Jake Gyllenhaal gets drunk at Pre-Oscars

March 7th, 2006 // 95 Comments

  1. suzy

    lmao… i still love him

    he didn’t win best supporting actor, but he’s having fun! lol

  2. He was drowning his sorrows because deep down he knows he wasn’t acting…

  3. Lynette Carrington

    Ah, to be young and in love! Or maybe Jake was auditioning for ‘Kill Bill, Volume 3′.

  4. mp3junkie

    Leave Jake along. He is just having fun. Gosh, he is so damn hot. I love that facial hair.

  5. wunderfulpixi

    Come on now, clearly photo shopped. You can’t see his reflection in the mirror in the pic second from the bottom. But if he did get wasted with Ang Lee…maybe it’s because he made out with a guy for no reason at all. You win Academy Awards for that, dang it!

  6. FINALLY!! a news worthly story!!

    These pictures are hilarious!! I especially like the one where he is giving the horns.

  7. SuperSpence

    I think Jake and Ang went back to a hotel and got all Brokeback Mountain on each other.

  8. i meant *worthy*–too many pics of Jake, I can’t type correctly-


  9. robot_turkey

    “You can’t see his reflection in the mirror in the pic second from the bottom.”

    That’s because Jake’s a vampire. A very hot, very fuzzy vampire.

  10. tits_on_snack


  11. Wild Rose

    Wow! These pics are goddam hilarious! Now *that’s* the kinda sponteneity I like to see at these stuffy events!

  12. bobbi

    “Come on now, clearly photo shopped. You can’t see his reflection in the mirror in the pic second from the bottom.”

    You cant see his reflection because its a glass window. Look, you can even see a waitress in the middle.

  13. Baroness


  14. Grphdesi23

    Remember….Ang Lee made the movie for his DAD.

    A father should be so proud.

  15. princess373

    It looks like glass to me instead of a mirror. Does he ever have a date for these events?

  16. Baroness

    Is that Uma Thurman with Ang Lee in the first picture?

  17. Captain Awesome

    hahaha awesome pictures. There should be one of him dry-humping Uma.

  18. SoCoDivka

    I heard today he’s hooked up with Kiera Knightly. So jealous…

  19. Kevin

    I love idiots who think every photo is faked with photoshop. These are the same people who were burned by those fake 9/11 shots of the tourist.

  20. B-Bomb

    Now more than ever, I want to marry him and have lots of little photo-op ruining Jake babies.

  21. nico

    I would still do him 54 ways in the back of a pickup truck.

  22. kalla

    looks like one of my friends after being overserved. Gotta hand it to him for being himself

  23. asenath7766

    Jake Gyllenhaal is ADORABLE & SEXY! He can do whatever he wants.

  24. Classic, lol. They look exactly like my company party pictures.

  25. deyanira_spain

    he really scares me!

  26. playahater101

    He is so hot. I LOVE him.

  27. Queen LaQueefah

    You know, I really didn’t give two shits about Jake Gyllenhaal before this, but now I’m fuckin’ in love with him!

  28. Evangelia

    why is everyone saying how hot jake is? it’s ANG who rings my bell. and he actually did win an oscar.

  29. downshine

    i’d hit that!

  30. Ing

    What can I say..that is absolutley fucking hilarious..and I agree..jake does look pretty hot..

  31. Ing

    ..Ang looks like a good sport….

  32. christenwentboom

    15. Posted by princess373 on March 7, 2006 04:08 PM

    It looks like glass to me instead of a mirror. Does he ever have a date for these events?

    he should take me. i ruin everyone’s pictures.

  33. gogoboots

    I love Jake too, even better drunk! What a hilarious thing to do to Ang Lee…at least Jake has a sense of humor about stuff, and he’s so HOT!

  34. gogoboots

    I love Jake he’s awesome!

  35. Jayne

    I can imagine all the Donnie Darko fanatics literally licking the screen.

  36. Nadine

    haha I think I like him even more now, actually yes, I KNOW I like him better =)

  37. BlackMamba

    Jake rules!!!!! I absolutely adore him <3 <3 <3

  38. lizzielizzie

    I liked him already, but this knocks my love out of the park. He looks so cute being goofy! I’m so tired of all these celebs trying so hard to convince us that they’re cool…this RULES!!! Go Jake!

  39. Painfully this reminds my of my own boyfriend.

  40. WHO is the woman in the first pic? Uma or Allure editor Linda Wells?

  41. Wow…
    Jake is even cute when he is being goofy and drunk.

  42. andrewthezeppo

    Hot, young, rich, talented AND LIKES TO DRINK

    if there was ever a doubt he’s the one for me, it’s been erased.

  43. Chris'sMom

    Look, whether he’s gay, not gay, a vampire, fuzzy, or whatever else we can think of, it is still better than seeing more pics of Paris Hilton being herself…a classless slut.
    Besides, Jake is so hot, He would be the only man I would ever think of leaving my husband for. The difference is my honey really is a Marine, not just on the screen. Still both very hot though.

  44. If I ever get invited to a Hollywood party, I’m hanging out at Jake’s table.

  45. NastyTodd

    brokeback physco….

  46. Tania

    The top two pictures are definitely my favorite. I think they are really funny, my kind of guy.

  47. xaputa

    hot hot hot

    #11: Ditto!
    Had it been Spielberg in the background of those two first shots it would be hilarious.

  48. ESQ

    Even if these pictures were real – Jake looks like the annoying drunk guy that has to cram himself in every picture at either a wedding or a party.

    LMAO at comment #2 – so true!

  49. Craig & "em"

    As always…I hate pointing out the obvious, but does anyone notice that Jake looks Asian AND apparently he’s now dating the Kill Bill Girl?

    Maybe it’s just me!

  50. SugaryCherry

    He’s pulling a Tom Cruise!

    Only I actually like Jake. Here’s to hoping he’s actually drunk and not Cruisazy.

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