Oh, STFU, James Woods, You’re Still Going To Work In Hollywood

October 10th, 2013 // 104 Comments
James Woods

James Woods recently tweeted his disapproval with Obama over the government shutdown along with one of those bullshit memes your old high school classmates post to Facebook between making fun of black people on food stamps. So naturally here’s Fox News to hype up James’ fear that he’ll never work in Hollywood again because it’s run by liberals:

“Dude, aren’t u worried about…u know..ever working again??” the Twitter user asked him.
Woods replied: “I don’t expect to work again. I think Barack Obama is a threat to the integrity and future of the Republic. My country first.”

I always love when rich white people of privilege (and/or Christianity) feel the need to have a persecution complex despite everything in this country working for them, so let me just spell out several examples of why James Woods’ career is in absolutely zero danger for him tweeting bullshit red meat about Obama loving illegals more than veterans.

The Rock: Republican and in a shit-ton of movies every year because wrestling.

Michael Bay: Republican and big budget director of one of the most profitable film franchises on the planet.

Bruce Willis: Republican and still being allowed to lazily phone in performances 20 times a year.

Clint Eastwood: More libertarian than Republican, but talked to a chair for Mitt Romney. I’d say his career’s fine.

Adam Sandler: Republican, but also Jewish, so I just wasted my time here didn’t I? Moving on and skipping right over Jerry Bruckheimer.

Gwyneth Paltrow: Republican and star of the biggest blockbusters in 2012 and 2013. Then again, she’s under the protection of Steven Spielberg. Goddammit. [Ed. Note: I so wanted this one to be true. So, so badly...]

Gary Sinise: Very outspoken Republican who actually backed you up yesterday, and yet will still continue to churn out episodes of CSI: Somewhere or another network police procedural – Like, oh I dunno, Blue Bloods starring Tom Selleck, Republican. – because they makes tons of money like everything else I just mentioned. Starting to get the picture?

And, finally, Jon Voight: Absolute fucking lunatic who’s made no qualms about hopping on Fox News and crying socialism during Obama’s entire presidency, and yet was recently cast in Ray Donovan… along with you!

I could go on, but no one wants to hear about Melissa Joan Hart outside the context of drug-fueled lesbian sex, so my main point here is quit your bitching. Go absolutely nuts on politics, God knows I do, but don’t sit around wrapping yourself in the flag like there’s some sort of Red Scare happening out there for “real patriots.” That filthy liberal Seth MacFarlane can explain it to you more during your next guest spot on Family Guy. Provided he gets the okay from George Soros who owes me a shitload of hookers right now. If you’ll excuse me…

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  1. Convex

    Wow, Fish. You’re as tolerant of the political opinions as most liberals are, which is not at all. Unless you’re a dirt poor, minority illegal, your hypocrisy might be showing.

    I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t come here to read the hate you spew about conservatives; I come here to read your witty repartee that humorously addresses the foibles of celebs. I’m pretty sure James Woods doesn’t need your blessing to air his opinions, just as you don’t need his blessing to use this site to express your hatred.

    Can you go back to boob and dick jokes, and leave the politics to those with more insight than that which you’re (not) gifted? Please?

    • Father Dougal

      What a long-winded and contrarian way to say “you’re right Fish, and it’s not exactly funny.”

    • No shit.
      I think most of us come here to get away from all the left vs right bullshit.

    • Joe Blow

      Yeah…what Convex said.

    • Since you come here for “witty repartee that addresses the foibles of celebs”, I’m surprised that you don’t realize this is exactly what one of those celebrity “foibles” looks like. So poking fun at Gwyneth Paltrow for throwing down for natural UV rays is totes permissible, and calling Marky Wahlberg out for wannabe faux 9/11 heroics doesn’t cause you to break a sweat, but mocking James Woods for posturing that he’ll save America from Obama at the cost of his career when he knows it’s not an issue is just not right?

      Get over yourself. Woods is loudly and publically claiming victimhood just as hard as James Franco ever did for getting a failing grade at NYU, and apparently with about as much credibility. Which is, coincidentally, about as much martyrdom cred as you have now because you don’t like either the on-target ridicule of someone who claims to represent your side of things, or the fact that Fish isn’t submitting all posts for your approval.

      Next time choose a finer whine to go with that cheese.

    • Don’t kid yourself, Covex, conservatives disregard contrary political opinions just as much as any political party you care to name. If your major doctrine mouthpiece has to claim it’s “fair and balanced”, it really isn’t.

    • Glenn Quagmire

      Convex is on point. Lets get back to sit of old. Remember when the biggest argument was who the superficial girl was going to be?

      • No, he’s not. Selective memory may work fine for you, but in “sit of old” there was T & A, just as there is now, except now every day starts with bikinis, which wasn’t always the case. Six years ago when Rosie O’Donnell mocked Donald Trump using incredibly bad poetry, Fish was there. When PETA declared a fatwa against Nicole Richie, or when Madonna struck a religious pose onto a cross during a world tour and then tried to kidnap non-orphaned African kids, it was covered. The thing is, no matter how you great you think things were back in the good old days, it turns out that they usually weren’t as great as all that, but that’s just how you choose to remember them.

        Things change because that’s the nature of progress, and when they stagnate, they die. But some people just want to keep things either frozen in ice because they are unwilling or cannot adapt, or else turn back the clock because any sort of evolution frightens them. So you have the choice to stop using your hand-cranked Commodore 64 to check out the easy view/no thought required T & A posts here – or not. But stop expecting that everyone’s gonna start matching backwards just to placate you and your fading memory.

    • Go fuck yourself. His politics on his site. Don’t like it. Go somewhere else. Maybe find a right-wing website written by funny and intelligent people.


      Good luck with that search, Captain Douchebag.

    • Agreed and the sad thing is, one it’s supposed to be a tabloid, picture, comedy bit here, not some political after dark opinion show. And also, had this been a democrat whining about not getting work again under some fascist republican that post up there wouldn’t exist other than in agreement.

    • agree with convex on this 100%

    • Win – Fish should stick to the boob pics and trashing celebs. he is much better at that

  2. Greg Olsen

    Gwyneth Paltrow a Repub? http://www.eonline.com/news/347382/gwyneth-paltrow-and-cameron-diaz-glam-it-up-at-president-barack-obama-fundraiser

    I still think Gwyneth Paltrow best work was done in Contagion. I wish the character she portrayed in that movie, could also be the one she uses in all her other movies. Great Work.

  3. banner man

    CSI-NY got cancelled…thanks Obama!

  4. Lindsay Lohan is a republican and she still finds work in Hollywood. Or at least on Hollywood Blvd.

  5. Side note:
    Please tell me that is his daughter.

  6. Sorry Fish but I’m a lazy SOB so no google but Adam Sandler and the uptight “British” Paltrow(her mother is Jewish) both GOP? As for James , he’s always being a douche with comments. But fuck me I wish I had $. His GF looks like a nice young piece of Ass. (:

  7. mike

    Who is the girl? She looks hot.

    • Dang it!
      I was surfing the Yes-Troll-Space and you made me scroll up top to see her –> AND SHE IS WORTH IT!
      Thank you Fish and PhotoBoy!!!

  8. Jagger

    Fuck your liberal tripe.

  9. Honey Boo Boo – DEMOCRAT.
    *drops mic

    Wait, what were we arguing about again?

  10. Chuck Bukowski

    Your Zimmerman stories are pretty bad. Anytime I see one of those, I just skip ahead. Your fuck Palin thing I understand because she is polarizing. But James Woods? Him expressing an opinion doesn’t seem like celebrity scandal time. If you ripped on celebrities from both sides when they say stupid shit I would get it. But you only go crazy when it is someone critisizing Obama or a left wing issue like gun rights. I’m not going to lie and say I won’t be coming back. I will say that when you used to talk about Kirsten Dunst being a vampire, I laughed my ass off. Maybe try sticking to celebs making asses of themselves partying or wearing bikinis and it wouldn’t cause me to roll my eyes at least once a day from some hidden snide to people who have difference opinions from you.

    • I get why he did it in this case:
      1. The “threat to the Republic” line is pure FOX propaganda. Where has Obama acted any more unconstitionally than GWB or St. Reagan?
      2. The “ohp oor pitiful me” martyr bullshit is another conservative ploy that is especially annoying coming from a guy who basically never has to work another day in his life.

      Its the same way Fish skewers that asshole Kanye who pulls the Martyr crap and pretends he’s some civil rights force in the world. But you guys don’t complain about that

  11. English is not your first language, is it Bukowski?

  12. Tired of it all

    Stop soap boxing on politics like you’re something special. You spew as much blind liberal hatred as you accuse Fox News and an any right winger of doing. You don’t have a leg to stand on. Let me sum up your entire opinion on politics: left good, right bad. There. We’re done. This site was founded on the lofty and idealistic aspirations of tits and dick & fart jokes. No one comes here for politics. So please, I beg you, get back to the boobs.

    • Fish never claimed to be “Fair and Balanced” so go blow it up your cornhole you mouth-breathing goon.

      • Tired of it all

        Never said he was. Simply pointing out he’s doing the same thing he’s blasting woods for. And is asking for the site to get back to the tits, ass, and humor people visit for so outrageous a thing to say? I don’t come here to be preached to, and the shit from both sides ihas gotten tired real fast. so take your mouth off his cock and ram your head up your own ass, you’re clearly not using it for anything else.

      • teddy

        RoboZombie sure enjoys Fish’s balls in his mouth.

      • I guess he’s just a gay fish…

    • (says “Tired of it all” from his/her soapbox)

      • Tired of it all

        Says a guy asking for a reprieve of the political crap. Nowhere have I expressed a political opinion. Is it too much to go to a website called the superficial and expect the superficial?

      • Do you find it hard to type with a gun held to your head?

      • Tired of it all

        Wow you just took this into the realm of the disturbing.

      • Not at all. I figure you must have no choice in the matter, since the tits, ass, and humor you claim to be seeking can be fond in other posts. Therefore you must not have the freedom to disregard a post you dislike, which must be why you’re calling for Fish to censor himself just to please you. So I figure it’s either a gun to your head or a bomb under the chair. Free will’s a bitch to lose, ain’t it?

      • Tired of it all

        So fish bitches for James wood’s to stop his bitching, and I bitch for Fish to stop his bitching. The post is literally titled “James Woods shut the fuck up” . Does not Fish have the freedom to disregard a statement he doesn’t like. Don’t you have the freedom to disregard an opinion I make that you don’t like? Using your logic you must either have a gun to your head or a bomb under your chair as we’ll. Why should I now have to censor myself just to please you? Logic is a bitch when you don’t use it, just like free will when you lose it I guess.

      • Yeah, no. You can read STFU in several ways – one of which is that there’s no way Woods will ever be censored or penalized for criticizing Obama, so he should quit beating that particular martyrdom drum because it’s truly absurd, and here’s why. Fish does indeed have the option to disregard Wood’s posturing, but since he didn’t, I still I don’t see him calling for Wood’s imprisonment, closure of his FB page, his being fired from anything, or otherwise censored. He produced a valid criticism as to why he found Woods ridiculous, whereas your demand of “stop soap boxing on politics like you’re something special” is simply that – a demand that the site censor political content. Logic, yourself.

        If you want to tell Fish that you disagree with his take on it, or that he’s picking on Woods, or whatever the fuck, then have at it. But that’s not what you did, because what you actually want is for him to remove all the political posts from a site that he writes, simply because you happen to find them offensive. There’s plenty of other content on the site for you to view, so you have a viable option, but no – that’s simply not enough, you want to control ALL the content.

        Would you find it ridiculous if someone posted on each and every bikini or nip slip post that they found unclothed women offensive to their sensibilities, and they came here to hide from all the misogyny so he should take them down because he wasn’t anything special? Because that’s you, on this post.

        So tough shit if all you think this site is good for is tits, ass, dick and fart jokes, and its writer had better conform to every one of your narrow limitations and restrict his own capabilities every single fucking post just to please you. I’m sure it’s hard to keep pretending you run the universe when people persist on disobeying you on a daily basis, so perhaps you should keep on hiding under the bed when The Daily Show is on, since they haven’t acceded to your demands on that one, either.

      • Tired of it all

        Now whose beating the martyr drum?

        You’ve got some serious anger issues bubbling up towards the end there. You can check the site, I’ve never posted before on any political post on this site. Nor am I trying to force any political agendas on the site like some posters you’re trying to lump me in with. Check what I wrote, I never said take down all political posts, let’s ban his Facebook, what I said is it’s getting tiring because it’s the same schtick over and over. Last time I checked that qualified as telling fish that I disagree with the tone he’s taking, and I did it in a reasonable way and without profanity (that was used later and directed at someone else).

        How does implying that the political ranting is getting to be a bit much turn into me mounting a hostile takeover in the attempt to wrest creative control of the site away from him? I never knew that contributing a thought was me trying to control the entire universe.

        And why would I hide under the bed during the daily show? I love that program, but the daily show is a show based around political satire, and unlike the ramblings above, is actually funny. And I should point out I never used the word “offensive” nor implied I was so, I used the word “tiring” both in my comment and guest name. Pretty sure tired doesn’t mean offended. Wait, let me check my “martyr’s dictionary and guide to world domination handbook”, nope still just means tired.

        No idea where you got your assumptions about me from, nor the righteous indignation that I should deem to make any comment other than one of blind praise and universal agreement, but please, if it makes you feel better about yourself go right ahead and put more sinister meanings behind my pretty straightforward comment, and wax poetic about the dark machinations I am secretly putting into play in my apparent bid for world domination.

        I just find it sad for you that you have to make anyone who doesn’t agree with you or Fish a villain. They could just be someone with an opinion. Clearly this site is not a bastion for free speech like you claim if I can’t simply write a plea for less political vitriol on a humor site that proudly proclaims “The Superficial: Because you’re ugly”. Clearly according to you it should proclaim “The Superficial: Everything said should be taken as gospel, if you dissent you will be considered a heathen determined to bend the world to your will and should be crushed under our collective boot.”

        To anyone reading this comments section: if we disagree or would like to voice a neutral or contrary opinion we should just shut up and leave the site because apparently we are what’s wrong with the world.

        You win justifiable, I submit and will post here no more.
        Dogmatic adherence – 1
        Free speech – 0

        All Hail.

      • “How does implying that the political ranting is getting to be a bit much turn into me mounting a hostile takeover in the attempt to wrest creative control of the site away from him?”

        Hyperbole aside, I’m pretty sure it was: “Stop soap boxing on politics like you’re something special. You spew as much blind liberal hatred as you accuse Fox News and an any right winger of doing. You don’t have a leg to stand on…This site was founded on the lofty and idealistic aspirations of tits and dick & fart jokes… No one comes here for politics. “ that gave me that impression.

      • every time I log back in to respond, I find that justifiable has perfectly captured the essential pieces and and served it up elegantly. thank you for continuing to point out the obvious illogic in the nonsense pontificating going on.

  13. This just in – NPS officers were spotted putting barriers and yellow tape around James Woods.

  14. I care what actors say about politics about as much as I care about what anonymous jackasses on the internet say about politics.

    • Tired of it all

      Thank you. Celebrity humor bloggers have as much credibility talking politics as the asinine celebrities they ridicule. Does anyone actually come here for a political dialogue? Fuck no. If we wanted that we’d be on Fox News or CNN right now.

  15. leila

    James Woods is fair game on this site. Not because he’s a Republican [although that's increasingly becoming synonymous with fucktarded these days, but I digress]
    but because the shit he said is stupid AND funny. A wealthy white guy fearing imaginary discrimination is funny.

  16. Where's Dildo

    Don’t forget about Elizabeth Berkley. Lips of the Warble-party.

  17. Schultz

    I did not see the IRS target individuals for audit who oppose the current administration, nor corporate donators exempted from Obamacare, nor veterans who want to walk a few yards off of a public walkway to look at a wall…..I SAW NUTHing!

  18. Uncle Chester Likes T 'N A

    I always thought The Rock was a closet case. Oh, OK. The Republican thing explains it.

  19. Martin Beck

    Well I’m very happy that Woods will work again . How about me ? When will I work again . Is it because I’m Apolitical ? I try to live my life as an ” Unlabeled ” man because that is the way I’m wired . But who really cares . As long as Mr. Wood and his child girlfriend are happy . Fuck me !

  20. Those ~One Dozen: Atheist, Libertarian, Conservative, or Republican Actors don’t really and truly get much fair nor equitable treatment do they? Yes, you could go on naming more and more of: “Them”, but could you please FOCUS your cast of scorn uppon the Religious “everythings illegal” NUTCASE politicians first, and only casually mention the the Libertarian “everything goes” Idealistic folks last?

  21. shiny objects

    I heard this is the place to go to raise my objection to the team name, Washington “Redskins”. ..soooo offended

  22. Oh, goody…fish (henceforth, and for all time, to be known as “sparky”) feels the need to be political again.

    You’d get a longer list of “Hollywood Democrats that have sucked up to (or off of) obama”.

  23. The Pope

    Clearly this is a man with morals.

  24. I am conservative and really like your site because you have a take that a lot of people have on celebs but don’t have the forum to share it. When you take aim at and constantly bash one political ideal you lose half your fans. I still think your a funny bastard but the Obama is great and Conservatives suck bent gets tiring.

    • I really love how satirizing Republican extremists making considerable asses of themselves by either accusing Congress of funding Al Queda, or else claiming nonexistent victimization over for criticizing the president automatically translates to “Obama is great”. If you don’t like the behavior of people who claim to represent your side of things, maybe you should reassess that, but to expect that no one will notice and point fingers when they make very public asses of themselves so as not to embarrass you is a very unrealistic expectation.

      Also – “half your fans”? You wish, unless that more extreme element and the Kirk Cameron contingent are actually admitting to following gossip and looking at tits of women they aren’t married to. Although those binders full of women aren’t gonna fill themselves….

      • Why couldn’t half of Fish’s fans be Conservatives? Conservative doesn’t necessarily equal Christian, you know. I find it hilarious how some Liberals scoff at the idea that there might be just as many of “them” as there are “us.” As if Liberals hold a moral and intelligent majority. Please. Your elitism is showing.

      • Why couldn’t they? Because while you’re smugly convinced that you and the rest of the conservative party are running neck to neck with a Liberal “moral and intelligent majority” in this country that you find so threatening, it will be big news to you that only about 59% of the traffic on this site is from the US. So as much as you love the comforting illusion that the GOP swells half the ranks here and now will take their ball and go home, making Fish really sorry he picked on James Woods and Michele Bachmann for being assholes, you don’t. It’s not going to happen – any more than the left will make him sorry for pointing out that Keith Olbermann went too far and got shitcanned or that Sean Penn is a humorless douchebag. That’s because not only is the site traffic international, but it’s also primarily here for the celebrity screw-ups and douchebaggery, nip slips, crotch flashes and Hamm bones, and it doesn’t seem to be slowed down one whit by the political commentary.

        So if anyone’s elitism is showing, it’s YeahRight and yours for having the arrogance to not only think that nothing exists beyond our borders, but also that you speak for anyone but yourselves.

      • You are extremely defensive for someone so smug in his correctness. I was referring to the fact that in your attack of “Yeah Right’s” post, you made the assumption that all Conservatives are of the Kirk Cameron/Christian variety, which is not the case. I don’t give a flying fuck who Fish makes fun of; I don’t agree with some of his political rants, but who cares. I just roll my eyes and go on to the next Kartrashian post.

      • If the Kirk Cameron/Christian conservatives aren’t the majority, perhaps they should stop being given 99% of the limelight. Take your goddamn party back.

      • Jezzer, I could not fucking agree more.

      • Sweetie, please learn to read. Since I singled out the Kirk Cameron/Christian variety as the “more extreme element” of your party that obviously means I realize that not all conservatives follow that extreme agenda. This is also why I referred to them as “people who claim to represent your side of things”.

        If you’re trying to spin it that they’re a tiny percentage of the republican ranks, you either better look at who was giving Romney a run for his money in the primary, then take an even closer at Texas, or, as Jezzer nailed it, take your goddamn party back – if you still can.

      • Point taken. But don’t call me sweetie. ;-)

      • I don’t know about everyone else, but this bullshit is beginning to bore the snot out of me. I think I’ll move on to the next story…

  25. The Rock? Really?

    I always heard the Rock was a closet case. Why would he be a republica….uh, ok. I just answered my own question.

  26. Brian

    62 comments arguing over politics on a gossip blog in the middle of the day. Productivity! We’re changing the world one post at a time people!

  27. theextremistfish

    The idiot fish needs to stick to cock jokes his extremist political views are fucking tiresome.

  28. D-chi

    Hey, re: the Christian privilege quip, I just feel the need to remind you that this is a very Western-centric POV. I’m pretty sure Christians are still persecuted/killed in many countries where, you know, it’s illegal to be of that faith.

    Check your privilege, Fish!

    • A-freaking-men. Go find a Christian living in Egypt, Iran, or Somalia and ask them about how much “privilege” they enjoy.

    • It’s especially wonderful that many of the Christians in this country can empathize about what it’s like to live as a religious minority under an oppressive theocracy, and be denied a lot of the rights that other people in that country enjoy. And that must be exactly why many of them are determined to make this one into a Christian theocracy.

      I guess you missed the bit about “this country” in the quote about privilege, but kudos for not letting that get in the way of that full-on victimization thing you got going.

      • D-chi

        Ahh, you’re right! I did miss that bit. I’m just used to his usual hatorade about Christians in general, so my brain was not paying attention to details, clearly. Also I do count myself very lucky to live in the US where you believe pretty much anything and still be accepted (except for the WBC weirdos, they have to go).

        btw I am a huge fan of you, justi! keep doing your thing. :D

      • Since you clearly did miss it, I fully retract the victim remark. As you say, we are lucky to live in the US, where we can believe what we want when it comes to religion and go to sleep without being afraid we’ll be part of a religious pogrom before morning. Since this is entirely due to religion not being part of our government, it’s sad that this fact seems to be entirely lost on those who desperately want to inject theirs into it.

        I’m not a fan of Fish’s zombie remarks, but aside of that disrespect (and granted, it’s a big aside), do you really think most of the “usual hatorade” that gets dished out is really for people who don’t deserve it? (By that I mean people, especially politicians, who truly don’t understand that they don’t get to inflict their religious beliefs on everyone else and then paint themselves as victims when they run smack into the First Amendment.) I think that if people can get that the WBC isn’t representative of all Baptists, they can also understand that not all Christians get together every Sunday to plot to destroy the Establishment Clause. If you’re one who doesn’t, do you really feel tarred with that same brush when Fish takes the more extreme element to the woodshed?

      • D-chi

        Ugh, don’t even get me started on politicians. I can’t stand them. But what I have noticed is that Fish will sometimes make general remarks about Christians being unintelligent or hillbillies or about how he hates them. And while this is of course Fish’s site, and he can post anything he wants, it just saddens me to see that he leads his life filled with contempt for people he’ll never even meet.

        Anywho. Back to jokes about Madonna’s witchcraft, I say! (No really, she’s something else.)

  29. Fish,

    Please stop putting up political posts that nobody wants to read. Even though they routinely generate 10 times the number of comments as J-Lo’s ass, nobody comes here to read your political opinions. Please stop putting up posts that generate web traffic that generate ad dollars that pay your bills and allow you to keep the site open.


  30. anonym

    I don’t care what he says, this man is a pimp.

    He’s in his 60′s, and he only goes for 20 year olds. After 5 years, he dumps them, just in time for these young girls to move on with their lives.

    If I were in my 60′s, this is how I’d live. Fresh pussy all the time.

  31. ReaganDiedinDiapers

    Fish, please post more and more political stories. These mouthbreathing single celled conservative fucks are as hilarious in the comments, especially when they constantly prove your points due to how un-self aware they are.

  32. Spoonmanners

    Jesus Fucking Herbert Christ, Fish, you sure as hell make a blog about tits and dick jokes fucking unreadable.

    “No, but seriously, more politics.” – None of your fucking readers.

  33. The last paragraph is gold, Fish. Toss them post-Civial War time and you’d find these fuckers crying about losing their “property” and how feeding their slaves makes them righteous crisschuns and all that dueling banjos shit.

  34. Ricky

    You really proved your point that Hollywood isn’t run by liberals by listing 9 of the 20 conservative people that work in the industry (one of which you had to scratch off, idiot). When you have to bring up Tom Selleck you are digging.

  35. SupCzar

    Wow, you’ve gotten political…. totally, blatantly biased but damn it takes a little of the fun out of the site I’ve enjoyed over the last 8 years or so…

    Stick with the witty comments and bikinis; leave the politics for the biased liberal media that was able to get an inexperienced, underperforming politician elected president and i’m sure they will try it again… maybe take a marxist from the midwest that married a “beard” from the south, then said she was a NYer at heart… god help us all if that happens.

    but you go ahead with the witty remarks; the source has been soured.

  36. BenDoverman

    Woods can go suck a fat Lush Limbaugh woodie.

  37. D-chi

    Hold on for real though, am I the only one who keeps thinking of James Woods as “that guy from Family Guy?” I haven’t heard about him doing anything recently, so I don’t know what career he’s talking about exactly.

  38. EnglishTeacherAnni

    Oh my gosh….is everyone here but me being forced to read this site? If I don’t like a site, I just don’t read it anymore. Are you guys all locked in here or something? Shall I call 911 to help? There ARE other boobs on the Internet, you know. Just Google “tits” and they will come right up, honest.

    Or MAYBE Fish knows you guys LIKE to fight, so he throws in tits AND politics to make his readership go up. Oh, Fishy, you diabolical marketing genius…….

  39. Jenn

    What the hell is that girl doing with him? Money isn’t wonderful enough for me touch old man balls. Ew.

  40. I’m not a republican or a democrat. but I do enjoy how shitty and low people will get during a “political discussion” . The comments are some of the funniest on the sight. Thank you fish for opening this can of worms!

  41. Sgt. Joe Friday

    Rock: his status as a Republican usually comes from the fact that he’s been a guest speaker at the Republican national convention, even though, for some reason, it’s rarely mentioned that he also made an appearance at the Democratic national convention that same year (both as PR for the WWE). There is evidence that he once registered as an Independent, but he has never stated any political affiliation.

    Bruce Willis (via wikiquote): “I’m sick of answering this fucking question. I’m a Republican only as far as I want a smaller government, I want less government intrusion. I want them to stop shitting on my money and your money and tax dollars that we give 50 percent of… every year. I want them to be fiscally responsible and I want these goddamn lobbyists out of Washington. Do that and I’ll say I’m a Republican… I hate the government, OK? I’m apolitical. Write that down. I’m not a Republican.”


    • Glenn Quagmire

      Well put. There is a difference between a fical conservative and the staunch conservative. Despite justifiable saying the contrary, this site was at one time chock full of NSFW photos and celebrities acting stupid. D-chi is right in that Woods is looking for a scape goat for his lack of career.

  42. martina

    Is Woods another one of those greaseballs who supports the Republican-planned and carried out shutdown, then complains that the government is shut down and blames it on Obama?

    Oh well, he can always date an 18 year old and get over his misery.

  43. Todd

    Wow, you found eight whole conservatives? I have the math skills of the average liberal (translation: absolutely none whatsoever) but that’s like .00007% of actors in Hollywood.

    Damn, you really put those throngs of uppity hollywood conservatives in their place. Clearly there are so many it’s become an epidemic.

    I mean, if we are going to have someone get up on their soapbox and spew ignorant, uneducated political garbage, we want it to be liberal political garbage! Screw these conservatives and their understanding of… what did you call it again? Facts? A brain? A google search if I’m too lazy to crack a book?

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