James Blunt has magic powers

June 8th, 2006 // 331 Comments





  1. TrannyGranny

    48 pt

    Dude, have you tried Backwoods? The look like Lhaso Apso shit, but they are the best trash-cigar money can buy for under 2 bucks!

    47 lmnop

    Easy-Off Oven Cleaner? Yikes, you have the pussy of Steel! I would have tried some WD-40 first. lol

  2. ptprez

    42 guessing africa…

  3. ellaminnowpea

    @51 – nope!
    Timex – takes a lickn’ & keeps on tickin’…that’s my story & I’m stickn’ to it!

  4. LilRach

    no where near

  5. TrannyGranny

    I fucking love that last pic.

    Pasty guy: let’s shoot some heroin and get off!

    Smokin hot Babe: What are you talking about, I have a full length mirror at home, I can get off just by looking at my naked body.

    Old Man: Can’t Stop Spanking It!!!!!!

  6. ptprez


    they look like they’d fall apart in my mouth…

    funny, i WAS smoking a swisher…no blunt though…

    try garia/vega crystal maduro…cheap but good…

  7. ellaminnowpea

    You’re right Tranny! His left hand is covering up the ‘diddling’ action of his right hand!!

  8. ptprez

    53 you MILF you…

  9. ellaminnowpea

    …that’s what they call me…

  10. ellaminnowpea

    ..frisky college boys…I look at them and think “Hmmmmmm-wait 20 minutes and do it again!” Those were the days!!

  11. ptprez

    may i call you “pea” fo short???

  12. #51-All joking aside. Re: Backwoods Cigars.

    I love them. For real. And this one guy I used to date, LOVED “Backwoods Sweet”. And one night after work, I went to Walmart and bought him a whole case and a bottle of good whiskey as a gift.

    We broke up.

    He’s still my friend. :)

  13. ptprez

    i’m lucky to go 20 minutes…

  14. ellaminnowpea

    no – you are ‘p’

  15. ptprez


    you must of really impressed him…

  16. ellaminnowpea

    You need some of Zanna’s whiskey for that dick!!!

  17. Actually, Tranny..under 2? It’s nearly 5.00 here…

  18. ptprez

    how about minnow???

  19. TrannyGranny

    Jesus Zanna’

    A bottle of whiskey and a case of Backwoods!? Why the fuck do you live on the Atlantic coast, and not in the Rockies?

    I friggin love Backwoods!

  20. @65

    Nah, I don’t think so…I just think I made him feel cared about.

  21. I’m ascaaayad of the altitude…but I do have friends in Colorado. :)

  22. TrannyGranny


    Apiece, not for the 5-pack

  23. TrannyGranny

    Aw, we just posted at the same time! I feel so ….. feeling…feeeliing…yah!

  24. ptprez

    i bought my wife a box of rat poison and a one way ticket to detroit…

    we divorced…

    i don’t understand…

  25. Fa Cube Itches

    51: Why does it not surpise me that you’d know Backwoods? :)

    Hand rolled between the thighs of Appalachia’s finest dirt farmers! :)

  26. makemybreaddoughboy

    i think blunty is hot!!

    Iambananas SBJAGOVWPAB something about big jim?

  27. @73 – That’s like cumming together…only not really…and yet…kind of.

  28. TrannyGranny

    75 Yo Cube!

    I lived on the Mex border for a long while…Backwoods were the rage amongst the border-rats. You can hide a lot of wanna-wanna in something that looks like dogshit

  29. pt – funny shit!

    FA- how come it doesn’t surprise you? Am I giving off a “vibe”?

    Why is everyone laughing?

  30. um..okay..I’m sorry I replied to 75. It’s like we’re ONE now. I’m replying to HIS posts.

    Baby..I’m gonna check myself right now.

    love you,


  31. TrannyGranny


    email if you like, you friggin slay!!!!


    everyone is laughing because Detroit is known as the vacation capitol of the world, top cap humour!

  32. Fa Cube Itches

    Tranny: One of these days I’m going to go up to one of the trendy cigar places in Beverly Hills, rent my own humidor, and fill it with Backwoods, and perhaps a few Dutch Masters. Then I’m gonna order a Louis XIII & Coke.

  33. Fa Cube Itches

    Zanna: I’m starting to think Tranny might be my brotha from anotha motha.

    I am a bit surprised that you would know of them. Not really the sort of thing many ladies would go for. Interesting that you would, though. :)

  34. TrannyGranny


    I went to a “Wine and Cheese” party in Boulder one time. I filled a REAL french champagne bottle (borrowed from a snob friend) with the local equivalent of Dago Red….you’ve never seen 20 douches fawn over a bottle of what is basically Mad Dog like that!

  35. Fa Cube Itches


    Nice! I’ve got a buddy who works at a microbrew pub. Whenever he gets real beer snobs in, he’ll treat them to a pitcher of a “brand new” Czech import that’s “gonna be bigger than Stella Artois” – aka Busch (it’s in an unmarked tap, a couple of real old regulars drink it, that’s the only reason they have it).

    Amazing to watch how many of them convince themselves that it really isn’t horsepiss.

  36. Well, 83 –

    My ex bf smoked backwoods sweet, it smells nice. We’d go see BB King when he was in town and we’d both smoke during the concert and embibe. I like the smell and taste of Backwoods Berry too.

  37. alaskanchicsickle

    Ok, I just got here, was gone all day, but I have to say this….Tranny and Zanna- get a room, seriously ’cause ya’ll are making me horny.

  38. Fa Cube Itches

    Zanna: Cool; not a bad way to spend an evening. :) Wasn’t knocking you or anything, just thought it odd. Backwoods usually aren’t very well known.

  39. Fa Cube Itches

    Funny stuff:


    Kinda fits in with all the innuendo…

  40. Evangelia

    i have a cold :(

  41. alaskanchicsickle

    The first few times I heard James Blunt’s song “You’re Beautiful” those feel good hormones started circulated through my body, goddammit, I had no control over it.

  42. Ari

    #60- yeah, wait 20 minutes… but it’s quality, NOT quantity that counts.

    Anyway, I gave my last sex-ed lesson at about 17. I’m too old to start giving lessons again. Well, and it pisses me off…

  43. Fa Cube Itches

    Evangelia: sorry to hear that. Just got over one myself. Want the rest of my Ny-Quil?

  44. Fa Cube Itches

    Ari: isn’t it best to be both a gourment AND a gourmand? :)

  45. Fa Cube Itches

    er, gourmet…

  46. Pepe Roni

    where’s Papa Hot Nuts??? Only a couple of posts today. I hope he’s working on his site so I can have some troll-free comedy to pass the hours.

  47. hotintempe

    Who in the hell is he?!!!
    I bet he has a big penis, that always traps the ladies.

  48. Fa Cube Itches

    Hmmm…getting a lot of spam for Cialis today. Ever think what the poor rats who tested that stuff had to have been thinking??

    “Hey, labcoat!! Yeah, you! What gives? You give me some damn pill that gives me wood for 6 hours, but (1) I’m in a cage by myself; and (2) I have no opposeable thumbs! What the hell, man!?! I’d say that I hope your kids get cancer of the eyes, but then you’d give me that just to test the potential cures! So where would that get me? Flyin’ solo in my cage with a raging hard-on and cancer of the eyes. I hate you!”

  49. Ari

    94–A glutton for fine sex..err.. food?

    Works for me…;)

    Here, love, let me feed you another grape…

  50. Fa Cube Itches

    Pepe: He’s usually more of a day-shift kinda guy.

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