Jake Gyllenhaal Left This For Jennifer Aniston

February 15th, 2011 // 94 Comments

In the hustle to cover Grammys, this story got lost in the mix, but I felt it was important enough to mention just so people are aware Jennifer Aniston is still out there preying on men in their late 20s/early 30s so she can fill the Brad Pitt-sized hole in her ice-heart. Life & Style reports:

The startlet took a break from her whirlwind promotional tour for her new film Just Go With It and made her way to The Spotted Pig restaurant where she dined in a private room with a group of friends and her former hunky co-star. “Jake and Jen looked really happy and really seemed to be enjoying themselves,” an eyewitness tells the Scene Queens. “They looked like they were strategizing a way to exit the restaurant probably because they didn’t want to be photographed together.” Shortly after their discussion Jen exited the restaurant with her friends in tow. Though Jake was not in the group, it is possible he could have snuck out the back door while no one was looking.
This romantic birthday dinner only adds fuel to the fire that Jen and Jake’s longtime friendship could be something more. The duo was spotted just weeks ago at a pre Golden Globes party in L.A where they were flirty.

A lot of people are questioning the validity of this report, but I’m hesitant to do so and I’ll tell you why: Back when John Mayer start dating Jennifer Aniston, I thought to myself, “That can’t be. He has sex with Perez Hilton.” And look how that turned out. So, I’m gonna wait and see on this one. Not make any sudden mov- HE’S IN HER VAGINA! HE’S IN IT! RIGHT THERE! NEXT TO THE- Aw, it’s just a wrapper.

Photos: INFdaily, Splash News


  1. Maplewood

    He left a 12 year old boy in a bikini? Now I really am confused about what he likes.

    • Marley

      Me too. What is it that I’m looking at?

    • eatme

      are you people mental? I would do crazy crazy shit to TS. One of the prettiest girls in the world just waiting to be shown the ropes. JA is just nasty and bitter. Can’t act, in shitty movies. TS if you are reading this please know that I have nothing but respect for you so please please let me stick it in you.

      • CC

        She looks like a rat that got pulled nose first thru a coke bottle.

      • Marley

        Well regardless, it’s a really unflattering picture. The only way she looks good is if she’s all dolled up with a face full of makeup and a dress. Y’know, to cover up the awkward.

    • IntelligentAsFellasGet

      Lol. she is built straight up and down. No hips, no ass, no curves. Boy she better be sending Kanye some flowers. He has truly done more for her career than she could have for herself.

  2. Snickers

    If it wasn’t for the Taylor Swift tag, I never would’ve guessed who or what that creature was.

  3. BoozeRob

    I wouldn’t leave Taylor Swift…. I would never go near her to begin with.

    Seriously, good for Jake.

  4. Jennifer Aniston is so much more fuckable.

  5. her butt’s a little flat but i’d pulverize it a hundred ways into tomorrow

  6. Taylor Swift Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    aaah yes the ol’ jesus pose. must be shooting a corny music video

  7. Taylor Swift Bikini
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  8. Taylor Swift Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    dare i say this pose is cornier than 5th of july poop

  9. Rainey4Pres

    Jennifer Anniston’s body is way hotter

  10. So a 30 year old left a 20 year old to be with a 40 year old…and the 40 year old is the one criticized for the whole thing?

    I just don’t get all the Jennifer Aniston hating that goes on. You know her father is on Days of our Lives…true story.

  11. Henny

    both of them are fug faces, so he’s a moron

  12. Drew

    Oh ok, so he left one flat ass for another flat ass?

  13. testington

    it “this” Taylor Switf? honestly this post was beyond confusing and pointless. WTF is it about?

  14. Taylor Swift Bikini
    suck it
    Commented on this photo:

    aniston is hotter and probably doesn’t act like a little girl..

    • kiko

      She’s hotter if you like Granny porn. I take the new car with the fresh new smell and the tight leather; you can have the high-mileage used car that so many previous owner decided to trade in. Probably annoying rattles and an engine that didn’t purr.

  15. Ben

    Taylor is beautiful.

  16. Gorgeous

    Why does a girl have to have curves to be beautiful. Taylor has a super models body. Tall and thin. I wish I had her legs.

  17. EWWWWWWW!!!!

    Taylor Swift is fugly and dumb.

    But who cares,

    Jake Gyllenmhaal is gay and Taylor Swift fakes relationships with closeted gay celebrities.

    • Steve Ross

      And you’re a fucking moron who couldn’t get laid in a brothel w a pocket full of cash.

      • ....

        Stfu Steve Ross and take your ignorant fucking ass back to that rock you’ve been hiding under.

      • Hmmm

        I’m starting to think that Steve Ross is actually some big fat bloated cuntess hiding out on a dude’s name and obviously her fat ass is on her period judging by all the angry text. HEY STEVE ROSS GO DO WHAT ALL YOU FAT ANGRY BITCHES DO…EAT YOUR TEARS IN THE FORM OF A TWINKIE..

      • Steve Ross

        Next time you’re going to post twice under different pseudonyms, might want to wait a bit longer. Blatantly obvious youre the same ignorant backwoods inbred country bumpkin ….might want to also consider brushing up on your grammar as well as your grasp on the English language….

  18. Taylor, I’m really happy for you. I’ll let you finish, but Jennifer Aniston has a way better fucking body than you. *kanye shrug*

  19. Break-Up Song
  20. fuck you

    wow and you never mentioned who the girl in the picture was. I fucking hate you with all my guts. I hope you die of the slowest most painful cancer there is. Seriously. You will never get as many views as perez hilton because of shit like this. I hate perez hilton but at least he doesn’t forget to mention who’s in his pictures. Now i have to go and look up who jake’s girlfriend was because you retarded inbred assholes forgot to mention it.
    Eat a dick and die.

    • Get Some Help Dude!

      I beleive you might have issues. I suggest you get some counseling, go through drug rehab, or AA. I think there might be hope for you.

      • fuck you

        First of all, it wasn’t 2 seconds after i posted that comment that i calmed down and realized that it was Taylor swift in the bottom description. And i kinda laughed because i already knew very well that taylor was jake’s girlfriend. I just wasn’t thinking clearly at the time.
        Secondly, to your comment “and if you love perez hilton so much”….
        Are you blind? here is what i wrote in my original comment-
        “I hate perez hilton but at least he….”
        Did you miss that part??? I HATE perez hilton. But there is no denying that he gets more views than any other gossip site out there. But I repeat, i HATE PEREZ HILTON.
        Did you get it this time?
        I don’t understand how someone could be so stupid and say that someone else “likes” perez hilton when that person specifically said they “hate perez hilton”

      • Steve Ross

        Seriously, just shut up… you’re just making it worse.

    • so then I said...

      well it wasn’t like you were gonna get a fucking date with her now was it? so why do you need to know her name? what…you wanted to go stalk her or something? go dig in her trash cans late at night like a goddamn raccoon? and if you love perez hilton so much, why the hell you over here on this site? get back over there with perez then. we don’t tolerate whining, sore tailed, ashy foot, cry baby bitches over HERE. this is the SUPERFICIAL motherfucker.

      • fuck you

        Unfortunately i have to reply to “so then i said…” again because “steve ross” doesn’t have a reply button.
        Making it worse? Lol i already explained that it was my fault for not seeing who it was in the picture you inbred waste of life.
        Oh and by the way, tell your mom to give me my fucking money. She doesn’t work the streets for free you know.

    • Steve Ross

      Wtf are you babbling about? The fact you even spend time on perez hilton is all that needs to be said. Stfu and die.. or go to said site. Same same.

    • suck it

      Right. Because it was that hard to notice when you click on the picture of the chick in the bikini there is a caption to the right side that says: “Taylor Swift in the Bahamas. (October 2010)”
      WOW! Not only does it explain WHO she is, it also explains WHEN and WHERE it was taken.
      STFU you fucking moron. Go back to reading Perez.

  21. Wow!

    Jennifer Anniston is old and makes the worst movies. I wonder how many times I have read magazines that state “Jennifer Anniston bares all”, “Jennifer Anniston confesses her secrets,” “Jennifer Anniston tells about her love life”…etc. The woman is boring. She may be pretty now, but give her a few years and she will start showing her age or begin getting botox injections. By the way, Taylor looks amazing.

  22. Cher X

    The Spotted Pig. Was that a description of Aniston?

  23. guy ross

    Taylor Swift doesn’t look like a 15 year old girl. I hear Charlie Sheen wants to date her.

  24. Talk Hard

    “it is possible he could have snuck out the back door while no one was looking.”

    Isn’t Jake usually entering through the back door?

  25. Parker

    He probably prefers women who only want anal sex like Jennifer Aniston. Like, I’d be happy to buttfuck Taylor Swift any day but sooner or later she’s going to insist on getting the cooch tapped and I’d have to send her on her way. Jennifer would never do that. She’s an anal only girl.

  26. Girl

    WTF is up with her (lack of) ass? Seriously. Isn’t she like 20? I’ll love to see that at 40…. it will look as if it opened the arc of the covenant. Sad, droopy pancake ass. I’d bone Reese Witherspoon and her crazy, stabby chin over either of those bitches.

  27. JOhn Mayer

    Isn’t it obvious by now Jen is ghey? Yes, she will fuck and even marry a dude to keep the machine going as long as possible. Jake is perfect.

  28. Jennifer Aniston Jake Gyllenhaal
    Keyser Soze
    Commented on this photo:

    What I love about you assclowns is every one of you bashing Taylor, Aniston, or both, would slip and fall in the puddle of drool from your gaping maws if either one of them got within 100 feet of you. Keep it up though..very convincing.

  29. Maplewood

    What beach is that that Sideshow Bob is standing on?

  30. Taylor Swift Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Who is that in the bikini??

  31. Wotwot

    I am a completely straight female, and even I would try it with Jennifer Aniston. Nothing against Jesus in a bikini. So that being said, if you’re a dude and don’t think Jennifer Aniston is hot I can only assume you don’t like vag or your dick was bitten off by one of the beastly chicks that you must be into.

    • me

      TOO FUNNY! I think Aniston is super hot too. And I think any guy would be lucky to have her. I’ve never met a man that didn’t think she was super hot.

  32. hmna

    So, Jake left Taylor for Jennifer? Sounds like an upgrade to me.

  33. Taylor Swift Bikini
    Tilda Armstrong Jonez
    Commented on this photo:

    Doni, I don’t know, but it sure as H@!! isn’t Taylor Swift. THe proportions are alll wrong. The arms the legs, the nose, the hair, the thickness in the torso? SO not Taylor.

  34. barroom hero

    I don’t blame him, I would ditch the bird with the 12 yo boy build for a woman that has aged like a fine cask of whisky.

    @hmna -
    total fucking upgrade.

  35. babooda

    Let’s see…Jakey left a talentless 21 year old singer(?) with no breasts and a questionable butt for a 40+ year old talentless actress(?) with nice boobs and a decent butt……sounds like a trade up to me!

  36. the captain

    in other words: HE SEES THINGS CLEAR NOW.

  37. jojo

    Now we know. Aniston loves the donkey punch. Taylor doesn’t.

  38. Snarky_Pup

    Dude looks like a lady!

  39. Sugar

    This whole thing is grotesquely transparent. John Mayer left Jennifer Aniston for Taylor Swift. Her insecurity went into overdrive so she invented this story where she “steals” Jake G from Taylor. Pathetic. And Jake’s a homo. Probably Mayer too.

  40. Lassiter

    Jen and Taylor should date both are desperate lesbians trying to date gay Jake. Reese Wither spoon, Jennifer Aniston and Taylor Swift serial fake daters. Glad Reese got off that fake train. Publicity whores like Jen and Taylor will ride it until it crash.

  41. Tony

    Jake Gyllenhaal is gay,

    but Taylor Swift looks retarded and isn’t sexy at all – YUCK!

  42. blargh

    And this is why when your BF asks for BJs you give it to them ladies… because if you don’t there’s always a Jennifer Aniston around.

  43. BenDoverman

    This thing has the most disgusting manly feet I’ve ever seen on a thing. And no ass either. Kuntye West should have kicked her bony ass off the stage.
    Additionally, Maniston has a chiseled jaw that gives Mini Driver (whatever that means) a run for her money.

  44. Taylor Swift Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    OK, Taylor might be a great person and so on but I’d rather bang Aniston. If it was all just about banging.

    and it always is.

  45. Jennifer Aniston Jake Gyllenhaal
    Commented on this photo:

    So no ass got dumped for saggy ass. This Jake fella is a multi-million dollar Hollywood star, right? Is he aware of that?

  46. BillyTheClit

    she has no ass or breasts so…..WELL DONE!

  47. Get Ready

    Mmmm….Taylor Hanson…..

  48. XYZ

    What did he left? A skeleton? Sorry, I just dont get it. Besides, Jake is gay. Taylor was his beard, now probably its Aniston…

  49. Jennifer Aniston Jake Gyllenhaal
    Commented on this photo:

    sucks you can’t go anywhere without being hounded

  50. Cami

    Jennifer’s body is more amazing than Taylor’s Taylor looks like a boy before puberty!!!

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