James Deen Is Denying All of Those Rape Accusations

In a not-all-surprising move, James Deen sat down with The Daily Beast to deny all of the rape accusations being hurled against him and blame them all on jealous ex-girlfriends if not the auspices of the porn profession because he’s a slimy prick. “Allegedly.” So feel free to give that a read, and then definitely check out Amelia McDonell-Parry’s exhaustively researched response to Deen’s “answers.” And if you’re wondering why I’m not being entirely objective here, I’m not CNN. I’m an asshole with a soapbox built entirely out of boob photos who’s using it to voice my personal opinion that I believe most of the women accusing James Deen of sexual assault and reject any notions that they had it coming by mere virtue of doing porn. “What did they expect?” is not an acceptable response, nor are Deen’s alleged actions something they should take lying down. And that last part is exactly why I’m not a journalist because you know what a serious subject like rape doesn’t need? Puns. I’ll shut up now.

James Deen Responds To Rape Allegations: “I Am Completely Baffled” – The Frisky

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