on a bikini and stay strong.

    @29 I think he should fall down praising the heavens that anyone would look twice at his blubbery shit, let alone give him money to look at him.

  41. pyro

    James Gandolfini should have been arrested. his size alone would make it impossible for that little guy to get near his girlfriend. If you or me made a scene in an airport (these days) like that we would have missed our flight and probably be strip searched. Just because you play a criminal on TV doesn’t give you the right to be one in public. the law is for everyone.

  42. The Beer Baron

    I’d punch that douche for wearing those lame shades at night. Did Gandolfini fly home his own mail order bride? I thought they UPS delivered them.

  43. jason

    try the site SugarMommaMatch.c….. more exciting than this. i am sure you will love it.

  44. Janine

    Wow, he was cast well in the Sopranos. Anger issues much????

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