James Marsden Got This Pregnant

James Marsden has barely been divorced for a year, but already he’s managed to accidentally knock up a model during a one-night stand. Although, he did get her to cheat on her boyfriend with him, so let’s give him points for that while also revisiting my theory that he put a baby in January Jones and wondering how I’m so handsomely right all the time. (The secret is just making shit up.) Page Six reports:

But a few months later, [Rose] Costa needed to renew her visa and flew back to Brazil with a two-day layover in Miami. Marsden was in Miami at the same time, and the two spent the night together.
We are told that when Costa came home, [her boyfriend Chris] Santos confronted her about Marsden. “She confessed everything. She told him they hooked up one night, one time,” a source told us, adding they split and Costa immediately moved out. Another source insists she and Santos had gone their separate ways before she got together with Marsden.
A month later, Santos contacted Costa, who confessed she’s expecting Marsden’s baby. We’re told she’s now three months pregnant and is planning on keeping the child.

The best part of this story? Even in real life James Marsden can’t escape being part of a love triangle. He was probably more pissed about that than the baby. “Yeah, whatever, I’m rich. But you had a boyfriend? Jesus! If it’s Wolverine, I swear to God I’m gonna piss in this phone.”

Photos: Rose Costa – Joshua Michael Shelton, James Marsden – Bauer-Griffin, Fame/Flynet, Splash News