James Franco Tried To Get Stephen Colbert To Break Character, He Failed

July 31st, 2014 // 16 Comments
James Franco Colbert Report

I try not to post a lot of The Colbert Report clips because it’s way better written than anything you’ll ever see here, I mean, there’s no boobs. It doesn’t have boobs! *bangs table* TEE-ITS. But so far this week, he’s taken the piss out of Kim Kardashian, and now here he is completely rebuffing poetic ingenue/flatulence repurposer extraordinaire James Franco‘s attempt to get him to break character. Then again, a true conservative would’ve shot him in the face for brandishing homosexual ornaments, so well played, dicknose. Well played.

And for shits and giggles, Gawker’s Jay Hathaway posted this awesome clip of how Colbert prepare his guests which basically involves telling them he’s going to act like a complete idiot who has no knowledge of how anything works. Exactly like a Republican:

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  1. Greg

    The funny part, even after Colbert explained it to Kerry…….Kerry probably still didn’t understand whats going on.

  2. Charlie Pierce wrote himself a damn fine article there.

  3. I’m pretty sure he didn’t “prepare” the Bush White House staff when he did the 2006 White House Correspondents’ Dinner. And as much I’d like to think the White House thought he was a legitimate conservative comedian, it was the White House Correspondents’ Association who booked him.

  4. ManWhoHasSeenAVagina

    The Daily Show >> The Colbert Report

    People who prefer Colbert are typically very smarmy and holier than thou. I find the writing to be great, but the character that Colbert plays can be tiring. But, the biggest fans of his show, the smarmy ones, love the idea that they are in on a joke that other people don’t get. We get it, and it was funny for a little while, but we don’t feel special about having gotten it.

    That clip with Franco sucked. The backstage stuff was slightly interesting. Now, stop leaning on Colbert and write your own shit, you lazy ass.

  5. Leila

    I prefer John Stewart, but can’t help but love Colbert. To paraphrase another, the man has titanium balls. And as much as I may want to dislike Franco for his all over the place life and his yellow teeth, I just can’t hate the guy. He values education over money and fame, he is willing to play any type of role, and laughs at himself freely [see his Roast on Comedy Central]. But no way he could ever break Colbert out of character!

  6. Stan Lee

    This is because Mr. Coldcut has no conscience. He is an evil scumbag and has no emotions.

    It’s easy to stay in character when you have none of your own.

    Anyone who thinks this guy is worthy of any praise is seriously deluded. Get out of your media-induced stupor and start thinking for yourselves! Otherwise you’ll be sheep for the slaughter.

    • “Otherwise you’ll be sheep for the slaughter.”

      I think I like you guys better when you’re just stupid, instead of creepy and stupid.

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