Jake Gyllenhaal & Rashida Jones Probably Have Sex Now

When we last Jake Gyllenhaal’s love life, it was fresh off of curbing Taylor Swift for a crack at Jennifer Aniston’s glacia majora, so here he is Saturday with his latest Gyllen.. “haul” (If two testicles and a shaft dangle between this man’s legs, he’ll start using that term immediately. With gusto.), Rashida Jones, who let’s assume thinks she’s going to be the one to change him. Now, some people are skittish to speculate further considering these are just pictures of two people having lunch, but come on, they’re rich, beautiful Hollywood actors who you know went home and had sex in ways we couldn’t even imagine/possibly afford. I’m talking it’s practically a Parkour battle scene from Prince of Persia complete with Ben Kingsley in the background talking about the Sands of Time. “And once the button in the dagger is pressed, time will cease to- Jacob, look at the girl not me.”

Photos: Splash News