James Blunt and Gary Dourdan party on a boat with topless chicks

July 22nd, 2008 // 105 Comments

Here’s musician James Blunt and Gary Dourdan (CSI) in Spain doing exactly what I’d be doing if I had cash pouring out my nostrils: Partying on a boat with topless chicks. Of course, I’d take it one step further by installing a torpedo launcher that I’d fire at dolphins, the smug bastards of the sea. Who’s the smart one now, fin ass?! Fire one! …. Where’s the “boom”? What do you mean I can’t load the tube with hand guns and steak knives?

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW unless you run a travel agency that specializes in exciting nipple-loaded destinations. In which case, what’s your most affordable package? I’ve got roughly $5.30 and these magic beans. Okay, they’re Raisinets.

Photos: Flynet

  1. L.Linus

    #13 veggi, what is a mud person? Is that suppose to be racially?

  2. mike

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  3. mike

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  4. Jazz

    I cracked up at the “HO” thing too. So appropriate.

    #41, easy there, tiger. The first time you click, it brings up another picture with the stars. If you click that picture again, it will bring up the NSFW one. And on another note, if you get that fired up about not seeing some gross fake boobs on some skank, you probably need to get out more.

  5. HotMilli

    #51 A mud person is that sea monster that is crawling on the back of the boat

  6. aussie

    Regardless of all the comments, they sure look like they are having fun…probably more than most of us are having in our lives…sheesh.

  7. britney's weave

    who said the one in white looks good…?!?! how about in pic nine where she’s digging in her ass???

    this post is just all sorts of wrong.

  8. hambone

    There is something black creeping out of the red bikini in the last pic. Maybe a tattoo or scabies.

  9. dude

    OK what da fuck, how is it that James “ugly as nutts and can’t even sing” Blunt gets to do this shit?

    Oh yeah, dumb chicks with fake tits love it when a whiny pussy sings gay ass songs about self esteem, as if he was trying to do anything other than stick his three inch dick in her pipe.

  10. kitty

    Thanks 59,

    I was thinking to myself who the hell is he what kind of music does he sing and with that description i remembered.

  11. The sad thing is she’s so proud of those messed up fake tits!

  12. dude

    Fuck, and check out that acne/eczema/yeast infection on Blunt’s back in the last photo.

  13. Senor Pedro

    HOLY SHIT I thought I saw Uma Thurman on pic #8. Maybe I have to stop sniffing glue. Or not.

  14. Shitney Beers

    #59 – what are you saying? That dorks can’t pay the money to hire out a boat and a couple of grade C skanks and act like a bunch of a-holes? Cuz that is exactly what happened here. Anyone could get the same for about $1500.00 or so. Trash with cash is all!

  15. Jetstream

    I can’t believe the girl is showing off her ugly tits. One is lower than the other, the nipples are pointing in different directions and you can totally see the outline of the implants. I would go on but #9 says it all.

  16. taurean

    blegh….those are some ugly ass fake tities.

  17. Jenny

    You guys are ridiculous. If a girl doesn’t have implants it’s Hey where the hell are her boobs? So then she gets them and it is like Ew her implants are gross. None of you fags probably ever get laid anyway.

  18. Naked chicks who are wet and flailing around on a boat. Sounds like most any weekend here. Only my babes don’t have cheap implants. And are not naked. Or on a boat. But they do flail, yes they do.

    PS: Why do implant bitches always remove their tops Da Man wants natural tits!

  19. blow me

    Most of all, I like how Gary Dourdan sleeps through it, having become immune to sluts and their shenanigans. Fake lesbians=boorrrrinnng.

  20. Jeniffer

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  21. socrates

    yeah, i work stacking shelves in a supermarket.

  22. Capt. Jack Sparrow

    Nice boat.

  23. Omnibacon

    I love hookers..

    and tits are tits, no analysis needed

  24. R-Dizzle

    I saw James Blunt on Top Gear and he seemed like a genuinely cool guy. I say “big up” to him and his hot-naked-ladies-on-a-boat party.


  26. Who Ha

    The topless one looks like the ‘woman’ that supposedly fucked David Beckham. Rebecca something?

  27. nyguy

    A lot of homos on this board. I’d rather be on that boat with those ladies. I need to buy a boat :(

  28. Stuey

    I like the look on blunts face in the main pic. The obligatory open mouth of surprise. Like he didn’t know he was in the photo.

    OOOOPPPSSSSS BEWBS!!!! WHO KNEW! is what he is conveying.

    p.s. Nice pooch Blunt, or should I say Chubbs McCubovitch aka Gutty Von Gutsterson

  29. Deacon Jones

    Whoo hoo! Party time!

    Nothing like trying to kick a coke habit while youre on a yacht with sluts in Spain. Piece of cake!

    I didn’t know soup bowls inserted under the skin were on the forefront of tits jobs lately. Fuck, Ive got at least 9 of those fuckers at home. Better tell the old lady to pick up some aspirin today.

  30. skiprat

    I couldn’t remember who Gary Douchebag was, so I looked at the embiggened pictures (and also so I could see some boobage of course). Imagine my surprise when anger over-rode my desire to look at wet, naked breasts after recognizing the CSI Knobcheese. How is it possible that one smug looking asshole can make me want to gouge out my own eyes?

  31. coco

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  32. cabana

    I just love how she is bending over the word HO…..LOL

  33. One

    you would think Blunt could afford better looking whores than that;cripes. And look at that fat, moley-moley guy tipping the boat as he tries to climb on board. Blunt himself ain’t so attractive…hell, its just a boatload full o’ uglies! All that being said, they look like they’re having a great time… and therefore I am jealous. Weenies

  34. You’re beautiful (repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat…blah…blah)

    Eh, no.

  35. meghan

    gross i wouldnt be topless with screwed up boobs like that ugly bitch

  36. norton

    The topless chick seems overly impressed by her tits…. One can assume, judging by these photos, that she’s an obnoxious gold digging pain in the ass.

    “Look at me, look at me!!!!!!!”

  37. martian

    ok guys, u can’t rent it too.
    it ‘s a nice and cheap boat: bitches not included.

  38. close

    “There is like four or five guys and only two hookers……….Is Blunt broke or are three of them homos?”

    it’s a close race between 9 and 23


  39. woooo

    isn’t this the jackass that fills the airwaves with crappy lovesongs?


  40. Tom

    I can’t see the naked chick because I’m at work, but people say that she’s ugly and has fake tits? Fuck, that ruins everything. I hate implants!

  41. blumpkin

    what’s the point in spending 40 Gees on fake titties if you can’t tell they’re fake ?
    you go nasty blonde who has had blunts dopey penis inside of you!

  42. Heather

    The picture of the brunette sucking on the blonde girls nipples is sort of hot…yet…the blonde chick herself is not hot. Look at those scars! For those tiny boobies too..you think a chick partying with James Blunt could afford a decent sized set (with less scars)

  43. granada

    People, those are not scars from a boob job! It’s the imprint from her bikini top! That being said, she is still fugly as hell.

  44. Red

    In the first picture, the name of the boat is partially obscured so all that is readable is “ho”.

  45. On the Front Lines

    damn…when i was in spain as a poor spanish student i had better lookin’ hos than that.
    these guys need to drive that boat back to the beach and make a swap. plus, it’s really disappointing to have our heroes and celebrities struggling to bat .500 when it comes to girl/guy ratio

  46. Jeniffer

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  47. annie

    i think the ship’s lettering pretty much describes the chicks that these guys hang-out with. GET IT?

  48. Sana

    That Blond Chick Look Like Uma Truman :d

  49. He only forgot to invite met….

  50. #100


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