James Blunt and Gary Dourdan party on a boat with topless chicks

July 22nd, 2008 // 105 Comments

Here’s musician James Blunt and Gary Dourdan (CSI) in Spain doing exactly what I’d be doing if I had cash pouring out my nostrils: Partying on a boat with topless chicks. Of course, I’d take it one step further by installing a torpedo launcher that I’d fire at dolphins, the smug bastards of the sea. Who’s the smart one now, fin ass?! Fire one! …. Where’s the “boom”? What do you mean I can’t load the tube with hand guns and steak knives?

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW unless you run a travel agency that specializes in exciting nipple-loaded destinations. In which case, what’s your most affordable package? I’ve got roughly $5.30 and these magic beans. Okay, they’re Raisinets.

Photos: Flynet

  1. Jac


  2. fase

    2nd beyottttches!!!!

  3. e

    I wish I had implants and daddy issues. This could be MY life.

  4. Racer X

    I bet there’s a lot of semen on that boat,

  5. liz

    Yeah, and the blond woman`s tits are no fakes, at all, bro. You can see the scars from a distance of 50 meters.

  6. Ted Mosby

    Fugs McKenzie but nice rack.

  7. BigJim

    I’d like to lodge an official complaint.

    I did not see “topless chicks.” I saw A topless chick. Singular.

  8. Aitch

    Gross, gross, gross. The topless one is a bit of a butterface, and then in the photo where the life saver finally blocks her face, the fakeness of her breasts is suddenly ridiculously visible. Unfair, life.

  9. lemonheads

    Those are some nasty implants! I don’t like her little dark nipples either, but that dark-skinned woman sure does! Not much to see her except a boat full of people who think they are way sexier than they are and are probably planning some cocaine-enhanced orgies later on. Boring. That Polish model James was with is way hotter than these B-grade tramps with mold-filled plastic boobs. I bet the blond can’t even feel someone sucking on her nipples anymore thanks to her “funbags”. She doesn’t look like she even realizes that chick is sucking on her gross little nipple. Nasty all around. Thanks Superfish. Thanks a lot.

  10. Clem

    Nah – I’d much rather be at work in my windowless office. Nakes women and boats are for poofs.

  11. Clem

    Nah – I’d much rather be at work in my windowless office. Naked women and boats are for poofs.

  12. Mcfeely Smackup

    those are the worst looking fake boobs I’ve ever seen. Look at the shot through the life preserver, the nipples aren’t even pointing in the same direction.

  13. veggi

    Shitty implants but overall it was kinda hot, and then I noticed the mud people. Ugh. And while you’re on vacation, no less.

  14. joe_internet

    Pic of boob job with life preserver blocking her face…The dark girl in the white bikini is smuggling a penis in her bikini bottom

  15. Tim

    “a boat full of people who think they are way sexier than they are”

    Lock the thread, game over, #9 wins.

  16. havoc

    I thought he was a homo? huh…..

    But the suckling one chick is almost hot….



  17. moobs

    What a true bunch of “posers”

  18. guy

    How was Gary Dourdan Identified? by the color of his footpads?

  19. hot mess

    Can we get the “doctor fish” from Geekologie to eat the dead implants off of that one chick’s chest?

  20. guest1234567

    Fish!! What the fuck are you doing having loud rap music in your ads that say the word FUCK!

  21. Oh, more skanks.

  22. Crush

    Looks like CSI guy and that loser who used to date the hawt model are now running with cheap call girls. Wonder how much they paid them for the thrill show? Some blow and a Benjamin I am sure.

    Just plain pathetic.

    By the way, which paps got assigned that gig? What a loser.

  23. nipolian

    There is like four or five guys and only two hookers……….Is Blunt broke or are three of them homos?

  24. texaco

    whos the fat guy trying to climb on the boat?

  25. pistola

    @ #3… awesome. funniest thing i’ve read in a while!

  26. bar room hero

    Ewww…butterface, Obviously fake tits (crude boob job), and Cankles!!!!!!!

  27. Manly chins are super sexy

    God what totally gross fake breasts, I would be embarrassed to show them off, they could not look any worse than if she wore an apron with tits on them. Ridiculous!!

  28. bar room hero

    Ewww..Butterface, Cankles, and an Obviously fake boob job.

    The one in white don’t look bad though…

  29. Lulu


    Truer words have never been written.

  30. Melissa

    funny how the only part of the boat’s name that is visible says “HO”

  31. Melissa

    funny how the only part of the boat’s name that is visible says “HO”

  32. Siruis

    im noticing less and less comments on thie site! whats going on?
    i love the funny comments and stuff but whats up this week

  33. Siruis

    im noticing less and less comments on thie site! whats going on?
    i love the funny comments and stuff but whats up this week

  34. Ted from LA

    I just rememberd I forgot to get milk on the way home from work.

  35. Rockwell

    James Blunt – Your Cankles are Beautiful

  36. Ted from LA

    And liquor.

  37. hi

    The chicks are as fugly as fugly gets.

  38. devilsrain

    On my worst day I wouldnt be seen with girls like this. Way to use that celebrity to get good looking girls James. Pathetic. Funny thing is theyre probably prostitutes.

  39. WhoKnows

    That’s not a bad boob job, that’s from the bikini. Look at the last picture, the lines run around to her back. So either it’s her bikini, or a boob job that went _really_ wrong.

  40. Sash

    Someone buy that fat guy in the water a bigger pair of trunks O.o!

  41. WTF?

    the pics on this site never link to the real pics anymore….they still have those pink star photoshopped pasties on!! WTF??

  42. Kevin Somer from Canada

    I think that if they all have the money to buy whores, let’em.

    Canada rules!!


  43. HotMilli

    The fake boobs remind me of this horrible webcam I saw on paltalk once – midget transvestite with falsies two shades lighter then “his” skin – shudder, scarred for life.

  44. Flipper

    I like how the part of the boats name that shows is “HO”

  45. sara

    what’s bizarre is all the picture taking.. i mean. they’re topless. WOOOOO!!!! gotta commemorate this moment!! take pics and put ‘em up on my myspace page because i AM SO COOL AND NEAR TOPLESS WOMEN!

  46. Tom Piltoff

    lol @ the chunky square headed guy that none of the girls want to be near

  47. Groucho

    It’s fun to see the losers here make fun of rich people on vacation partying with naked chicks on a boat in Spain. Yeah, I bet the people in the pictures feel really sorry now!

  48. One of my friends is a BH plastic surgeon, one of the best. I sent him the link. He told me her boobs look so bad b/c: “She has bilateral capsules which should be released. It is not a difficult surgery and she will be much happier. The implants are not too large, however, the capsule makes them look unnatural.” I asked him if that is why the outlines of the implants show and why the nipples point in different directions. He replied, “Yes, all due to the scar tissue capsule contractions.”

  49. Life must be good for those guys.

  50. sunshine

    I love the guy in the “kangaroo suit” dry humping the back of the boat. Thumbs up, Dude!

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