Paris Hilton and James Blunt get it on


Looks like Paris Hilton has already split with Josh Henderson. She and James Blunt hooked up Wednesday night and were spotted making out at club Teddy’s. A source says:

“They were all over each other. They both ended up back at Paris’ house.”

I always wondered how James Blunt managed to score with Petra Nemcova, and apparently it was all part of an elaborate hoax set up by God. I can already picture God sitting in his office dreaming up his plan: “I’ll make him a famous musician. Then I’ll give him millions of dollars. Then I’ll give him Petra Nemcova. And then *cracking up* and then I’ll put him together with Paris Hilton *laughing hysterically* and when his penis falls off I’ll jump out from behind the clouds and scream ‘Punk’d!'”

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