James “J-Krom” Cromwell is STILL Hard AF

Legendary character actor James Cromwell has been released from the slammer. This of course isn’t the first time the Oscar nominee has had run ins with the law, the guy has been a badass since the Civil Rights era. The Hollywood Reporter caught up with J-Krom after his recent stint to find out how many people he shanked while in the joint…

So, if they had put me in the general population, some guy concerned that he might be attacked might say, “Well, if I beat the shit out of this old actor, then I’ve made my chops and people will leave me alone,” and the last thing the institution wants is a celebrity coming in there and exposing through his own misfortune the jungle that this place is. So they let me out after three days when I would have otherwise been moved into the general population.

How many inmates in this place do you think saw/remember Babe or even better, the masterpiece of “fish out of water stories” that is Babe: Pig in The City? What would have been awesome if James came out of the clink with a teardrop tattoo a ton of new friends who can make the postman stop at his house first. I honestly don’t think anyone would ever consider beating up James Cromwell, but I could definitely see J-Krom going after the hardest hog body in the yard and starting a prison riot in the name of PETA or something.