James Franco Tried To Get Stephen Colbert To Break Character, He Failed

I try not to post a lot of The Colbert Report clips because it’s way better written than anything you’ll ever see here, I mean, there’s no boobs. It doesn’t have boobs! *bangs table* TEE-ITS. But so far this week, he’s taken the piss out of Kim Kardashian, and now here he is completely rebuffing poetic ingenue/flatulence repurposer extraordinaire James Franco’s attempt to get him to break character. Then again, a true conservative would’ve shot him in the face for brandishing homosexual ornaments, so well played, dicknose. Well played.

And for shits and giggles, Gawker’s Jay Hathaway posted this awesome clip of how Colbert prepare his guests which basically involves telling them he’s going to act like a complete idiot who has no knowledge of how anything works. Exactly like a Republican:

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