Jake Gyllenhaal gets drunk at Pre-Oscars

March 7th, 2006 // 95 Comments

  1. LaydeeBug

    JEE-ZUS!!! I LOVE DSL. I just got it. Oh, and…

    FINALLY….a blog for the ladies to goo-goo, gah, gah about.

    I would soooo hit that. I knew he was a goofy kind of character. Yeah, he probably is a little annoying like any 25 year old, but dahhhmn, isn’t he as cute as a bellybutton?

  2. Viola

    #2: Good one! :o)

  3. Ang Lee and Jake should have hit the sack in Brokeback Mountain instead. Maybe they would have scooped up Best Picture feeding some racial relations to the homo tent.

  4. single

    oh man. hes just having fun. damn hes hot. ahah those are nice pictures

  5. JohnCameron

    [homosexual joke here]

    Seriously, it looks like a good actor having a ridiculous amount of fun – and I like the mental image of Jake Gyllenhaal thinking to himself, “You know what? I’m just going to get drunk and mess with Ang Lee’s MIND.”

  6. hafaball

    I’d be drunk too if the best movie I was in had me playing a gay cowboy.

  7. soapbox

    He’s got a BIG head, literally.

    But the pics are funny. Doesn’t look like Ang minds too much of his antics. If he looked pissed that would have been bad.

  8. Leyna

    haha, I love that first picture. It’s nice to see that he can be himself even infront of a camera

  9. Lavinia the Vainglorious

    The first and second pictures are the best!
    I forgive you for The Day After Tomorrow, Jake.

    But poor Ang Lee. He’s looking like the patient, long-suffering dad of a frat boy: Dignified, trying to humour Jake, but going “Oy vey” inside.

  10. Sassy

    I love him even more.

  11. Ah, I love the man even more! Great pics! hahaa

  12. amma

    I didn’t think it was possible, but I now love Jake even more!!!

  13. A Nobody

    Blah ha ha! That’s some hilarious shit.

  14. playahater101

    # 15 It looks like glass to me instead of a mirror. Does he ever have a date for these events?

    I think it’s glass, too. He probably doesn’t have a date b/c he’s still getting over the fact he actually dated that troll Kirsten Dunst. For a long time.

  15. beemochi

    So you think Bill Hurt’s thinking, “If I lose an Oscar to this guy, I’ll fucking lose it.”

  16. This is better news. I have to agree. He just let loose and said f*ck it to all the other snot wads around him.


  17. Alikat

    I love him.

    It really annoys me too that with at least every picture someone’s like “oh, this is definitely photoshopped”. It is so stupid. You can TELl when things are actually photoshopped and sadly, most of the celeb pictures are real.

  18. HollyJ

    He looks like satan in the first two pics and a queen in the last two.


  19. Chris'sMom

    #59 “But poor Ang Lee. He’s looking like the patient, long-suffering dad of a frat boy: Dignified, trying to humour Jake, but going “Oy vey” inside.”
    Yes Because we all know Ang Lee is secretly Jewish.

  20. anyone that looks that good in 2 santa hats look good even drunk and obnoxious.

  21. katie

    hes astoundingly hot and can therefore do whatever the hell he wants

  22. sugarbuzz

    Man, that’s fucking awesome. Rock on

  23. Jack Nasty in the house! He shoulda cut loose like this weeks ago.

  24. deluxxe

    haha. awesome. is that William Hurt?
    Looks like Jake is taking some photo posing advice from Jack Black.

  25. teenfeet

    HAHA! Fucking Jake, man. I love the one with William Hurt!

  26. He’s brain is fried, he had to get drunk thinking of Brokeback Mountain…

  27. pixie-stix

    Jake was just having some fun, what the hell. He’s one hot biscuit.

  28. thegabi

    Hahah awesome.. Nice to see a celeb not acting like a pretentious douche for once.

  29. Moksha

    In the last picture you can clearly see the degenerate slope to his head, and the ever-more-bulbous nose which will drop lower and become larger as the years pass. Ugly lil fella. A drunk.

  30. yeah, he hooked up with Kiera Knightly. That sounds about as believeable as the story that Johnathan Ryse Davis and Lindsay Lohan hooked up….convieniently planted by his publicists RIGHT after Scarlett Johansen said that they were great friends because he was like “Having a girlfriend” and he like shopping and gossiping etc… In the same way Jakes boyfriend that he goes to LAkers games with all the time…would be a bit pissed if he came home smelling like Kiera.


  31. Jessie

    Sorry ladies, but he’s gay. #2 – funny, but he WAS acting. It was kinda brave of him to take the role, knowing all the rumors abt him.

  32. Jessie

    #80 awesome photos. I rest my case.

  33. sarakai

    I don’t wanna be one of those ppl who say every embarassing photo of a celebrity is photo-shopped but the first photo is so photo-shopped. Look at the way the original photo has been cut around Uma’s head- totally fake. And the way the light is apparently shining their shadows should be on the wall not around the edge of Ang’s head.
    It doesn’t, however, take away from the fact that Jake WAS completely smashed and those last three are real- Go Jake, it’s your birthday!

  34. Swordman

    Jake is Norweigian for Tool

  35. This is why he was so awesome/out-of-it when he introduced some montage during the AA. He was hilarious.

  36. I’m totally becoming a Jake groupie. I want to get drunk with him so bad. He rules now.

  37. BadassFred

    Am I the only that thinks this guy is a little goofy looking?

  38. Phoenix

    #87 no you’re not the only one. How fuckin overrated

  39. nick botulism

    #83 – pictures taken with a strong flash often have a photoshopped look because of the shadows cast by the flash. the shadows around ang’s head ARE on the wall…

  40. theorbitofme

    jake, jake, jake….HOT! HOT! HOT!
    i would bend over (broke)backwards for that — PERIOD. these pics are laugh out loud funny — especially since he always seems so reserved in interviews. glad to see he has a sense of humor!

  41. candy

    God bless you, Jake.

  42. Ying-Yang

    Hilarity! I guess celebrities sometimes know how to have fun like us human.

    To those who found these pictures annoying, you need to go get yourself a glass of FUN (preferably alcoholic to get the full effect). It is a “PARTY” for pete’s sake.

    I am sure Ang Lee is so heartbroken about not having yet another perfect cheek to cheek photo with some supposedly famous person …

  43. mylene

    he’s still hot

  44. chanel_bear

    i’d still do him

  45. LMAO!!!! It’s been nearly two years and I LOVE looking at these photos! Jake’s got character!

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