So Jaimie Alexander Might Be Wonder Woman

November 4th, 2013 // 18 Comments

While promoting Thor: The Dark World at Comikaze over the weekend, Jaimie Alexander made some comments to Forbes that heavily suggest she might be Wonder Woman in Batman Vs. Superman. Also I spent my entire morning writing about Courtney Stodden, so now it’s comic book time, AND YOU’LL LIKE IT:

Then, things got even more interesting when Alexander answered a question about her reactions to the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman for Batman vs. Superman. She explained her respect for Affleck’s acting talent and how suitable she thinks he is for the role, asking that fans not be so quick to criticize the actor and instead to remember the misplaced skepticism regarding Michael Keaton’s casting as Batman nearly 25 years ago. The rest of the panel agreed with her assessment, by the way, as did the vast majority of fans in attendance when the panelists asked for a show of hands from the audience. Alexander went on to say followed that up by saying her confidence in Affleck’s casting is bolstered by the fact he is so suited for the particular Batman portrayal in the film — and her reason for that certainty is, as she put it, she “kind of knows the story line for that movie.”
So, by the end of the panel, we’d heard that Jaimie Alexander had had conversations with both Marvel and WB regarding their superhero movies, and that she knows things about the Batman vs. Superman film. What might that mean, exactly? Well, the obvious speculation is that she was approached for some sort of role in the WB super-team film, and the role that immediately comes to everyone’s mind is Wonder Woman. After all, Alexander demonstrated how perfect she’d be as the world’s most famous female superhero when she took on the role of Sif in the Thor franchise. She has the acting chops, she’s got the right look, and she has the personality, and we’ve seen her in armor swinging a sword to cut a path through an army of villains. Could it be that WB approached her about the role?

On top of that, Jaimie Alexander also retweeted the following fan-made poster during a time when she should probably be promoting the shit out of Thor:

So basically Warner Bros. watched the Thor movies and went, “Hey, look, Wonder Woman’s already in these. Let’s just buy her,” then hunted the homeless with helicopters because cocaine said it’d be awesome. Did I capture all that Hollywood magic right? Because I specifically left out the child hookers. These people know where I live.

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  1. Cheap Thrill

    Good. There wasn’t enough of Sif and the crew in Thor 2.

  2. JC

    “…asking that fans not be so quick to criticize the actor and instead to remember the misplaced skepticism regarding Michael Keaton’s casting as Batman nearly 25 years ago.”

    I don’t know about comic book crap, but does anyone really look back at the Michael Keaton version of Batman and think, “Yeah, they nailed it with that one.”

  3. schmidtler

    I think she’s missing the most critical feature of any prospective Wonder Woman – giant cans. Does anyone even give a shit who gets cast as Wonder Woman, as long as she’s smoking hot and has giant cans?

    • Therein lies one of the giant hurdles of making a successful Wonder Woman: knockers big enough to draw in us drooling fanboys but not so big as to make the character even more ridiculous looking as she runs around beating up bad guys. There has to be an algorithm to calculate the optimal bust size. Maybe Google can write the software. My prediction is they will fuck up both the character and the movie because it is hard to give guys boners and make it “serious” at the same time.

    • That’s why she’s Wonder Woman. As in, “I wonder where her breasts are.”

  4. At the risk of maybe understating things, she’s extremely pretty. I mean, she could stand to eat a sammich and maybe have that shit lasered off her arm, but very pretty nonetheless.

    • Fish's Black Best Friend

      No, she doesnt need a fucking “sammich” you white-knighting choad.

      • Maybe she does. Maybe she likes sammiches. Hey, you ever eaten at Jimmy John’s? Wow… now those guys know how to make a sammich. The difference is the fresh bread and fresh sliced ingredients, I think. Now, which one did I have when I was in Indianapolis… the Vito? It was fucking delicious. Some nice genoa, capicola, a few slices of provolone… awesome.

        Now, where was I? Oh yeah. Fuck off.

    • Maybe get that shit lasered off your face. And by shit, I actually mean your face itself. You should have your face burnt off with a laser. That is all.

  5. Saw it coming two years ago, while watching the first “Thor” movie – literally went “that girl should play Wonder Woman” in the theater… I guess I wasn’t the only one.

    That being said, glad for Jaimie and all… but could it be possible to stop the double-dippit for actors playing super-heroes? It seems to always be the same mofos who get cast for those sort of roles. Alexander’s good, don’t get me wrong, but they’re plenty of actresses out there who could do this job too.

    And, frankly, most of them have way bigger boobs than her, which should be a definite pre-requisite for this role – hard to top major top-heavy Lynda Carter, but they should try!

  6. Maybe cast her as WonderMom. But WonderWoman?

  7. BCBC

    Jesus, why does she sometimes look like the prettiest woman in the world?

  8. Phoenix

    Why do so many people (especially “fans”) always put Wonder Woman’s tiara upside down?

  9. Jenn

    She looks good and she did a great job as Sif, I think she’ll do ok. But face it, most people will hate any WW who isn’t a clone of Lynda Carter grown in some island lab by a billionaire super villain.
    Nerds have high standards.

  10. Yeah, she definitely has the look and ability to be Wonder Woman, but not the tits. There’s no way to make a WW movie without pissing somebody off. Some will bitch that the actresses tits aren’t big enough, others will claim it strays from the character’s origins, feminists will bitch about the costume if they think it’s too slutty, even though Diana is a fucking warrior princess, so who gives a fuck what she’s wearing, she’s gonna kick your ass.

  11. I hope they get a top-knotch fight coordinator and an excuse to show off the skills in battle. A Zak Snyder 300 style Wonder Woman movie would work out perfectly.

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