James Cromwell Is Hard AF

James Cromwell, one of the most iconic “stick up your ass” character actors of all time, is spending a week in jail to protest a power plant. He was fined for stopping traffic during a power plant protest a while back and refusing to pay, opting to take jail time in protest.

J-Krom (in the joint they call him that) was involved in the civil rights movement and anti-Vietnam protests in his younger days, even dapping down with the Panthers at some point. Now he’s going to jail for a week in New York because the man just can’t keep James Cromwell down. From Times Herald-Record:

Cromwell said he hopes people realize the injustice of the jail sentence and hoped it would mobilize more people to join their pickets in front of the power plant. The plant is under construction and scheduled to go online in February 2018.“If we don’t stay together, nothing will change,” Cromwell said. “Power to the people.”

My life would be complete if I ever got to see the footage of James Cromwell getting slammed into a squad car while muttering “that’ll do, pig.” You know? Like from Babe? Anybody who still has a copy of that movie on VHS please bring it to my BBQ for the fourth, it’s gonna be a real doozie!