James Franco basically outs Sean Penn

December 1st, 2008 // 33 Comments

James Franco stars with Sean Penn in the biopic Milk about gay activist Harvey Milk. In the film, James was supposed to just share a kiss with Sean. But, as a guy who wants to get deep, real deep, into a character, Sean Penn expanded the scene just a tad, according to Page Six:

“In the original script I read, there was only one real kissing scene,” Franco tells next month’s Elle. “A month after [director] Gus [Van Sant] asked me to do it, they sent me another script, and on Page 5 there was a full-on love scene. And I was like, ‘Gus, what the heck?’ He says, ‘Well, it was Sean’s idea.’ “

Seriously, folks, in this post-Brokeback Mountain Hollywood, when will actors learn that playing gay men no longer entails simply snapping your fingers and saying “Oh, no, he di’int” at the end of every scene. These days, I don’t care if it’s an extra special episode of Sesame Street, chances are the script calls for butt sex. Which explains Elmo’s new handlebar mustache.

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  1. HesaDouche


    Oh and First…

  2. eggs

    Really, are any of these scenes necessary? What purpose does sex scenes really serve other than to titillate?

  3. Phoebe Cates

    why is Sean Penn even famous? He hasn’t done anything even remotely entertaining since Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

  4. Napoleon

    Oh My Lordcious.. I like James Franco, but him making out with Sean Penn?

    Bring it ON..!!

  5. Mick

    This isn’t even the whole quote. The last part of what he says is that he wants to do a love scene because people watching the movie will keep waiting for it to happen. So, if they just do it and get it over with early on.

  6. Avi

    Sean Penn has delivered awesome performances in Carlito’s Way, Mystic River, and even I am Sam. Where the fuck have you been Phoebe??!! I think Milk is set to be a top notch film especially with Gus Van Sant at the helm. I cant wait!

  7. Yeah Carlito’s way is one of Rough’s personal favs!

  8. Barak Obama

    Of course Sean Penn is a homo. All Hollywood hypocrits are closet fudge packers.

    The only good Penn movie was Fast Times. Everything else sucked, just like him.

    A movie about a radical homo (Harvey Milk) will go strait to DVD. But you can bet the CA public school system will make a holiday for him. Just so 1st graders can learn how great it is to let another man fuck you in the ass. Just like Hollywood loves to with their crappy movies.

    Hey Sean, go back to New Orleans and try to save those poor people from the huricane and then complain there is no fresh water for you to shower in. You are such a retard.

  9. Sean Penn

    Open wide, here’s your milk…

  10. somebody needs to reboot the Republican Party

    Yes, let’s be outraged. Opposing gay marriage will once again carry us to victory in the Presidential and congressional elections!

  11. Joe the Dumber

    Big deal. Me and all the guys who watch Faux News and talk loudly about dalibrulmedia and dacommielibruls and then don’t pay taxes, we’ve all gotten drunk plenty of times and played with each other on the couch after the football game was over. It’s normal pro-America guy stuff.

  12. lambman

    James Franco rocks, so talented, and hilarious in pineapple express

    #8, you’re an idiot Milk is in the box office top 10 right now, how is that straight to dvd?

  13. grobpilot

    I only have 6 hours and 10 minutes of work-time to waste today. That’s not enough time to write all the things I have to say about a waste of space like Penn. So I will simply say: if he went missing today, would we really give a shit about him two weeks from now? Will anyone (except all the SF homos) give a shit about this film past its opening weekend?

  14. Slaappy

    Sean confirmed he was gay when he did Entourage

  15. ___

    Pillow biter…

  16. Fuck McFuck

    Those eyes say drug abuse.

  17. Stoner Bud

    According to sources, Sean Penn actually went to work in a gay brothel for 2 years so he could research this role. He spent countless hours getting pounded up the ass and swallowing man loads so he could play the character as true to form as possible. Sean says this was the best way a method actor could get into the role.

    However, Sean Penn has gone to work in a gay brothel for 2 years prior to every film he’s ever made, which doesn’t quite support his method acting claims….

  18. Skunk

    The first rule in Hollywood is never go full retard.
    The second rule is never go full gay.
    This will (again) not get Sean Penn his Oscar.

  19. Larry Craig

    Secretive homosexuality is grounds for execution.

  20. mai-tai

    James Franco is so damn sexy. What I wouldn’t give…

  21. kate

    it’s a well known fact in hollywood that james franco is gay

  22. saywha?

    ew thats fucking gross. james franco, you’re too hot to act gay on tv!! but yeah, seriously, why the sex scene?

  23. bridget

    JAMES FRANCO IS EFFING HOT and smart and sexy and mmm

  24. Woo

    cant blame sean penn for wanting to do james franco. id take the opportunity in a heartbeat

  25. Joejam2845

    I guess Faggot movies are here to stay sad to say! It’s Too bad Aids doesn’t become the epidemic it was in the 80′s! Might get rid of about a Million of them!!!

  26. Jeff Spicoli

    Hey, bud! Let’s party!

  27. Stiles

    No wonder Sean Penn is always wincing.

  28. Dane

    First full retard now full gay. Doesn’t this idiot know better by now?

  29. He is an exceptionally good looking man.

  30. be sure: FAGGOTS ARE EVERYWHERE, folks!!

  31. leaveelmooutofit

    James Franco is the most beautiful man alive. Oh and he also gave that same interview on Letterman.. or Kimmel… one of those like a month ago. I love him.

  32. omg james franco is so hot! i want him to stick with straight sex scenes!!

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