Oh, STFU, James Woods, You’re Still Going To Work In Hollywood

James Woods recently tweeted his disapproval with Obama over the government shutdown along with one of those bullshit memes your old high school classmates post to Facebook between making fun of black people on food stamps. So naturally here’s Fox News to hype up James’ fear that he’ll never work in Hollywood again because it’s run by liberals:

“Dude, aren’t u worried about…u know..ever working again??” the Twitter user asked him.
Woods replied: “I don’t expect to work again. I think Barack Obama is a threat to the integrity and future of the Republic. My country first.”

I always love when rich white people of privilege (and/or Christianity) feel the need to have a persecution complex despite everything in this country working for them, so let me just spell out several examples of why James Woods’ career is in absolutely zero danger for him tweeting bullshit red meat about Obama loving illegals more than veterans.

The Rock: Republican and in a shit-ton of movies every year because wrestling.

Michael Bay: Republican and big budget director of one of the most profitable film franchises on the planet.

Bruce Willis: Republican and still being allowed to lazily phone in performances 20 times a year.

Clint Eastwood: More libertarian than Republican, but talked to a chair for Mitt Romney. I’d say his career’s fine.

Adam Sandler: Republican, but also Jewish, so I just wasted my time here didn’t I? Moving on and skipping right over Jerry Bruckheimer.

Gwyneth Paltrow: Republican and star of the biggest blockbusters in 2012 and 2013. Then again, she’s under the protection of Steven Spielberg. Goddammit. [Ed. Note: I so wanted this one to be true. So, so badly…]

Gary Sinise: Very outspoken Republican who actually backed you up yesterday, and yet will still continue to churn out episodes of CSI: Somewhere or another network police procedural – Like, oh I dunno, Blue Bloods starring Tom Selleck, Republican. – because they makes tons of money like everything else I just mentioned. Starting to get the picture?

And, finally, Jon Voight: Absolute fucking lunatic who’s made no qualms about hopping on Fox News and crying socialism during Obama’s entire presidency, and yet was recently cast in Ray Donovan… along with you!

I could go on, but no one wants to hear about Melissa Joan Hart outside the context of drug-fueled lesbian sex, so my main point here is quit your bitching. Go absolutely nuts on politics, God knows I do, but don’t sit around wrapping yourself in the flag like there’s some sort of Red Scare happening out there for “real patriots.” That filthy liberal Seth MacFarlane can explain it to you more during your next guest spot on Family Guy. Provided he gets the okay from George Soros who owes me a shitload of hookers right now. If you’ll excuse me…

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