James Marsden Knocked Up January Jones! Is How I’m Going To Read This

X-Men star James Marsden’s wife reportedly filed for divorce on September 23, so just assume she finally got around to seeing Hop and had no other choice besides sewing her vagina shut. TMZ reports:

A rep for James tells TMZ, “This was a mutual decision. They are committed to raising their kids together and remain great friends.”
The couple married in 2000 and have two children — a son and a daughter.

Swinging back to the headline, someone from the cast and/or crew of X-Men: First Class put a baby in January Jones. Now granted, James Marsden wasn’t even in it, maybe producer Bryan Singer brought him in for a cameo only to decide to make him have sex with January while a P.A. fed Bryan grapes as he shouted directions at them. And before you go, “Wow, that sounds highly unlikely,” don’t forget there are two things gay men can’t live without it: Grapes and yelling shit at people. It’s practically their lifeblood.

Photos: Splash News