James Blunt has magic powers

June 8th, 2006 // 331 Comments





  1. Haroof

    First bitches?

  2. perfectanglovesgodlol

    hey a new post so late in the day? sweet now i have something to do tonight! hey osh where are you?

  3. jane's eyre

    Hmm…note to Blunt (I barely know who either of them are)–tan more often. Your girlfriend is making you look like a marshmallow.

  4. limper

    Memo to Mr. Blunt: It’s generally a bad move to get a girlfriend who could kick your ass. It’s a very bad move to get with a girl who could kick your ass using just her boobs.

    Good luck anyway. Dont forget to use sunscreen.

  5. jane's eyre

    Ha, look at her in the last picture:

    “Is this your rainbow towel?”

  6. huhwah

    Where are the Hard Nipples? Aargh!

  7. mrs.t

    Apparently she was more impaired in the Tsunami than anyone could have guessed.

    Didn’t realize James Blunt was a Hobbit.

  8. cleo

    i remember the old days where superficial post comments did not exceed much more than 50. scrolling through the comments is now a marathon session, but i still can’t help myself.

    comment on biyutches.

  9. Drusilla

    Fortunately for guys like James Blunt, women tend to be less superficial than men. Unless, of course, he has a lot of money, in which case no other explanation is needed.

  10. Now I have no doubt that God must have died a long time ago, and the Devil is in charge. And I hate James Blunt.

  11. mrs.t

    And her body is ridiculously beautiful. I need to take up with the cocaine again.

  12. prideofchucky


  13. Iambananas

    He looks like that guy form THe Green Mile… you know… Wild Bill?

    The guy that peed on Tom Hanks.

  14. Well, I say, whatever floats your boat. Maybe he’s extremely ‘nice’. (Read: huge penis). And maybe he is just dressed up in a pasty fatsuit (read: huge penis)
    But seriously… I thought Ryan Reynolds and Alanis Morisette were a WEIRD couple. This has to top everything…well, maybe not TomKat, but still…. that girl needs some glasses… or some self esteem…

  15. Ibiza??!! That’s a joke, right? Haha! That’s like the coney Island of the Med. That’s klass with a K.

  16. Iambananas

    It’s called being caucasian. People who are caucasian have lighter skin.


    AYCUR… that’s funny. If only you knew waht those letters stood for. Can anyone crack the code?

  17. assholic

    In the last pic, the old wonker’s expression’s kinda like “Are you seriously together?! Awh, kids these days”.

  18. jane's eyre


    He’s saying to himself,
    “put the towel down, put the towel down..”

  19. Life sucks. Petra’s one of those rare “supermodels” that actually live up to the hype, she doesn’t look like a teenage boy in drag or use cocaine as a nasal decongestant. Blunt is in major denial about his homosexuality, and he has the beginnings of a comb-over going on. Normally I cheer when the little guy, average joe, common man, what-have-you does good – but Blunt?? He sings like his testicles are in a frozen vice and being nibbled by spiteful chipmunks. This is so wrong, so depressing, that I fear I shan’t even masterbate today.

  20. jessieo

    I hate how he looks right into the camera the whole time during his video- it totally gives me the damn creeps! She’s probably all about the “eye contact”. ughhh

  21. ellaminnowpea

    He must have one hell of a massive *blunt* hiding in those pantaloons!

  22. maiira

    Good Christ, is she taller than him?

  23. GnoshKoshBiatch

    Hey OSHKOSH!!!
    I posted this last night in the last TomKat thread and didnt want you to miss it.
    190. Posted by GnoshKoshBiatch on June 8, 2006 07:38 PM

    Let’s all worship at the altar of OshBitch.
    What a fabulous piece of work she is!

    Probably the only thing slowing down the frequency of her posts is the time it takes to wipe her fingers on her sweatpants. The powder and crumbs from the dick-cheese doritos she constantly shovels down her gullet must really gum up her keyboard.

    All she talks about is her mangy unused vag and rip on the myspace pages of women that are more attractive, popular, secure and without a doubt smell better than she does.

    I bet Rosie O’Donell was like that before she came out!
    191. Posted by ptprez on June 8, 2006 07:43 PM

    have the balls and wait until she’s here…

    is that what you do in school, wait until the guy who kicked your sorry ass is down the hall , then scream “i’m gonna get you!!!”…”creep!!!”
    192. Posted by GnoshKoshBiatch on June 8, 2006 07:54 PM


    Oh don’t worry little one. I’m not afraid of her. I remember the bitches like that from high school. Their followers were basically afraid of them or too weak willed to disagree. What a bunch of clingons!

    How can she not be here? The anonymity of the internet gives her life meaning!
    I don’t really have a lot of time for someone like you but didn’t want you to miss me calling you a Bitch! Bitch!

    Try eating some fruit or veggies, you might be less hostile or at least less constipated!

  24. BigJim

    Blunt. James Blunt.

    Want to go smoke a blunt?

  25. BigJim


    “Can anyone crack the code?”

    Can anyone tell me if someone has ever given a flying ratfuck about a single word you’ve uttered in your entire miserable, pathetic existence?

  26. Sir Psycho Sexy

    #16. “SBJAGOVWPAB!!
    … crack the code?”

    “Suck my Ballsack, Jackoff Assmunch, Get an Overdue Vasectomy Whipper, you Punk Ass Bitch!!”

    Well, what do I win, Pussy Willow?

  27. Binky

    The last picture.
    JB : “You don’t believe that shit about that ring do you ? Like it couldn’t really happen right ? Could it ?”
    PN : (‘ God – I need another tsunami’)

  28. Sir Psycho Sexy

    Petra Nemcova dates Hobbits, pale, anemic Hobbits with Shaggy hair.

    The fact that Petra Nemcova and James Blunt could be photographed together is sufficient proof to refute the existence of a god.

    I admit, I have no idea who James Blunt is, as I listen to way, way, way too much NPR, but Damn!!! Doesn’t this violate some basic laws of nature?

  29. ptprez


    hey fuckhead…you posted that at 7:38edt. today…unless you’re posting from india, put the crack pipe down and shut the fuck up…

  30. barbijd

    My God! How tiny is he? I guess his talent is large.

  31. ptprez

    he can eat her out while standing…

    lucky fucker…

  32. Sir Psycho Sexy

    … or her mind is small.

  33. ptprez

    i always take my grandparents to the beach…

  34. uncle_leo

    @ bananas
    I thought you disappeared after your myspace was revealed you fucking 14 year old cunt. Houston Texas was it? Everyone: banans lives in houston where she attneds middle school and hides out in the computer lab so the cool kids won’t make fun of her.

  35. what does the young lady seek under water ?

    In all cases I find that it is ugly to have a relation with an ugly boy because it has money…


  36. chanel_bear


    If you hate her so much and don’t have time for people like her, why did you a) make your name an obvious reference to her, and b) even bother posting that once, let alone twice?

    get a life loser.

  37. TrannyGranny

    30 sir psycho

    Blunt is the man who taught all the niggas to put some weed into the Swisher Sweets they think are cigars. Makes them taste almost as good as my balls.

  38. TrannyGranny

    I recently read an article in “Perky Hedgehog Weekly” about Petra. It states that after the tsunami, and the subsequent death of her boyfriend, she had a broken pelvis and was emotionally destroyed. The article also mentioned how her healing was hampered by a man with the initials “TG”, constantly banging her out of her misery. Rumor has it, kinda felt like fucking a Jello mold.

  39. LilRach

    Who the hell is she? Honestly, i have no idea?

  40. LilRach

    #31 It’s June 9th where i am and its 1.30 pm!!

  41. ellaminnowpea

    @38 – Yeah! WTF with all of these fucktards ragging on the regulars? Unless it’s retribution from the bored blonde’s posse for yesterday’s thread…then indeed “GET A LIFE” What’s said is said & it lives in the archives — deal with it!
    Then don’t be a dumbass putting personal information out there if you can’t take the comments.

  42. If I was Petra, and _I_ was in a tsunami and hung on for dear life for HOURS….I’d still be ASSSSCAAYYYAAAAAAD of the water! You wouldn’t see me on a windy day near a kiddie pool. Bitch had got NO heart.

    Oh AND..that’s not MY idea of smoking a Blunt.

    Boodoom..Boom. I’ll be here all week!

  43. saline.solution

    Too bad it doesn’t work the same for both genders. You’ll never see an unattractive girl (even if she is extremely successful) with a gorgeous boy. What the hell?!

  44. TrannyGranny

    43 lmnop

    I doubt bored blondes pussy is going to retaliate. As much as I admire the tightness of the jeans, it would take an hour to pry that demim off, and by then her “retaliation” will be dripping down her leg.

  45. ellaminnowpea

    Tranny – I too am blonde and I don’t have time to be bored…life is too short.
    I’d rather have a quick escape route – easy off!

  46. ptprez


    i’m switching to black and milds…

  47. ellaminnowpea

    …can’t have a good old fashioned pissing contest when your retaliation is dripping down your leg now, can ya?!



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