James Franco Tried To Bang A 17-Year-Old

Below is a video of James Franco spotting 17-year-old Lucy from Scotland outside of Of Mice And Men Tuesday night and specifically telling her to “tag” him on Instagram when she puts it up because he’s just a cool, friendly Hollywood actor who loves his fans. Mostly in the vagina:

That video went up yesterday, and James Franco didn’t waste a second immediately private messaging Lucy and asking her such friendly questions as “How old are you?” and more importantly, “How far away are you from my penis?” Questions which Lucy screencapped then immediately posted to imgur because this dude’s trying to fuck a 17-year old today. Via ONTD where there are a shitload more:

James Franco Instagram

Since then James Franco has advised parents to keep their teenagers away from him which means this could just as easily be another dicknose art piece or a Jimmy Kimmel prank. Except ignore that last part. I’m saving that one for when Chris Hansen catches me. That’s one mine.

“Take a seat right over there. So what’s with all the Zima-“
“Jimmy Kimmel! Jimmy Kimmel made me do it.”
“… Dammit. You’re free to go.”

Yup, that’ll work just like that.

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