James Franco might be a heroin addict

May 3rd, 2010 // 81 Comments

James Franco showed up for the premiere of Saturday Night at the Tribeca Film Festival yesterday sporting what looks like visible track marks. Granted, they might not be, but at the same time he was in Spider-man 3, so it’s basically a miracle he’s not walking around with IV drips full of heroin in each arm. I don’t know how else you’d reconcile that shit.

EDIT: Starting to realize I could’ve just lead with the fifth pic and not even said a word. Ah, well.

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  1. Eric

    Marks on his arm; has to be heroin!!

  2. Harold^Sick

    Those are heroin mark tattoos… obviously! Ah, Hollywood.

  3. meg

    He’s been doing the jammy shuffle.

  4. mrf

    Fish has apparently never seen track marks.

  5. Dyliep

    This explains that story he wrote for Esquire.


  6. Taz

    looks more like burns

  7. Willie Dixion

    Looks like someone grabbed his arm…the horizontal lines. As for the red dot on vein…blood test, insulin, vaccine, dentist trip, small elective surgery. Trust me, heroin addicts don’t have arms *that* clean…or have careers.

  8. a cohen

    Who’s the dark haired chick?

  9. That might be one of the funniest things you have ever written. The comment about I could have just lead with the fifth pic and not said anything. And the picture is just great.

  10. SO RIGHT

    If so, shame. He’s certainly one of the hottest actors out there.

  11. Nick

    Jenny Slate from SNL is the dark haired chick.

  12. holy crap, that 5th pic looks like Keith Richards in the making. Wtf is up with his skin color? Liver failure meets expired self tanner?

  13. Joanna

    I agree with Dyliep. What a piece of crap writing.

  14. Syd

    Those marks are bruises from the filming of 127hrs about the hiker that got trapped under a rock & sawed his own arm off. Franco’s been filming it in Utah the last 2 months.

  15. ashley brooke

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo james franco no

    too bad those don’t even really look like track marks

  16. Rach

    those are more like burns. if they were track marks , they would be on his vein! there is only one mark on his vein, and with his vein being the size it is, it’s not an easy miss!

    how would i know? i’m a phlebotomist (i draw blood for a living) that works with many former iv drug users

  17. JR

    Now I don’t know if those qualify as track marks, but whatever he’s doing, he’s partying way too hard.

    Damn, first Kirsten Dunst, now Franco. See what horror you’ve wrought, Spider-man 3! The horror!

  18. Tek

    Other than in the Spiderman flicks this guy has always looked like a bum to me. I don’t know about the heroine talk. You could be on to something (for once,) but what if he’s a cutter? Regardless, that 5th pic is classic… god damn this guy looks rough.

  19. Tara

    He must be so high he forgot and left his sleeves rolled up. So sad though. His color is really yellow and he doesn’t look good at all.. ; (

  20. Erin

    he probably just donated blood…..right?

  21. Elizabeth

    Or maybe he’s a cutter… he might have angsty emo self esteem issues

  22. Ashley

    track marks are usually purple and the skin is raised or scared so I doubt it although almost everyone in hollywood is on dope of somekind so it wouldnt be a big shocker!!

  23. Sara

    Not thinking that is what it is. I have seen track marks and these don’t fly. Besides heroin isn’t the only thing ppl are shooting up these days…Prescription pills, cocaine, meth, you name it…

  24. I’m not sure if they’re track marks, but he really does look like a hot mess.
    His under-shirt has holes in it? Not a good sign.

  25. Why does this make me so sad? I’m pouting at the screen. But more importantly, why am I such a vag?

  26. Why does this make me so sad? I’m pouting at the screen. But more importantly, why am I such a vag?

  27. Mike

    He wouldn’t shoot up through his arm. It’d be up his legs.

  28. de

    him and lohan should date….they both look like their pushing 30 years older than what age they are.

  29. god

    I don’t mind the guy but wow, age and ugliness really creeped up on this guy out of nowhere.

  30. caro

    maybe does he give his blood?

  31. lol

    No wonder he’s been looking really pale and gross. That also explains his trip on GENERAL HOSPITAL. No real actor in their right mind would do that crappy show

  32. Bart Maverick

    I think you’re mistaking heroin for Internet addiction, because I look like that all the time, and I never leave the Internet.

  33. justifiable

    They MUST be track marks – because everyone knows all your veins run in horizontal rings up and down your arms, right?

    Who the righteous fuck is running this site now, Jessica Simpson or Pauly Shore?

  34. name withheld's step son

    Robert De Niro, doing Robert De Niro…

  35. Not track marks. I agree with the above poster that they are, or at least look like, burns. Junkies do not have veins that nice, not for long anyway. Also, there are better, way less noticeable spots to hit.

  36. Tek

    @29 Once upon a time Lindsay was deperately trying to go groupie on him but he ignored her. Type both of their names on Google and check it out.

  37. A**head

    Sure those are track marks! If track marks look like horizontal finger-shaped bruises that look like someone grabbed your arm real hard, that is. And don’t include any puncture marks or anything.


  38. If he was a drug addict, he will not show up his arms dude ! xD

  39. Dana

    The fifth picture really makes him look older and like he is using. Really hard to tell about those markings – they look healed.

  40. lili

    Burn marks. I have the same markings on my arms from pulling hot pans out of the oven from baking. I wonder if he got his burns from baking cookies, like me? :)

  41. Erica

    He just looks like he needs a shower, a good night’s sleep, and a haircut/shave.

  42. Dread not

    Has he been hangin’ out with Tito Ortiz?

  43. ...

    actually.. you know i called that once just watching his actions. he give a lot of tell tale signs of being under the horse. i noticed especially in his 30 rock appearance. the way he talks and his actions. without seeing any marks or hearing anything i thought he was. and i myself am recovering from opiate and h. track marks can very much look like that the drug its self doesnt do anything to your arm it’s how delicate and precise you are with the point. so those terrible marks you see on google are like worse case scenarios. it only looks bad when people are rough and go in the same place every time. otherwise it will just look like a thorn prick and then a dark spot.. just like what you see there.

    i vote he is.

  44. Sharkey

    Those look nothing like track marks, they look like someone grabbed his arm and dragged him.

    Out of the gutter, or perhaps rescuing him from doing any more shitty movies.

  45. Greenie

    Your an idiot. He’s in Moab, Utah this week filming a movie called ’127 hours”. He’s been doing stunts that require his arm to be stuck behind a rock. I’ve seen the guy twice this week, he’s not shooting heroin.


  46. ...

    the lines dont.. but the dot right on the vein most certainly does..
    track marks arent always big long ugly dark tracks.. it just depends on how good the person is.. the drug doesn cause the marks only people using dirty dull needles.. track marks can simply be small red dots or circular bruises.

  47. Jen in NY

    I have marks exactly like those on my arms, too–I burned my arms getting dinner out of the oven. Those freaking marks take forever to go away. I still have one from Thanksgiving. Not sure if James is the cooking type, but maybe he was helping out his mom?

  48. Lauren

    He looks kind of sickly.

  49. Jas


    I am also a trained lab technician and have done many, many phlebotomies (blood collection)… I agree that these are not needle tracks.

    While everyone skin’s is different, I have collected blood from MANY MANY drug addicts (I would be a float and go to different labs and one location was in our druggy/welfare area) and needle tracks don’t look like that.

    Besides, you’re absolutely right his vein is healthy and fat. Actually, it’s a great vein!

    One time, a druggy at our lab had shot all his veins, that he took blood out of HIS NECK!!! TRUE STORY! They have to sign a waiver for us to observe. He’ll stick a butterly needle (with the tube) into his neck and then we lock in the viles for him.

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