James Blunt has magic powers

June 8th, 2006 // 331 Comments





  1. jane's eyre


  2. jane's eyre


    “YET” is the functioning word there!!

  3. Pepe Roni

    299 – I watched when they aired, but didn’t see him around town. The shows were funny, but I thought they were a little over the top with all of the Chicago stuff. Mr.T is probably the most underrated actor of our generation. I love when he’s on Conan.

  4. TOPAZ21

    90 more minutes and i’m out of this hell hole.

  5. SagaciousSteph

    T’s so funny when he does In The Year 2000, he always has a hard time not laughing. What a good sport he is.

  6. Pepe Roni

    Mr.T is doing commercials for our local black hole of a cable company. Funny ads, but man do I hate that company.

  7. jane's eyre

    Pepe, do you get those Cash Call commercials out there, with Gary Coleman?

  8. Pepe Roni

    307 – I wish! What’s that little buggar up to?

  9. Pepe Roni

    On that note, is Willis keeping himself out of jail?

  10. jane's eyre

    It’s really sad. It’s one of those loan shark commercials, and he talks about how he needed some extra cash, so he called cash call, and the rest is motion picture history. Poor little guy.

  11. Pepe Roni

    Reminds me of MC Hammer doing ads for a law firm specializing in bankruptcy (sp?). Or maybe it was a credit counseling firm. Too little, too late. The sad part was he was all dressed up and would appear as a 12 inch version of himself.

  12. jane's eyre

    That’s just sad when formerly big stars are reduced to doing corny commercials for local businesses to make a buck. Do you remember when Hammer tried to do his comeback and he was pretending to be a gangsta? He wore a beanie in his music video that stuck up off his head. He looked more like the Music Man than gangsta.

  13. jane's eyre

    “Pumps N’ a Bump” was the name of the song. HORRID.

  14. Pepe Roni

    I don’t remember that, but it’s probably for the best. I’m not sure how I feel about formerly big stars. I guess they should be grateful they had their 15 or so minutes and were able to make more $$ than 99% of the rest of the world. I guess I just shake my head when I hear about those people having money problems. It seems that the smart ones don’t have that much to worry about. I guess having a posse doesn’t come cheap!
    Have a nice weekend. I’m off to get some Knob Creek up in me.

  15. Jacq

    #289 – Why do people call it getting pantsed when you’re actually getting de-pantsed?

    #312 – A la John Stamos doing commercials for that long distance commercials. Don’t forget the MC classic Adams Family jam.

    Jane, were you formerly someone else here?

  16. jane's eyre

    Good question. And why do they call it “dusting” when you’re un-dusting? Ha ha.

    Oh yeah, I remember the John Stamos ones now that you mentioned it. *sigh* so sad when that happens.

    And yes.

  17. ultra8201

    The majesty of song???

  18. tsarinaamanda

    James Blunt is THE most unnatractive man in the entertainment industry due to his hideous looks, and his horrendous music. I swear, every time I hear that “song” You’re Beautiful, or whatever it’s called, my ears bleed. Ugh.

  19. TrannyGranny

    319 Czar Amanda;

    Yeah, that is what gives me the confidence to bone supermodels. I fucking love this doughy little tool. Cause if he can fuck Petra, I can totally nail the fat Pakistani at the gas station.

  20. I don’t even know who James Blunt is, and I’m very glad.

  21. colormeskanky

    Were they swimming in front of a NURSING HOME or something?

    James Blunt is for gullible losers who think cheesy pickup lines are cute.

  22. SoupaSarah

    I hate James Blunt… I hope he stays in America and not comes back here :@. Bloody Toff.

    PS Come on England!!!!!!!

  23. Sassy

    I’d just like to say I’m very happy for the lovely Petra who has come through a huge trauma and survived it. I just hope The Blunt isn’t a total c*nt to her, as he appears to have been to every other bird he’s doinked in the last year or two (ex-gf Camilla, TP-T, one of the Pussycat Hos, etc etc).

    He should realise how lucky he is. Petra really is worthy of “Yar byootehfool, yar beyoutifal… it’s troue…”

  24. troubleinaborrowedsuit

    there has to be some other explanation for this.

    maybe before they have sex she has her make up artist work on him? seems like after six hours of his over-making she’d sort of lose the buzz, though.

  25. Bo_Smith


    that’s all I have to say, thank you

  26. Bo_Smith

    #324 LMAO

  27. popegoestheweasel

    Guess he read all the comments here LOL


  28. machupichu

    Not sure why this comes as a surprise to anyone

  29. iceandthenfire

    This is a joke,right? It’s got to be a PR thing, right? James looks ridiculous with Petra. Not only is she 8 inches taller but her body frame is much larger! Why did he take his whole family with him on a romantic getaway? I did hear that she’s been after James, though. She must have sustained a serious head injury in the Tsunami!

  30. mostrandomcommentever

    WAIT!! Maybe she is a lesbian, and thats her gay friend!! I knew it

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