James Franco Hated Making ‘Tristan + Isolde’

April 20th, 2012 // 93 Comments
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“God, where do I begin? For starters, they wouldn’t let my character fight Spider-Man which was bullshit…”

It’s always cool to read stories about actors being completely candid about working on movies that were obvious pieces of shit and being honest enough to say, “Yeah, it was a piece of shit.” Except there’s also a fine line that needs to be walked between refreshing candor and bitching about getting paid ridiculous amounts of money to play dress up and not enough people respecting the rich, delicious aromas wafting out of your anus. So you’ll be surprised to learn James Franco has no fucking clue what that line is as evidenced by his latest wank for The Daily Beast where he whines about Tristan + Isolde and manages to shit all over the medical community of Prague. So for your convenience, I pulled some choice quotes and then offered up my translation of what James Franco really meant, but in simpler, less fart-sniffing terms:

I signed on to the project nine months in advance, and spent every day sword fighting in the backyard of my girlfriend at the time, Marla Sokoloff. I had martial-arts trainers and we’d make sword-fighting videos back there, and then I’d go over to Griffith Park and ride these Andalusian movie horses through the hills. When I got out to Ireland to shoot, they said they had a new version of the script and all the Braveheart-style battle scenes were changed to stealthy murders. All the training I did was useless.

Translation: Have I mentioned I fucked Marla Sokoloff? I fucked Marla Sokoloff.

The movie was produced by Ridley Scott, and he always said, “Kevin Reynolds is a visual director, the script is good, and he’ll deliver the movie.” But I think our personalities just didn’t jibe. [Kevin] had the idea that my character would be more jovial, and I thought he was tragic. He was like, “James, I need you to smile in this scene.” And I said, “No. My character has no reason to be happy.” He said, “James, you can’t keep playing James Dean,” and I replied, “Kevin, you can’t keep making Robin Hood.” That kind of summed up our troubles. Plus, Ridley was off shooting Kingdom of Heaven, so he didn’t help much.

Translation: Dude, this one time I zinged this director so good he quit directing movies. [Ed. Note: This is actually true. Kevin Reynolds never directed another movie again after Tristan + Isolde, so read into that about what it's like putting up with James Franco as much as you like. - SW]

The lesson was that I will never do a movie again that I don’t have a special feeling for. I know now that you feel it somewhere in your gut when you believe in a movie, and that’s why you should do it. Don’t do a movie you wouldn’t see or don’t believe in, because movies can be hell to make.

Translation: My parents paid my rent a lot, so I just assume every actor can turn down paying jobs to star in their dream projects. Mine of course being a short film where I walk around Paris with a cock on my nose and at the end Gucci hands me a fat check. Seriously, anyone can do it.

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  1. Johnny P!

    Too bad. He really has the makings of a “Renaissance Man’.
    Full-time student for advanced degrees while acting, writing, directing, giving lectures, participating in live ‘performance art’, collaborating with other artists in various mediums, etc.
    If only he weren’t such a pretentious douche, kids could actually look up to him.

    • Cher X

      Yeah too bad, Course he does things like doesn’t show up to almost all of his classes and the teacher gets fired for not passing him. Oscars anyone? And he’s a pretentious twat who disses all of his projects because he’s too cool….

      Awww shit he’s not a renaissance man at all! He’s just a douche. There cleared it up for you.

      • Harriscandoit

        Ya he missed class (acting classes) shooting a Movie that got him nominated for best actor. A professor that has done nothing of the kind wanted to fail him for doing what most actors can only dream off (jealousy anyone?) Its like failing a student who attends law school for winning of the biggest trials of the year because he missed some classes. Get real.

      • No, it means if you don’t show up for the fucking classes and do the fucking work — like the people who have taken out loans, are working full-time, or otherwise having to bust their asses to pay tuition because they’re not spoiled, rich actors — you shouldn’t get the grades. Lots of people have to work and go to school at the same time; the school makes no special provisions for them. The school not only should have upheld the professor’s decision to fail him, they should have laughed in Franco’s face when he whined about being treated like an actual student instead of a spoiled brat with a vanity project.

    • Jethro

      If he attended any of the classes or did the work himself instead of hiring people to write his papers people might take him seriously. When the campus post writes weekly about how you try to hire to write your work it looks bad to the staff you work with.

  2. He must be the King of 4/20

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      • Richard McBeef, MD - Board Certified Gynecologist

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    • Jenkins

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    • Error Report

      I dont get it, why are you killing KGB agents and then telling people about it? And then youre talking about fucking up the FBI in someones ass or some crazy shit. You shouldn’t be on the internet.

    • Just now seeing this thread and HOLY SHIT, people. McBeef is definitely not banned. Really boring explanation with ass raping results: Apparently I marked one of his comments as Spam because it was written in Russian. (Sorry, 99.9% a comment is in Russia it’s followed by Spam. Total reflex action.) After doing that, some of his comments started getting auto-filtered as Spam until I shoved them back in. That should stop happening less and less, but every once in a while our filter gets sensitive. For example, regulars like justifiable and TomFrank have found themselves occasionally auto-moderated just for frequency of comments. It’s fucking annoying to say the least but it apparently it leads to an hours-long conversation about the FBI helping my dad fuck me in the ass. I’m honestly just impressed at the amount of subplots here.

      Also, kudos, TomFrank because Dick Meat MD, ricky, Fuego, Maria, Error Report, Joey D., Serena66, Jenkins, Doughnot Boy, cecil, deer park, Cat Lady, Colon, Dan F, Fear, Jack Damnsey, Lilly are all the same person.

  4. Crissy

    I must be a little off because it’s Friday, but does that mask look like a bunch of balls to anyone else?!!!

  5. he “manages to shits”? that’s quite a feat

  6. Tristan & Isolde must have sucked really hard, because I completely forgot that it already came out (six years ago) and thought it was an upcoming movie. (By the way, it’s an ampersand, not a plus sign in the title. This wasn’t Romeo + Juliet.)

    That being said, Kevin Reynolds has a pretty crappy track record as a director, so Tristan probably deserves to be shat on. Remember, this is the guy who gave us Waterworld—at least before his one-time BFF Kevin Costner forced him off the movie.

    By the way, Reynolds just finished directing a Hatfields-and-McCoys miniseries for The History Channel, so he didn’t exactly leave the biz. Oh, and it’s with Kevin Costner, so apparently they patched things up.

  7. @Have I mentioned I fucked Marla Sokoloff? I fucked Marla Sokoloff.

    Sure you did Franco, sure you did.

  8. James Franco Childrens Book The Dangerous Book Four Boys
    Commented on this photo:

    Childhood actors have always treated people like shit because their fans love them and they believe they will never lose their fame, money or power. James Franco’s criminal record, criminal friends and proficient drug use probably have lead him to believe he can do whatever he wants and get away with it. Treating people like garbage is what James Franco is best at.

    Mel Gibson
    Charlie Sheen
    James Franco

  9. SWG

    So much arrogance coming from the rich man’s version of Hayden Christensen.

  10. Frank Burns

    On his first complaint, I kind of agree with Franco. Nobody likes a “bait and switch” job where you are told one thing about a job, then surprise, its something else. On the other hand, I’d think a huge paycheck would help one get over it pretty quick.

  11. LokiaS

    “My parents paid my rent a lot, so I just assume every actor can turn down paying jobs to star in their dream projects. Mine of course being a short film where I walk around Paris with a cock on my nose and at the end Gucci hands me a fat check. Seriously, anyone can do it.”

    Um, sorry man. Franco dropped out of UCLA and was living on a sofa while working in McDonald’s while he hunted for acting work.

  12. James Franco Childrens Book The Dangerous Book Four Boys
    Commented on this photo:

    “Yeah, we’re all doing this low-budget indie superhero film called Masked Men. I’m real excited about it right now, but I’ll probably grow bored with it midway, and only finish it halfheartedly in a very obvious manner.”

  13. “Don’t do a movie you wouldn’t see or don’t believe in…”
    For the love of God, could Mr. Franco please lead an intervention for Adam Sandler!

  14. C’mon…nothing Franco said was not that bad. He takes acting a little more seriously than most, and spoke his mind.

  15. James Franco Childrens Book The Dangerous Book Four Boys
    Commented on this photo:

    “What’s my motivation? C’mon, Franco!”

  16. This was the guy from “Pineapple Express” right? Cool. I was all highbrow and fancy and never even knew it.

  17. James Franco Childrens Book The Dangerous Book Four Boys
    Commented on this photo:

    lol he is so fucking stoned

  18. Dick

    “Sword fighting in the backyard of my girlfriend” is the best metaphor for double anal ever.

  19. “When I got out to Ireland to shoot, they said they had a new version of the script and all the Braveheart-style battle scenes were changed to stealthy murders. All the training I did was useless”

    From what I understand you probably could do Braveheart Two with Mel if you gave him a call, put that training to good use.

  20. Okie

    He’s so hot

  21. James Franco Childrens Book The Dangerous Book Four Boys
    Commented on this photo:

    do not listen to this kids James just keep doing what your doing your very talented

  22. zomgbie

    so whats his excuse for the oscars?

  23. Dramatic Puddle

    What I’ve seen of his has been terrible. Maybe instead of running his mouth he should make better choices and then make an effort when acting? Better yet, he should just STFU and GTFO of the business. He’s not that interesting anyway.

  24. Alpo

    I don’t understand, what put this dick on the map? How’d he get to be where he is? He’s not hot, not close to fuckable, dumb, average at best….what’s the pull? Gay mafia? Parents were somebodies? Please, anyone? BTW thanks for the story, T&I was horrible, and he looked like he hated it the whole time, why didn’t they fire him? I need answers people!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Trek Girl

      According to IMDb he is “Best known for his breakthrough role on Freaks and Geeks…” . IMDb also says that “although he’s been working steadily, it wasn’t until the TNT made-for-television movie, James Dean (2001)(TV) that james rose to fan-magazine fame and got to show off his talent.”

      I hope that helps.

  25. James Franco Childrens Book The Dangerous Book Four Boys
    Commented on this photo:

    it looks like he has a scrotum growing out of his head.

  26. Colon

    James is just trying to explain his frustration he underwent while dealing with something beyond his grasp. Everyone probably felt the same way including the Director, these things happen.

  27. James Franco Childrens Book The Dangerous Book Four Boys
    Cat Lady
    Commented on this photo:

    He’s a fun guy and would like to see him come back to tv :D

  28. James Franco Childrens Book The Dangerous Book Four Boys
    Commented on this photo:

    It looks like he is trying not to laugh here. You know when something is funny but it might be inappropriate to laugh in a crowded room about it? That’s what that looks like he’s doing, he’s trying to cover his face as he hold in a laugh. Probably because he’s stoned out of his mind on whatever it is he’s been taking for all of his life.

  29. LordAtama

    Why not post some Marla Sokoloff pictures?

  30. Kat

    Yikes…he seems like kinda a douche. Oh well

  31. jung yung fung

    hes a closet homo.

  32. bridge

    ok seriously, don’t you guys think that EVERY actor feels this? He’s not the only one, he just said it candidly. Yeah actors try to convey to us that “acting” has it’s cons, but not really. money and fame. sometimes their privacy is intruded upon, but they know it’s worth the millions thrown into their pockets, that’s why they continue to do it, and life their lifestyle. don’t think james is any different or more dickish than any other actor, give him a break, or ridicule and call every other actor a dick as well.

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